Semi-success after a year of PIED

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Tommy_0113, Apr 3, 2017.

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    Further to my post back in February... (where I successfully had an erection with a random girl and had sex, pill-assisted)
    ...I felt really good afterwards. So confident.

    However, this confidence made me want to M more than usual. My penis felt better. M slipped to P. And then some PMO sessions. It was silly. However, I met another girl and we are dating now. We had sex successfully one night and the morning after WITH A CONDOM!!! (and 25mg viagro pill...) I was surprised I could get hard enough to put it on. Although it was still about 80-90% hard, (Still waiting over a year for consistent 100% erections...) the 'core' of the penis was stiff enough to wait for me to fumble around opening the condom packet and awkwardly slipping it on...
    During sex, I was genuinely horny. A feeling I can no longer experience when M'ing. A good sign? I rather be horny during sex than alone...

    That made me very happy, but on long, lazy weekends, I'd slip back to PMO, with 60% hard boners. This has brought me down a bit :(
    It seems success can easily breed failure, so be careful guys. Having sex is great but you have to control yourself afterwards.

    Also the need for a pill to help me out a bit isn't healthy and sustainable.

    And if you haven't had sex after a long time, don't worry. Keep going! Maybe when you do have sex, you'll be fully healed by then. Unlike me, who still needs a long way to go.
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    First of all, congrats for the one year streak. I know now for sure that you've tasted success, you will be going after it again and with more hunger.
    As for your story, you're still 27 years old, I don't think you need those pills, If I were you I would avoid them at all costs.
    Good luck :)
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    There is no porn in your life. Masturbation is an impossibility in your mind.
    Focus on work out. There is no boredom.

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