Semen Retention... testing it and would like some feedback [New member, Please read!]

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What would be the best way to test "semen retention" (in accordance to control group)?

  1. Test by ejaculation volume

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  2. Test by ejaculation distance

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  3. Other (specify in a reply)

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  1. diamondshovel

    diamondshovel Fapstronaut

    Hello all, I am a newly recruited anti-fapstronaught. I've decided to take on the big 90 challenge by trying something easier first, something you've bound to have heard about from social media—that something being good ol' NNN. I've been interested in NoFap before, and I'm currently about 8 days in. [I started a few days before November, but hey, this is my longest streak!] I'm treading the waters by doing 30 days first, just to get a feel for it. I have done some of my homework, and on top of some of the other benefits, larger, more powerful orgasms promised by a method known as "semen retention" have been my driving force thus far. This month has been straight up painful, but I'm committing to it. I'd like to be able to control my reliance on pornography for moral, and maybe some observable reward.

    With all that out of the way, I'm trying to gather some information of my own to determine if I should take on the big 90. For this, NNN is only a trial, but I'm keeping some short daily journals on some of the things I've noticed, but I would like to assess the "semen retention" method at the end of the month. Does abstaining really lead to a larger finish? If so, what would be the best way to measure it: volume, or distance (in accordance to a control group)? As many are, I am somewhat of a skeptic, but I'm open-minded and would love to do a legitimate test on whether or not holding it in for an extended amount of time really does result in a delayed gratification. Considering the NNN movement has gotten so immensely popular through pop culture, I feel like taking a look into it is sure to yield some interesting information about NoFap.

    As for now, see you guys in December, maybe sooner with some journals. Please lemme know y'alls thoughts!
  2. Davidphd1866

    Davidphd1866 Fapstronaut

    I would measure retention simply by elapsed time.
  3. xetevar

    xetevar Fapstronaut

    I feel fairly confident in saying that "holding it in for an extended amount of time really does result in a delayed gratification" is a true statement. On 2 fronts. First, yes I'm pretty sure that your release after 90 days will be majorly better than your last one. But more importantly you may find that strangely enough, because you are feeling so freaking good after 90 days of not releasing,and I mean really REALLY feeling better than you have since you started your path to MO as a young man, that you might actually question whether you WANT to MO again and risk losing that awesome feeling you worked hard to get to... Yes, its THAT good. And YES, do the 90 days. The first 30 are the hardest I think, but once you start to ride up that "Awesome feeling" curve (we really need a term for that...) you really start to question if it if worth it to release and possibly lose the goodness. At least that is my experience. This is something that is NOT taught to men and really should be. Keeping O's to a minimum really is a better plan...
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    ZORROW Fapstronaut

    Well since you have mentioned here that you are an open minded person , Read about Swami VIVEKANAND , Read about celibacy , your semen is your power , and its true , as we start getting old our semen production also starts declining so my most important advice for you is to preserve your semen for as long as you can , i have been addicted to this habit or watching porn and fap for 9 years and believe me in return porn only given me HELL , it fucked my life with an invisible dick which earlier i failed to see but now i am realizing the pain of it in my ass. Believe me you never want to have that experience in your life .

    And one more advice , stop counting your days , let the site counter do that for you , if you will use your consciousness and will power on counting these days then you will only feel anxious and there will be a fear that i may lose today/tomorrow . Enjoy this journey of healing without focusing on the end result and these days counting , just enjoy the journey , every second away from PORN AND FAP is leading you towards your success , convert your semen into your energy but not ejaculating it out of your body . You can do this , all the best . and if you want to get succeed in life then read the books written on/by Swami Vivek Anand . They might change your life forever :) ;)
  5. Yes, of course abstaining for a while will later result in stronger orgasms. You don't need some bullshit test to measure it, just go try for yourself and see. You will feel the difference.

    However if you are doing semen retention for stronger orgasms I think you are missing the point. It's like going on a diet just so you can binge eat more later. Semen retention is for the benefits of holding your ejaculation. You can practice sexual abstinence for a period of time for stronger orgasms, but I would not call it a practice of "semen retention".
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  6. PeskyAlien

    PeskyAlien Fapstronaut

    If you retained your semen for very long time, and failed (like me), there wouldn't be as much semen during ejaculation as you may expect, because the body slowed down much it's semen production.

    If you retained for month-or-two, you will have notable big volume of sperm during first ejaculation. Because the body slowly learns to decrease the sperm production.
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  7. you my boy.
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  8. Davidphd1866

    Davidphd1866 Fapstronaut

    Brilliant point X. I agree that men would do well to consider precisely that: maybe the overall good feeling of retaining semen should outweigh the momentary pleasure of releasing it.
  9. xetevar

    xetevar Fapstronaut

    I'm going to say not "maybe" at all :)! The amount of pleasure I receive added up across all the days of 'feeling good' FAR FAR FAR outweighs the the momentary pleasure of EJ and the letdown after.
    And as a side note: is there a NAME for what that awesome feeling is you get to after riding up the curve - anyone have ideas? And what curve are we riding up other than time? Going to do a deeper post on that whole thing soon.

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