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    hyyy guyz i have a big problem here..
    In the past i have big erections,sex with multiple girls and all the thing was fine...i start masturbation at 15 age and now i have 27...i masturbate normal like one time per day..but i watch day to day at more agressive porn,febdom,gangbang,humiliation..i start to smoke weed and masturbate every day...i smoke a lot of weed like 1,2 grams every day after i domasturbate....all good but my erection quality was bad after 7years.i stop weed for ever..6 months ago i start one relationship with a new girl....i have with she like 10 time sex ....i noticed i dont have too much libido but was ok time i try to have sex with she but after 10 min my dick dead and dead was...i try to watch porn but i can’t get erection,i still have 0 libido ,i cant make sex because i cant have erection,0 urges and my penis is very small,week and dryness like a very dead dick... i can make a goood sex only a few time when i am very drunk.i try to change the girl with another new one but i make 3 time sex with the new one and all good and after another time dead dick no erection...but all the time in the rest i have no erection no morning wood no wetdream no libido and dead dick i stop watch porno,masturbate and sex and after 21 days i start to have somedays morning wood but 60-70%erect,and wetdream every night....but all day dead dick no libido no erection even if i try to watch porn...what do you think?i have venous lake or something bad?blue pills dont work forme.someone with similar experience??please this 6 month i can have like 13,14 good sex in some special cases or if i drink alcohohol but in rest i cant...noerection no libido.i dont understand:i am impotent but in 6 month i can make sex sometimes but in general i can have an erection and my dick most of the time is dead...sorry for my english
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    So you don't watch porn and masturbate. That's great. Blue pills help me a lot with few first times.

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