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    "This book can make you quit successfully"
    Author: Sleep Walker

    Book Introduction:
    This book is the culmination of seven years of unbroken rebooting by Jue Xing. It is the quintessence of professional rebooting. It is highly universal and contains extremely high gold content. It is a magical book of rebooting and inherits the classics of rebooting seniors. It also absorbs the excellent content of foreign rebooting articles and has its own in-depth summary and analysis. It is a rare rebooting book. Opening this book is the beginning of your success. If you implement the teachings of this book, you will be better off. If you have already achieved something, you can also absorb more practical details and experience from this book to make you stronger.

    "This Book Can Make You Quit Successfully" came into being! This is a summary of my unbroken experience once in seven years of rebooting. It can withstand the test of actual combat and is completely free to share. I hope to help everyone. I hope to pass on the spirit of the predecessors of righteousness and selfless dedication. Energy continues to pass. Brothers, work hard together! mutual encouragement!

    It is our unshirkable responsibility, obligation and noble mission to resist pornography and adultery and let the people realize the harm of pornography and adultery! Pornography is madly poisoning China and even the world. In the Internet age, pornography is fierce than tigers! How can my generation sit back and watch tens of thousands of Chinese children being poisoned by pornography at this time when pornography is rampant and popular? ! It is reasonable to stand up against the case, make a firm stand, work hard to save the hearts of the world and people, call on people with lofty ideals to stand up and resolutely resist pornography and adultery, and awaken those who perish and desire. Alas! The former three-good students, the good students in the eyes of teachers and parents, were out of control after being exposed to pornographic and obscene information. They often watched pornography and masturbated, and their studies plummeted. They were sluggish and ghost-ridden at a young age, just like opium-suckers. Sad and pity! Alas! Once a young talent, a talented person with a dignified appearance, after exposure to pornographic and obscene information, he was addicted to it and could not extricate himself from it. It hurts! Alas! The students who were admitted to one of the best schools in China, after being exposed to pornographic and obscene information during the university, fell into indulgence, even went out to take pictures, were caught on the spot, ashamed, shameless, notorious, and shameful to their ancestors! Sad and sad! Alas! How many business geniuses and celebrities have created a great cause, but when they are successful in their careers, they don’t know how to quit adultery, keep their self-discipline, and have acted contemptuously, imprisoned, ruined, and even shot to death! Sadness! Alas! The emergence of mobile phones has brought convenience to life and the spread of pornography. Now even elementary school students are holding their phones while watching pornography, and the young minds are suffering from the poison of pornography! Alas! The athlete who used to be active on the sports field gradually lost his former demeanor after indulging in watching pornographic masturbation. He walked with fluttering, his legs became weak and weak, and his face became dull, without the kind of energetic and high morale. Spirit. Alas! There are still many people suffering from neurosis, struggling in the dilemma that life is not as good as death, life is like years, and they are afraid of suspicious illness. They were too crazy before, staying up late and indulging, but after a few years, the body is no longer good. They are in symptom hell and embarrassed on all sides. , His eyes were full of despair and panic. Alas! Some parents see that their children are so addicted to pornography and masturbation, and continue to harm their body and mind, causing symptoms to become ridden. The parents issued a cry of "Help the children!" Yes! In the age of pornography, save the children! The theory of harmlessness can no longer be promoted. The theories of certain bricks should be eliminated. Everyone must be made aware of the harms of pornography and adultery, and they should be self-righteous, not only to complete the counterattack by themselves, but also to help others out of the quagmire of pornography. life

    Lin Zexu: "If you live and die in a country, you can avoid it because of misfortune or good fortune." This means that as long as it is beneficial to the country, even if you sacrifice your life, you are willing to avoid it because you may be harmed. His image of justice for the sake of the country and the nation, regardless of personal circumstances is unforgettable. Another couplet of his is also circulated to this day: "Inclusive of all rivers, tolerance is great; standing on the wall, without desire is strong." In this era of rampant pornography, a group of "Lin Zexu" characters are needed to stand up and resolutely resist the corruption of pornography. And poisoning. At that time, Humen sold cigarettes, so upright and shocked the Chinese and foreign! It awakened many patriotic people of insight at that time, and they began to reflect. On the other hand, they also greatly suppressed the British opium trade in China, severely hit the British bourgeoisie’s trade looting in China, and demonstrated the Chinese people’s determination and determination to ban smoking. Awakening consciousness. Nowadays pornographic products and pornographic images are also drugs, which are called new abroad Drugs (new types of drugs) can also cause serious addiction, and can seriously harm people's physical and mental health. They can turn people into pornographic addicts, continue to mutilate themselves, and also affect the family, their health is getting worse and their tempers are getting worse and worse. , The psychology will become more and more abnormal. Now that the country has launched a net-cleaning campaign, it has begun to attach importance to resisting pornography, and we must stand up and call on everyone to resist pornography together. Pornography and the vice of masturbation are linked together. Looking at pornography will inevitably accompany the vice of masturbation. The vice of masturbation will lead to the depletion of kidney essence, and the symptoms will break out to a certain extent, which is miserable! Lin Zexu’s ten unprofitable motto said: “It’s useless to save vitality, medicine is useless; lust and wanton desires are not beneficial.” Rebooting is the first cultivation level of a gentleman. Rebooting is not to be a monk, but to learn to control one’s own desires, and to behave in wicked ways It must be resolutely abstained. The ancient sages paid special attention to rebooting. Confucius said: "When you are young, the vitality is not fixed, and the rebooting is perverted." Foreign rebooting books said: "The other side of pornography is destruction. I am. Lost your job and almost divorced your wife. If you keep watching pornography, then one day, pornography will ruin your entire life. I think many people have not realized the destructiveness of pornography." Like drugs, the more you allow it to invade your life, the more you will depend on it. A few days after watching pornography, those images often appear in my mind, forcing me to watch more pornography. "Pornography gives people an illusory pleasure. At the first moment, it makes people ecstatic, but at the next moment, it firmly drags people down the bottomless abyss." Foreign countries have a deep understanding of the harm of pornography, and they have many Professional rebooting books and rebooting websites, including the United States and Japan, have many rebooting people and rebooting books. We must also have the knowledge and awareness in this respect. Indulging in pornography can really destroy a person, countless truths. The case has fully illustrated this point. Rebooting is to better manage oneself, improve one’s energy, purify one’s soul, and make one live healthier and happier. It is also to avoid giving up before marriage. You should reboot well before getting married and spend your energy and time. In terms of studies and careers, everyone knows that they waste too much time and energy on masturbating looking for pornography. If you spend this part of your time and energy on your own studies and career, it would be great! A righteous gentleman should never indulge in pornography and masturbation vices, and never go to prostitution, dating, one-night stand, extramarital affairs, etc. These wicked behaviors will only increase their negative energy and bring themselves great disasters and misfortunes! The ancients said: "The way of heaven is evil for adultery" and "all evil and adultery are headed" refer to evil fornication. "Moral Education Enlightenment": "Lust is harmed, hurts the body and loses one's will, even if they belong to a husband and wife, they should also be restrained. If it is evil Obscene, even more undesirable, ancient and modern lofty people, no one committed it. "Quit wickedness is a particularly important content in traditional culture, and we must have the knowledge and awareness in this regard.

    The country will be strong if the youth is precepted, the country will be weak if the youth is not adulterated, the country will be prosperous if the youth is not adulterated. The future of China is supported by a group of people with ethics and lofty consciousness with rebooting consciousness. If everyone is addicted to pornography and constantly empties themselves and becomes rotten wood and cannot be carved, it would have been a pillar, but after being hollowed out by the vices of pornography and masturbation, it will become The tofu dregs project couldn't stand it at all, and it collapsed! Many slappers are reduced to "dead people in bed" and have their family members waiting on the sidelines. The parents are heartbroken. Looking at the white hair, wrinkles and sad expressions of their parents, it is really sad! At a young age, but as old as an old person, physically and mentally depleted, divine form is destroyed, life can not see hope, who wants to live such a gloomy and hopeless life? If you want me to be a good son and daughter of China, how can you take the curse of pornography? ! How can one indulge in the dirty habits of such low-level tastes? ! A dignified man, a strong and dignified man, as a seven-foot man, how can he be defeated by obscenity? ! As a descendant of Yanhuang Huang, how can he shoot a whole body of essence on the pile of urine? ! As a descendant of the dragon, how can one leak a blessing in the hole of adultery? ! Strong and unyielding are flowing in the blood of Chinese children. We are determined to live a life of depravity and depravity, and use our hands to help others instead of licentious! Don't do those nasty things that are inferior to animals! Be worthy of your conscience! Worthy of parents! Worthy of ancestors! We solemnly reject pornography and adultery. This is our firmest position! The red sun is rising, its path is bright, the river flows out of the river, the ocean is smashed, the hidden dragon rises, the scales and claws are flying, the tiger roaring valley, the beasts are shaking, the eagle and the falcon test their wings, the wind and dust are spreading, the ringer rises, and the light is endless, The future is bright and beautiful. Strong ringer! I call China, I am not old with the sky! Strong, I am the preceptor of China, and the country has no boundaries! Strong, I, the preceptor of China, align with the sun and the moon! Be brave to be the preceptor of my country, promote the prestige of our country, illuminate our China, and inherit the blessings of the past! Strong, I am a Chinese preceptor, the rich and the rich cannot be licentious, the poor and the poor cannot be moved, and the mighty cannot be subdued! Strong, I am the Chinese preceptor, to establish the heart for the heaven and the earth, for the life and the people, for the sacred and to inherit the knowledge, and for the peace for all generations! Strong and strong, I am the ringer of China, swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger, heroic, and strong! Strong, I am a Chinese preceptor, heroic and righteous! Strong, I am a Chinese preceptor, strong, loyal, and awe-inspiring! Strong, I am a Chinese preceptor, mighty and magnificent! Alas! Although the three families of Chu can perish Qin, how can there be no one in China! There are still strong men in China, and there is a lot of righteousness against evil! ! !


    Are you still struggling in the vicious circle of repeated quits? This book allows you to break through the vicious circle and complete the counterattack!

    Are you still talking about rebooting and not strictly implementing daily classes? This book focuses on implementation and execution, which can get you out of the state of abstaining from oiliness!

    Are you still repeating that old process? Look at Huang-masturbation-emptiness-regret, this book will tell you how to get rid of this endless loop!

    When someone else succeeds and abstains for hundreds of days or even years, why can't you? This book will tell you the answer, so you can do it too!

    When evil thoughts came to your brain, did you still behave like a rookie and collapse at the first touch? This book will show you how to be strong!

    When you fail again and again and you feel discouraged and want to give up, this book will inspire you, guide you, and help you find a good state!

    All rebooting masters are trained. Do you want to become a rebooting master? This book will tell you how to train and improve the actual combat level!

    Maybe you are so dead and unable to see hope. This book will rekindle your fighting spirit, help you find determination and enthusiasm, and give you courage and strength!

    Is your performance still that bad when facing the situation? Are you still so greedy in your heart? Don’t know how to manage sight? This book will strengthen your awareness of actual combat!

    Are you still so flustered about the attack of the inner demon? This book lists the tricks of the inner demon, and will give you nine knives! Let you be confident in actual combat and win every battle!

    No one can succeed casually. Rebooting requires a complete and professional system. This book is the gold medal system for successful people! Advanced guide to actual combat!

    This book will help thousands of people successfully quit their bad habits, change from a negative energy model to a positive energy accumulation model, and return to the right track of life! To the pinnacle of life!

    Opening this book is the beginning of your success, and studying this book frequently is the most solid guarantee on the road to success, and you will surely achieve brilliant success!

    Opening this book is like opening a bag of diamonds. Each point is a refinement of the essence, exuding a bright light, illuminating the eyes of the ringers!

    Study this book carefully, truly understand these points, master the points, and understand the points. In the end, there is only one possibility-success! Inevitable success! Definitely successful!

    If others can succeed, so can you! If others can quit for hundreds of days, so can you! This book will allow you to become a master of rebooting! They do! You can do it too!

    You will definitely be eager to open this book, eagerly, keep taking notes, review notes, absorb notes, your enlightenment will advance by leaps and bounds! Successful rebooting is just around the corner!
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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Porn is a new drug injected into the brain through the eyes
    Chapter 2: The vice of masturbation accompanied by pornography
    Chapter 3: Recognizing the dangers of masturbation
    Chapter 4: Is masturbation really happy?
    Chapter 5: The fallacy of harmlessness, the lies of moderate harmlessness
    Chapter 6: Understanding the addictive mechanism of masturbation
    Chapter 7: Understanding the dangers of adultery
    Chapter 8: You don’t need to masturbate, you can choose a pure life

    Chapter 9: The ignorant, absurd, depraved, and stupid man
    Chapter 10:Rebooting is 1,000 times cooler than masturbation!
    Chapter 11: Understanding withdrawal reactions and recurrent symptoms
    Chapter 12: Mistakes of Reducing Rehabilitation Method
    Chapter 13: Say goodbye to the strong command of pure perseverance
    Chapter 14: Misunderstandings of only looking at and not shooting
    Chapter 15: Must stay away from Huang Yuan
    Chapter 16: The next time after the last time
    Chapter 17: Wake up in the morning, the high point of relapse
    Chapter 18: Must be careful
    Chapter 19: Establish the correct motivation for rebooting
    Chapter 20: The Importance of Establishing Daily Classes
    Chapter 21: Must have strong determination and courage to fight to the end
    Chapter 22: Mastering the core of rebooting: Cultivating the mind-Nine knives for renunciation!

    Chapter 23 : Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy——Understand the demons

    Chapter 24: The Principle of Being Possessed by the Heart Demon: Invasion and Control

    Chapter 25: Practice makes people stronger, practice absenteeism, accumulate strength, and decisively defeat actual combat!
    Chapter 26: Points for Attention in Actual Combat
    Chapter 27: The Need for Emotion Management
    Chapter 28: Implementing the Ten Rules of Rebooting——The most practical rebooting system
    Chapter 29: The unity of knowledge and action, cultivate strong and decisive execution.
    Chapter 30: Methods and Practices of Controlling Suicide
    Chapter 31: Quit laziness, arrogance, anger, jealousy, and alcohol-escort rebooting!
    Chapter 32: The experience of overcoming fetishism
    Chapter 33: Guidance by Gay Brothers
    Chapter 34: The Harm of Whoring
    Chapter 35: The Harm of Premarital Sex and Extramarital Affairs
    Chapter 36: How to break through the cycle of repeated precepts
    Chapter 37: Learn to self-discipline, reboot and quit internet addiction, and don’t indulge in online games
    Chapter 38: Pay attention to health restoration projects
    Chapter 39: How to treat temporary failures correctly
    Chapter 40: Summary and reflection after failure
    Chapter 41: How to avoid consecutive relapses?
    Chapter 42: How to get back a good rebooting state as soon as possible?
    Chapter 43: Entering the stable rebooting period, how to keep the rebooting state?
    Chapter 44: Characteristics of Quit Youzi
    Chapter 45: Some Signs Before Relapse
    Chapter 46: The Importance of Being Vigilant
    Chapter 47: The importance of taking notes
    Chapter 48: Why can others quit, and you are still breaking the precept?
    Chapter 49: Take back your power and re-dominate yourself
    Chapter 50: The cornerstone of rebooting-Virtue!
    Chapter 51: Transition from negative energy mode to positive energy mode
    Chapter 52: Learning from the education of sages and opening up great wisdom
    Chapter 53: The Transition from Thinker to Observer
    Chapter 54: You are not a thought, but pure awareness
    Chapter 55: The Holy Moment
    Chapter 56: Guiding to Bliss
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    Chapter 1: Porn is a new drug injected into the brain through the eyes
    Entering the 21st century, we have completely entered the era of pornography. Pornography began to flood in the late 1990s. At that time, it was disc spread. Many people could find pornography at home. Later, the new millennium entered the Internet age. , Pornographic content has spread more severely, has become more widespread, and it is still free to browse. Later, when we entered the era of smartphones, browsing pornography was more convenient than finding stones on the ground. In our country, pornographic content is illegal, while in foreign countries, certain pornographic websites are even legal, which exacerbates the proliferation of pornographic content. However, foreign countries have also realized the great harm of pornography in recent years. They call pornography the new drug. (New types of drugs). There are many rebooting websites and rebooting books abroad, and our country also needs to pay attention to this aspect.

    On the surface, cocaine and pornography do not have much in common, but more and more studies have shown that chemical drugs can induce the brain to release exciting chemicals, and watching pornography has the same effect.

    Just like drugs, when these exciting chemicals (such as dopamine and oxytocin) are delivered to the brain, they will build a new pathway in the brain. This pathway can fundamentally induce porn users to browse pornographic information. When the brain pathways are activated by pornographic information, the brain can release chemicals at the same level as when viewing pornographic information for the first time. This process is similar to the process of drug addiction. Porn is injected into the brain through an eye. drug!

    To equate pornography with drugs is the latest scientific research abroad. This understanding is correct. Thinking about the state of looking for pornography, it is really like a drug addict looking for drugs. Studies have shown that watching pornography can cause your brain to release the same pleasure chemicals as cocaine. When drug addicts take more drugs or porn viewers watch more pornography, the neural circuits in their brains will become stronger, making it easier for them to take drugs or watch porn again, whether they want it or not. content. Just as addicts will eventually need more and more drugs to get pleasure, or even just to make themselves feel normal, sex addicts will quickly develop tolerance when they get used to watching the large amounts of dopamine released by pornography. In other words, even if pornography can still make the brain release dopamine, they can't be as cool as usual.

    Like drugs, the more stimulus, the more boring afterwards. You must look for heavier flavors and more excitement to achieve the pleasure of tasting the forbidden fruit before. Many people have become psychologically perverted afterwards, and their sexual orientation has also been distorted. Watching pornographic masturbation will bring a series of evil consequences, which will make people fall into a vicious circle. At first, sexual orientation was normal. Later, in order to stimulate dopamine secretion, I would look at abnormalities. As my psychology became more and more abnormal, my sexual orientation began to be distorted, and I would learn to imitate the contents of pornographic films.

    It is estimated that there are 2 million heroin users in the United States, among which 600 to 800,000 are severely addicted to heroin. Compared with the above data, 40 million people in the United States watch online pornography every day-this new type of drug. The reason why Internet pornography is a new type of drug is that the brain responds to drugs and sexual arousal in the same parts. Pornography is really a kind of drug. As a 100 billion-dollar neuro-drug industry, pornography is changing people’s concept of sexual behavior more rapidly through the accelerated development of the Internet. Pornographic information is pervasive on the Internet, and it inhibits people’s sexuality. The normal view of orientation leads people to a state of evil, perverted, indecent, and irresponsible beasts.

    Imagine that the brain is a forest. Hikers pass by the same place day after day, and gradually step out of the way. Browsing pornographic information will also produce neural circuits. As people browse pornographic content time and time again, these neural circuits will be continuously strengthened in the "forest" of the brain, and these neural circuits will eventually become paths in the "forest" of the brain. "Thanks to" the Internet, current pornography mixes the most powerful dopamine that the body can release and many other elements-endless novelties, shocks and surprises-all of which will stimulate the release of dopamine in large quantities. And because Internet pornography provides endless content, users can move to new images (postures, costumes, heroines, etc.) every time their pleasure declines to keep dopamine at high levels for a few hours. Professor Jeffrey Satinover of Princeton University described the effects of pornography to the U.S. Senate committee: "It's like a heroin we invented. Users can use it secretly in their homes and inject them directly into the brain through their eyes."

    The American Addiction Medicine Association used to believe that addiction is mainly a behavior. Recently, inspired by the new brain science community, the American Addiction Medicine Association redefines "addiction"-a brain disease related to the neural reward system. The powerful influence of Internet pornography on the neural reward system clearly fits the new definition of addiction. Dr. Hilton believes that the impact of pornographic images on the natural brain reward system is unique. Unlike the rewards brought by food or doing other things, the rewards brought by watching pornographic images can lead to "continuous changes related to nerve synapses and plasticity." In other words, Internet pornography not only stimulates the increase of dopamine levels in the brain, and thus produces pleasure. It also literally changes the physical organization inside the brain, so that new neural pathways crave pornographic information to trigger the desired sense of reward.

    Pornography is a mixed drug. It triggers two addictive chemicals in the brain by causing excitement (the "hi" feeling caused by dopamine) and creating orgasm (the "relaxing" effect of drugs). This hybrid mechanism makes pornography more likely to become addictive and more easily tolerated. The tolerance of pornography requires not only larger doses, but also more novelty in content, such as more taboo behaviors.

    Although the effects of Internet pornography are similar to the combination of chemical addictions, the effects of Internet pornography exceed those of chemical substances.

    For example, the "mirror neurons" in the brain give us the ability to learn: observe a behavior and imitate it. Professor Struthers wrote that because of mirror neurons, “watching pornographic videos creates a neural experience by which the viewer indirectly participates in what he sees.” This unique interactive addiction through The dual stimulation of the brain and the body is realized. In the words of Professor Strathurs, "Pornography involves visual mechanisms (watching movies), motor mechanisms (masturbation), sensory mechanisms (genital stimulation), and the neurological effects of excitement and orgasm (caused by addictive dopamine). Excitement)".

    The study of the brain confirms such a serious fact: pornography is a drug release system, which has obvious and powerful effects on the human brain and nervous system. As Dr. Deutch pointed out, "Those who watch porn are unaware of the extent to which pornography reshapes their brains." Indeed, they do not know that pornography is "creating new neural circuits in their brains."

    Research on nerves has revealed that Internet pornography has a powerful effect on the brain. Its effect is as powerful as cocaine and heroin, which are addictive substances. In a statement to the US Congress, psychiatrist and former Yale psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey warned the public: With the advent of the information age, the addictive stimulation of Internet pornography has become almost irresistible. We seem to have created an unprecedented substance that is 100 times more powerful than heroin. Internet pornography can be watched privately at home, it is directly "injected" into the brain through both eyes!

    In 2014, a research paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association-Psychiatry stated that frequent viewing of pornographic pictures can make the brain slow to respond to sexual stimulation. German scientists pointed out that this means that the brain needs more dopamine to feel the same degree of "orgasm", which leads to the search for more pornographic images. "Psychology" magazine once published a paper saying that these dopamine surges mean that people who watch pornographic pictures need more tasteful sexual perceptions and experiences to arouse sexual desire. German scientists believe that viewing pornographic pictures may cause brain shrinkage, and the more you look at them, the more severe the brain striatum area associated with rewards and stimulation. This is the first time scientists have discovered that viewing pornographic pictures is directly related to physical injury. In addition, scientists also found that the more time spent watching pornographic pictures, the more different the brain, the more you watch, the deeper the addiction. In 2013, researchers at the University of Cambridge found that when people addicted to pornographic pictures watch pornographic pictures or videos, the "drug addiction" area of the brain glows in a brain scan. When young people who are addicted to Internet pornography browse pornographic pictures, their brains will “glisten like a Christmas tree with colorful lights”. In the brains of people addicted to pornographic images, these areas responsible for processing rewards, stimulation, and pleasure are exactly the same as the highly stimulated areas in the brains of drug addicts and alcohol addicts.

    Research shows that among all forms of online entertainment (such as gambling, games, surfing the Internet, social networks), pornography has the strongest tendency to become addictive. When pornographic images enter the brain, it will induce the reward center to start stimulating dopamine, which triggers a flood of chemical components, including a protein called DeltaFosB. Usually the role of DeltaFosB is to create new neural pathways to connect with what you are doing (viewing pornography) and pleasure. With the repeated overload of dopamine, viewers become numb to those scenes, and they often find that they cannot feel normal when there is no high release of dopamine. Some people say that they feel nervous or negative until they regain pornography. As they sink deeper and deeper into this abyss of vices, they will become more and more flavorful. Many people who try their best to get rid of this bad habit say that they find it hard to stop.

    Like any substance with addictive potential, pornography induces the release of dopamine into the "reward center" part of the brain (also known as the reward channel or system). The reason why pornography is a behavior that aggravates the degree of psychological distortion is because as the tolerance of some pornographic viewers increases, the scenes that have excited them become boring. It can be expected that they will often spend longer watching pornography, seeking more heavy-tasting themes, and trying to regain their previous excitement, as a compensation for the boredom caused by old themes. Many watching People find that sharp themes such as violence are permeating their sexual fantasies and habits.

    The content of pornography and the way people interact with it have undergone dramatic changes in the past few decades. Internet pornography has the following six characteristics.

    (1) Free of charge. People who watch porn can browse pornography for free on the Internet. In the past, they had to go out to buy discs and books.

    (2) Easy to obtain. People can easily access pornographic content through the Internet. Nowadays, most of them have mobile phones, and the Internet is more convenient.

    (3) Freshness. In the past, pornography resources were relatively single, and it was easy to get bored. Internet pornography has many options and can provide continuous freshness.

    (4) Large amount of resources. There are huge amounts of pornographic resources on the Internet, and there are dozens of gigabytes or even hundreds of gigabytes in the hard disks of many pornstars.

    (5) Diversified locations. In the past, you could only watch it at home, but now you have a mobile phone and you can watch it everywhere, which increases the possibility of watching pornography.

    (6) Easy to carry. Drop it into your mobile phone, mobile hard drive or laptop, and you can take it with you.

    (7) It is very addictive and stimulates dopamine over-secretion. I want to see it after I watch it, but I can't stop it. I watch it for a few hours.

    Abroad characterizes quitting pornography as a new war. It used to be World War I, World War II, etc. Now it is fighting to resist pornography! Because pornography is a drug, it is corrupting batches of young people, destroying their bodies, minds, and health, turning them into waste, and turning them into beasts full of evil thoughts! In our country, there was the War of Resistance Against Japan in the past. Our soldiers and civilians rose up to fight and won the final victory. At present, pornography is poisoning the descendants of Huang, and the ancestors in the sky will be heartbroken when they see this situation. We must recognize the dangers of pornography, and we must win this defense war! Let's act together! A single spark can start a prairie fire! Let more people know the dangers of pornography, save their fallen souls and decayed bodies, and help them quit pornography and be reborn!

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