Several relapses later, a new beginning "Not today"

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    Hi everyone,
    Summary - 10 years PMO, suffering from death grip and extreme DE (only by M during sex). Currently on Day 3 after 6 relapses.

    The story
    I'm 24 and have been indulging in PMO since 10th grade (was around 14-15 I guess?). So yeah, it's been 10 whole years of PMO, sometimes up to 6 times a day. And around year 2 there were times normal P didn't cut it for me.

    I had my first girlfriend when I turned 16, and no there wasn't any sex involved then, just kissing and making out (that increased my PMO) so I never figured that I had this problem.

    Cut to first year of college, first real girlfriend and finally had sex when I turned 19, but to my horror I couldn't O, thus the beginning of my fears. 4 years of active sex life on, and I could only O by my own hand, I have only once in my life O'd during sex, no amount of long hours of sex, HJ or BJ has made me O.

    So, in October of last year I came across NoFap, but faltered somewhere down the line. And then again, in the middle of this month (during my wait for EndGame) I thought this time, I'm gonna do this for good. So here I am, 6 relapses later on day 3, hard Hard mode PMO.

    No girlfriend at the moment.

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