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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by BigBob73, Apr 26, 2022.

  1. BigBob73

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    Every time I quit porn, my brain convinces me to do things to get the same high. It's getting pathetic. I mean, now I've started to send dick pics to women I know " by accident". These are girls I've swapped numbers with but never met, or had a couple of dates with and still have their contact details. I send the pic then follow up with "whoops wrong person". This is a new low. After my sexual high has gone I realize how pathetic this is and feel ashamed. I feel that by putting this out here I can hold myself accountable. However I think sex Addicts anonymous might be a better route.
  2. Man you don't want to ruin your reputation. May they don't know anyone in your life but you never know.
  3. Peiskos

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    Sounds like a quick way to pick up a sexual harassment charge. Every time you feel like doing that, put your phone down and log onto this site.
  4. BigBob73

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    Good idea. For whatever reason it doesn't feel wrong when I do it. Afterwards........very wrong.
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    One thing that helped me overcome my porn addiction was writing down how I felt before and after PMO. The next time I went to PMO, I looked at that journal and said 'I don't want to feel that way anymore." In your instance, write down right now, how you felt before and after sending the pictures. Then next time you are going to send pictures, look at what you wrote and ask yourself, "do i want to feel that way again?"

    I know as addicts we rarely think about how we hurt others. But you need to think about how the person on the other end feels about receiving an unwanted dick pic.

    Could it potentially cause problems for that individual?
    What if her parents or significant other were to pic up their phone when you send that dick pic?
    What if their child picks up the phone when you send that pic. I'm no lawyer but I'm guessing something like that is against the law.

    You could create really big problems for that person and it would be 100% your fault. Imagine you broke up a marriage and they have kids that now have separated parents because of your sickness. Or maybe her significant other sees it and gets pissed off at you. He gets so enraged that he finds out who you are, where you live, and is waiting for you one day with a baseball bat when you least expect it.
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  6. Yeah, this could ruin you pretty quickly. All it would take is a friend of a friend or a friend of an acquaintance to find out and your name would become mud.

    I think you're right to trust your instincts and find an SAA or SLA meeting in your area.
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  7. fuggy

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    I haven't been to one recently they seem tiny here compared to something like AA which is the same solution really I might try to find one again (last time I checked the local SAA required one to interview first it is that private) just to remind myself I can go overboard however I also think communicating and reminding myself of my sexually charged compulsive tendencies here is more convenient and comfortable than my experience in the local sexual recovery groups was
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  8. BigBob73

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    Thanks everyone. I was tempted to do it again but managed to stop myself. Can't believe I've done this. It's like I have to do it to he able to then reject it.

    I totally wasted the day today. Did no work at all. I have problems.
  9. CodeTalker

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    I never understood why people do that. Do you expect them to be like : "Oh because I saw your penis I'm now horny, let's meet." ?
    You have nothing to gain and everything to loose.
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  10. TheRebuild

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    Exactly. From what I understand this turns women off more than anything.
  11. BigBob73

    BigBob73 Fapstronaut

    I've had some ositive responses, some neutral and some negative. The thing is it's not who I want to be.
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  12. Large or small they all deal with recovery. True AA is very similar, and its good to attend one of those now and again, but it's best to be in with people you can relate to about sexuality and behavior.

    I haven't attended more than one SAA group, and although I know other groups do things differently, this is the first time I'm hearing of an interview process required to attend. I don't know what their reasons for doing this are, but it seems counter to the principles of 12-step Recovery Progams like AA or SAA to be sélective about who they take. I would skip them and find a group open to everyone looking to stop their addictive behavior. Thats the only criteria thats needed and matters.
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  13. BigBob73

    BigBob73 Fapstronaut

    I've managed to stop sending the pictures. However I do have a couple of girls sexting me. It's difficult to turn it down. Had a moment of clarity yesterday. Realized I'm putting my employment in jeopardy. Working hard today
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  14. Had the same issue too. Mostly through tinder. I stay off of messaging apps and dating apps now, and when I meet women just get their phone number. Dick pics don't help anything.

    But if you're like me the sexting was not to impress anyone. It was just for the thrill and the dopamine and you are not proud of it. Also for me, I think shemale porn addiction contributed to this. Just seeing the dick on screen I guess.

    When I had those sexting urges, real porn or women were not interesting. Strongest urges I've had, so do everything you can to stay away from it moving forward. Remove any apps and block any numbers that sext you. It's a slippery slope and your sexual behavior will escalate even further than these "accidental" unsolicited pictures. You could get in big trouble so tackle it now.
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  15. rakis

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    Same problem here but than on snapchat the dopamine rush can get so hight that i start to shake super addictive shit it is
  16. Giuseppe

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    For some the risk of possibility losing it all is the driving force behind the addiction; It's what really gets them high. This is pretty common in gambling addicts. Self-hatred is one of the biggest roots when it comes to addiction, which makes it no surprise the addictive behavior is primarily self-destructive.
  17. BigBob73

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    You nailed it
  18. jelson0206

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    I have had the sane issue with sending messages and pics on social media, its the rush
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  19. jelson0206

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    Especially with other guys who do the same
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  20. GeorgeJetson

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    Though I haven't done exactly what you've been doing, I can 100% relate to the addiction materializing in other ways. When I slowed down on P and dirty video chats with random women, I picked up a really bad Asian massage parlor habit. It's been absolutely horrible for the past 2.5 years of this. The feeling of shame you mention is one I know all too well. Regardless of the specifics of our drug and how we use it, most of us can relate to that utter disgust and shame that usually follows acting out.
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