Setting the Boundaries

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    It's been over a year at this point. The laptop is used for important things, SSD, paying bills, buying/selling and recovery resources. So it isn't going anywhere. In the past he didn't use it very much. News, ebay and PMO was pretty much it. You could say the same thing about the phone, but as much as I hate seeing that thing it stays. It is needed for drs, other bills and it has pictures of dogs that have passed. Things are changing. If it was still an issue I'd agree with you.
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    Ok....Testing Tuesdays is what I’m going to call them from now the past 2 weeks on a Tuesday when I’ve left the house to go to work he has slipped either P or PMO. This Tuesday after what he claims is 2 weeks since MO, he did infact break the boundary of MO. He said he didn’t watch P and didn’t fantasise and it was ‘just lovely’ like he’s had a nice massage and facial on a spa day.

    Now I’m confused as I feel myself weakening to his constant changes in direction and situations and circumstances ....I’m doubting whether I’ve been too hard by putting in the boundary of no MO. Maybe that’s not a boundary that I can specify?

    Issue is, MO whilst trying to recover can have a detrimental affect on his recovery time, not to mention he’s now satisfied for the day so that will mean I’m not going to be tonight now as he’s used it up with himself! And lastly, he’s just started to feel the benefits of no MO as he mentioned the sensation from actual real life interaction was heightening. It was some actual physical feedback and reinforcement to himself that his Overuse of MO has caused lack of feeling and sensation and that no MO right now is the right road for him.

    Any suggestions or recommendations?

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