Semen Retention success story.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Beekind, Sep 2, 2021.

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    Hey OP Beekind, read some of the posts here, plus your original. Thank you for the inspiration, and I’m digging the Red Pill truths. Lots of advice in your posts, thanks. I’m going to count weeks like you.
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    Thanks mate.
    I am here if you need any help.
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  3. There is something about this that is very admirable :emoji_joy: it’s like one of the most boss things I’ve ever heard hahaha. Is this a common thing for women to show they want you?
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    yes , where I live its common, if a girl is pretty and she likes you , she lets you see her face by finding an excuse to let the face veil down hahaha to tempt you with her beauty , its so romantic and beautiful ,atleast for me, the border province with afghanistan ,
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    wow. Yes there’s something awfully appealing about that. Very mysterious and romantic ☺️
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    well its the culture here . and the stare game is very romantic trust me hahaha
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    The real man idea is stupid, "real men do this or dont do that" , there is no real man, everyone has an insecurity, I can tell you because I've spent time with people some are bigger than me but have an insecurity that I do not and I have one where they dont.
    If you let go of the "real man" maybe you'll turn into the guy you actually want to be
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    I would like to learn more about semen retention, but not the far-out philosophies or mythic superpowers. Rather, I would like to know about the physiological/biological beneficial effects of semen retention. For instance, I notice that the consistency of semen is very watery-like in the fapping O stages. I'm wondering whether that makes is harder to nofap, since the loose consistency and empty room in the testes (within the vesicles) seem to cause great discomfort and difficulty to maintain abstinence, whereas it seems that when semen is retained for a decent period of time, it congeals, thickens, and seemingly stabilizes the testicles (my guess), reducing the former testicular pain and lessening any opportunities for inflammation (a.k.a, blue balls). This has been my general hypothesized explanation from my own anecdotal experience, but I would like to find some literature that may support my claim, explain it more, or even dismiss it for other real reasons still. That kind of thing. I think if many guys knew that Nofap becomes much easier in the later stages, they may be more willing to suffer out the initial weeks (especially weeks 1 thru 3, but even thereafter for a while) when the urge and pain can be relentless. I'd appreciate any reference citations or leads. Best wishes, all!

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    Semen doesn't create life, the heart does
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    Agree! I'd love to have a discussion based on facts and peer reviewed studies or at least one that isn't all esoteric nor being declared crazy if you experiment with these practices. From my own experience it at least does something to you which goes further than just reaching baseline after a long time of porn abuse and daily masturbation.
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    There is no real science behind SR's long term effects on the body.
    Simply because there is no money there, and because it goes against the push to oversexualize our youth.
    If science is lacking, you rely on common sense and historical anecdotes.
    The body is very smart. It knows how to regulate everything without our interference.
    Science should not say that frequent orgasm is healthy if there is no data to support that it isn't dangerous. ( if done frequently)
    I believe that you could do SR for couple years with zero side effects given that the surplus energy saved is used on worthy goals and/or exercise.
    Historically and in all cultures across the globe most men retained before marriage with zero complications.
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    Yeah, I don't mean long term as in years, but just to describe the hypothesis that I advance. But, you are quite correct, society isn't so much interested in semen retention; if blue balls are a problem, the solution is advanced to MO - there's no movements for abstinence, except for the fact that PIED is being experienced more and more in a saturated porn age, and among guys younger and younger at that. Anything that interferes with a man's sexual ability will surely advance the studies of semen retention now. Ha!

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    I never had blue balls. Maybe because my addiction was mainly m than p.
    But like any other withdrawal symptom, it will pass.
    It is only a matter of time until the body finfs a solution for it.
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    Your story is exactly what I needed. I can relate to your process very well. I'm also doing the same for more than 1.5 years now. Causally at start, totally gave up in between, and now again to it , totally dedicated this time. My longest streak is 24 days and average is 15-16 days, and my current goal is to only get pass 30 days. Listening to your success story inspired me a lot and made me even more determined to progress further. Thank You so much and Good Wishes for your future journey !!
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  16. I can go 3+ weeks without masturbation. I rarely do it anymore and let my spunk out though wet dreams now, it's annoying to clean up but not as annoying as spanking the monkey everyday. Only downside is you're horny all the time but it isn't too bad

    My porn problem is somewhat there still but I'm down from going straight to a porn site to just images, which still sucks but my ultimate goal is no porn images, websites etc. I'm not worried because I've cut back my pornos so much that I know I can quit these damn porno images as well
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    Very interesting, I noticed that I'm recalling long forgotten bad and good memories, very vividly, it's like your brain is starting to work at full capacity/it's forcing you to confront things that you had previously repressed.
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  18. Beekind

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    It is common sense, we have numbed them all those years with the sedative porn and pleasure.
    When sedation is gone, the suppressed emotions will resurface...
    This is true healing.
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    How to avoid wet dreams? They limit my semen retention journey. I have them every week!
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    Not sure. I never get them.

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