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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by RPos, Dec 25, 2017.

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    Went 14 days PMO. Relapsed epically for two weeks. No gym, and drinking heavily off the back of it to try and control it. Things are seriously fucked right now. I isolate to fuck when I Pm because I loose all motivation. It's like a fucking drug to me. Used to have a sex problem but p has replaced that because it's so fucking convenient. Could do with some serious moral support right now.

    Apologies for the language. I'm just passionate. And slightly intoxicated.
  2. Brother, if I can succeed (not entirely as of now....but I will), then so can you. Please read my latest post, you will understand.

    I was probably one of the 'worst-off' in this entire forum. If I can do it, after failing 20,000 times (no kidding), so can you. No one can stop you to succeed, except yourself.

    And yes, I was an alcoholic too. Left it 'cold-turkey' five years ago. Coincidentally I left drinking on 25th December 2012. So, it's exactly 5 years.

    Left 'Smoking' 3 weeks ago. Coz....'substance abuse' of any kind is a serious deterrent in overcoming this addiction.

    You have to succeed, and you will. Not by 'God's Will' but by your 'WILL'.
    Show them who you are. It is time.
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    RPos, mate, you're in a rut, you've been struck down, life has hit you hard. Look at yourself when you are at your lowest point and remember what it is like. This might seem cheesy, but when you're at your lowest, your life can only get better. We are all here at nofap because we want to get better - we want help to get better.
    You my friend, have the power to change your life but you must want to change your life. You must anchor yourself on to something to pull yourself through addiction. This is what I did and although it is early stages - I feel like I'm on the road to freedom... to success.
    This is no journey you have to take by yourself, we are here and we share your problems and your successes.


    If you ever need a chat mate, feel free to message me or anyone else - we can succeed together.
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    This shitty feeling you have is exactly why you need to get back on the horse immediately. Don't beat yourself up. Every time you stand up again to fight you get closer to freedom.

    Face the pain. Don't dull the pain through PMO or alcohol. Pain is the motivation. Use it.

    Persist, persevere and you will win your life back.

    Think of the day you started, the day you really started to fight back. Think of why you started on this journey in the first place. You deserve better and you will do what it takes to get you there.

    Don't think that a relapse means all progress is lost. It is not lost. It is a long war you have to fight. You will lose some battles. But you can't give up. Think of your losses. You will not give up, not after taking so much pain and loss.

    And rest assured you simply cannot lose. You will only lose if you give up and that is not you. If you were the giving up sort you wouldn't be on this forum.

    You are far stronger than you think.
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    Thanks guys. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Today is Day 1.

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