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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Bhara, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Bhara

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    Recently I went through a rejection with a girl and went to YouTube for some help on moving on. I found this channel called Based Zeus and I found the tips mentioned very powerful that it really helped me get on with life and make me feel better. I was so happy that I went on browsing the channel and found other really good videos. I found it really odd that the channel had less than 1 mil subscribers . I'm just curious if there are any other YouTube channels that have quality content but are underrated that I'm unaware of. Oh and the channel that I just mentioned is a dating advice channel that is seriously to the point. I recommend you to check it out. Sometimes its kinda funny as well
  2. Castielle

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    Drew Gooden. Not completely unknown, but hes not super famous or anything. Hes hilarious. He was popular on vine before it got shut down, but I honestly think his comedy is even better in longer videos on YouTube.

    Also, not sure how many subs this guy has, but SorrowTV is hilarious as well.

    Scott Heierman is also pretty funny... The Minimalists are cool. Idk how "underrated" these people are. Maybe everyones heard of them, idk.
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  3. Castielle

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    Also some more political type channels I enjoy that may or may not be considered underrated would be shoe0nhead and Roaming Millennial. And Blaire White, but I doubt she could be considered underrated, even though she has way fewer subs than shoe.
  4. Headspace

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    I don't know what "underrated exactly means in terms of the number of subscribers, but anyway, JP Sears has less than one million, too:

    I had a quick check and I already laughed out loud. Good advice :)
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    I LOVE JP Sears! And that functional training one is my favorite. That and the one about minimalism.
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  6. AlphaReborn

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    I like Jon Anthony, If you read his Self Improvement blogs, you could relate to everything he says. That guy is a nofap successful and now he runs businesses which turn over 6 figures. He is like 24 years old.
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    Off the top of my head, I would say that retsupurae was fairly quality and quite underrated.

    They were kinda the MST3K of video game riffing (although their material was never scripted).
    Funny guys that were clever enough to do it all on the fly, and consistently kept me entertained.

    If you're geeky and appreciate people commenting on bad games and LPs, then I would definitely recommend their channel
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  8. Padre Loco

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    JP is the man.
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    She's my youtube crush*
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    I dont blame you. Lol
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