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    By Gods grace i completed 16 days on hard mode, I want to share an insight that ive got as i researched more into nofap and semen retention

    NB: Dont think this post is sexist. Its what i observed. I respect everyone irrespective of their gender.

    Human body will expel anything that which is impure or any food or drink which is in excess in the form of vomit ,poo , pee ,etc. Or in other words body needs to achieve a minimum standard of purity to function at an optimal level. If it doesnt maintain that purity then body will try to get germs or impure substances out , we get sick.

    Now coming to the case of semen , in females equivalent of semen is expelled if that doesnt serve the purpose of pregnancy. I thought why it is not happening with men. What ive learned is


    By default body wants the unused semen for itself, otherwise it would have done the same thing as it does to women. Its not meant to be in tissue papers or wasted cheaply.

    So unused semen has a purpose. Dont waste it cheaply.
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  2. You done it, god didn't do anything, and who said semen is an impurity? I never heard that one before bro. It's filled with vitamins and minerals and produces babies. Retaining it will increase testosterone.
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