Serious injury after waterpump Bathmate...

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    I've bought Bathmate X30 and did some exercises, but with too much power because I made myself a huge injury. Due to porn I was insecure to my size and wanted to enlarge my penis... The most stupid idea I ever had..

    I was doing it together with Jelqing and Stretching, so it was like - jelq - bathmate (15 minutes) and stretching. We have now November 2019 and I was using it at the beginning of 2018. Okay, so what happened and how does it look:

    My penis due to pressure has got permament bruises or red spots on a glans and it's burning a lot, pinching almost all the time (especially while flaccid). Sometimes I wake up from pain at nights. For example: I'm driving a car and i feel it so much. I went to 5 urologists and they didn't take this for serious.. Some of them laugh and prescribe me ointment/salves, which totally don't work.. Some of them say I have this condition my whole life since I was born...
    Last urologist say it's not from pump and he claimed I have infection and said to me I need to get

    It's very tough, because i want to get help and doctors do not helped me and took my money (a lot). I'm 26 years old and I don't have a girlfriend, so I can't check if it hurts after or while sex. Sometimes I'm masturbating (a lot less than in the past - cause i want to quit pornography) let's say once a week, but after ejaculation it hurts a lot. [I wrote that while i've been watching porn, now i don't watch at all!!!]

    So the level of pain is 100% after ejaculation and then after 5 hours it come back to PERMAMENT 70% pain and I can do nothing about it. I was thinking, what to do.. I tried cold water, hot water, vitamine D, zinc, ashwagandha (which helps with blood flow) and nothing.. Doctors said I don't have anything serious, but I don't believe them. I think I have damaged or broken vessels or damaged nerves, cause penis while flaccid seems to be like balooon, little pumped (like after using Bathmate for the first time)

    1. How do you think will I have this till the end of my life and I can do nothing about that? It's a tragedy, cause i want to have a healthy sexual relationship in my future life with my wife and it wil be hard with this injury or even impossible..

    2. I'm afraid of surgery or sth like that.. No one from my family know about this and I don't want to tell them about it, cause it's a very shameful thing.

    3. If let's say I won't allow myself to have an orgasm (ejaculate) for longer period of time. Month, three months. Will it heal itself?

    I have pictures of my injured penis, but I won't uplaod them in here, so if anyone would like to see and help me - please write me a PM.

    I will be very thankful if someone somehow could help me..

    I can show pictures of my "friend" to better understanding, but i don't know if it's allowed to upload such pictures in here. Please someone experience with injures or someone who could help write to me PM and I will send pictures both flaccid and erect.

    Thank you!
    It's not fault of pump.. It's fault of porn... Addicted since 13 years.. but slowly I've gotten control and I believe i can quit for good.
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    So, stop the jelging, it's known to cause erectile dysfunction due to the unnatural blood flow pressure it puts in the veins/arteries of the penis, basically causing blow outs of those veins. The balloon look you have to your flaccid is due to pumping, it's from fluid retention, goes away when you stop. Pumps can be useful though, they're known to improve erection quality. There is no scientific proof you can increase your penis size, just chill with the jelging, you've got enough.

    How long have you been dealing with the injury?
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    I have this for nearly 2 years! Since March 2018. I'm not jelqing and i'm not pumping... It's burning me hurts all the time. I went to 5 urologists and some of them laugh or some of them say I have this since I was born... I only wasted money, i'm devastated because i don't want to feel pain in my penis till the end of my life..
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    Are you sedentary? Do you have variocele? Does it get better with cardio exercises?
    I'd not care about what others think, tell my family honestly and ask for opinions, maybe someone has gone through similar things.
    I'd refrain from masturbation as much as I can, aim for at lest 90 days pmo free (keep trying).
    Get an accountability partner.
    Read the getting started pdf.
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    Hello my man, just logged in for the first time in a long time when i saw your post and i had to reply.

    I know it must be hard for you to have this issue, however you havent injured your dick, you have injured your pelvic floor.

    I suffered from a similar injury when i strained my pelvic floor. This is pretty "normal" when people attempt penis exercises.

    Your pudendal nerve go through the pelvic floor, and when the muscles are injured or strained they tend to get tight and put pressure on the pudendal
    nerve, which results in all kinds of symptoms, one of the normal one being pain in the glans.

    Go to and learn some about pelvic floor dysfunction and how to stretch a injured/tense pelvic floor, you will get better

    edit: pumping with a bathmate puts extreme pressure on your muscle (bulbospongiosus) and this pressure caused it to strain, and a strained muscle needs stretching or it will stay tight.
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    I'm not sedentary. I'm very active. I did 8200 kilometers by bicycle in 6 months! I swim a lot, play football a lot. I just injured myself two years ago by this stupid Bathmate and I now have problem... In the past I watched porn a lot, but now i fixed this... Only this pain is f#@! annoying and i don't wanna it anymore..
    I want to destroy this pain for good and make this red spots disappear... Glans/shaft looks bad...
    The most pain is while flaccid state.
    One guy above me write that i have damaged pelvic floor i don't know.. Last time i visited urologist, he said to me that i have infenction and completely could not believe it was made due to pressure of the pump.. Guys help me please i will be very thankful, because it's a hard thing...

    I tried many ointments (for example with vitamine-e), cold&hot shower. Recently I've bought very expensive SR-Cream which is recommended for penis injuries, hopefully it will help...

    What I've seen so far = pain is every day, burning and itching of the glans.. If i don't ejaculate (2 weeks) this pain is little less felt, but if I ejaculate even unwillingly during sleep it quickly come back to 100% of pain... So hard... I want to have a normal life. I feel lonely and i'm scared to find a girl, because i'm afraid what she will thin if i tell her we can't have sex i have injured penis.. I don't want to have this all my life..

    Buying bathmate was the stupid thing I ever made in my life..
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    Listen to me, i dont ”think” you have injured your pelvic floor, i am 100% sure that is the case.

    I have helped alot of people to get better over at pegym
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    Cant Edit at phone;

    I know its hard to believe that a injury in the pelvic floor can cause such symptoms, But it can.

    Here is some of the crazy symptoms the pelvic floor can cause with your dick;

    Pain in glans
    Inflamed prostate (this gives exactly the prostatitis symptoms)
    Penis can start curving because of uneven bloodflow.

    Penis can begin to take the form of an hourglass
    Pain in balls
    Pain after ejaculation
    Flat corpus spongiosum and glans

    Etc, i had a majority of these symptoms and i am cured from them all.

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