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    Guys i am 20 years old..i have been masturbating since first it was natural.i masturbated without looking at porn.but now for the past 3 years i have been masturbating to porn,bikini girls pics even erotic stories..i can't seem to shake it off.i have a serious navel fetish and a wearing tight underwear fetish..i normally wear my pants above navel.But when masturbation takes over me,i immediately go and wear tight underpants and jerk off to porn or bikini girls.Looking at bikini girls navel makes me masturbate in a matter of minutes..if i try to hold myself from masturbation,i feel like my insides are burning up.i can't move my mind goes numb.i feel like i am not in control of my body..It has badly affected my social life.guys plz help me..i dont know what i will do if i keep on doing this.
    Any help would be appreciated..especially regarding the navel fetish
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    Skip to the Bold Text if you don't want any personal opinions.

    When i started fapping way back when i was 12 i started with erotic pics and i remember having the same things that you're having a few years later and then continuing the same shit till now because everywhere on the internet it was written "Masturbation is healthy and normal". It wasn't until i had reached a 45 day mark that i realized, how much i had fucked my life up, looking back i realised what could've gone great in my life and it was everything, within 45 days i had grown from a shy low energy guy to someone who everyone in my class depended upon, i had extreme energy, great problem solving ability, I was the leader in almost every group i entered, I got great marks without studying anything at all, this was way more than a transformation. Looking back i remember my school days when i could've had a great relationship, great marks, great reputation i was pretty goal oriented from the beginning, but i couldn't really achieve big in anything i tried, now that i realise the root cause i want to stop,

    Has pmo held you back? Held you back from entering the group of the most popular individuals, held you back from getting a relationship, held you back from mental alertness and clarity, held you back from being careless and worry free, held you back from being self content and confident, if yes then this is the time to stop.

    Not to emphasise but nofap had given me great problem solving ability(30+ days), great confidence, great self contentment, great clarity, these are just some of the benefits of nofap if i keep on writing then
    -Better immune system, you'll rarely fall sick and if you're exercising you probably won't fall sick
    -Better muscular strength
    -Better Memory
    -Better Will power
    -Great "presence", by presence i mean if you enter a room, everyone will just look at you, some will even freeze, everybody will want to listen to you (depends upon day count).
    -more females will be attracted to you, even the ones you find the most beautiful.
    -Great public speaking ability
    -willpower to say no
    -everyone around you will depend upon you
    -you will be more happy
    - you will be more social
    the list of benefits is endless, however some people on this forum say that they havn't had any benefit, but these are just some of the benefits i experienced.

    the things you can do for starting your nofap journey:
    1)Get an AP.
    2)Be focused.
    3)Get serious about life and start making everyday goals.
    4)Realize that time is precious.
    5)Stay on this forum to counter any problem you encounter on your nofap journey, you can yourself devise some methods.
    6)Start with small challenges on the forum.
    7)Start developing good habits like going to bed early, getting up early, not using phone in bed, not looking at any screen 2 hours before bedtime.
    I wish you all the best.
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  3. TimeToQuitNow

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    We have all felt this way many times. That's why we are here. If you get that urge again take a deep breath and detach yourself from whatever you are doing. Walk away from your computer. Do something to occupy you're mind like chores, exercise, or listening to music (without sexual lyrics). Good luck friend!
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  4. Darthtyranius123

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    I am going to try that now..its really hard to stay on track but i am going to do my best..wish me luck! :)
  5. Darthtyranius123

    Darthtyranius123 Fapstronaut

    i am going to post again if anything goes wrong..counting on you guys!
  6. TimeToQuitNow

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    Good Luck!
  7. Tryingto

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    Held me back from truly growing up? Yes...
  8. Seeking Help

    Seeking Help Fapstronaut

    Stopped me from facing my emotions, I'm beginning to realise. Have suffered from anxiety and depression here and there and I'm beginning to wander if my habit had something to do with that. When your ashamed of yourself , you cant genuinely like yourself. That cant be healthy.
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    You have to look at an orgasm as an open wound that you just opened up again and you lost a bit of blood, your body will regenerate itself and you will have a full ejaculations worth of sperm after about 72 hours.. (i've read on multiple sources that a full sperm cycle takes about 60+ days) If you do it on a daily basis you will also risk having a zinc deficiency (do a search on what this does to your body) If that is not reason enough to stop just approach it from a logical standpoint and ask yourself.. What's the fucking point of doing it? It's absolutely pointless.. Nothing to be gained from it.. nothing.
  10. Tryingto

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    This is very much the case, in my experience. The process of getting clean opens up so many questions and insights. In this sense, pmo acts very much like a 'distraction technique', keeping our eyes away from some difficult and uncomfortable stuff. Stop the distraction and, well, you guessed it...

    Among many other things I could list, two keys to keep in mind are stay with it and take good care.
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  11. Darthtyranius123

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    i did it two days in a row.....God i am fucking ashamed of myself..i want to kill myself..its like a burning fire just overwhlems me.i can't sleep,i can't think straight,my mind goes foggy.all i can think at that moment is fapping..i was scrolling thru youtube after talking to u guys..and bam there was a girl in a video i was watching.and before i knew it,i was jerking off to some bikini girl in a video..i can't do this anymore.. :(
  12. TheMaster101

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    two days in a row is nothing i've done it years in a row.. now i've not done it 1 year in a row and it's hands down the best thing i have ever done.. (or not done i guess you could say)
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  13. Darthtyranius123

    Darthtyranius123 Fapstronaut

    any advice on how to make it??
  14. TimeToQuitNow

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    Dude, take a deep breath. Relax yourself. Did you mess up? Yes. Will it be like this forever? No. So pick yourself up and try again
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  15. Hi Brother, when you have urge... do as @helpinghand4all post above...
    even a little things builds over time consistently...
    my pray for you brother :)
  16. Aside from your navel fetish this is actually NOT your problem. I'll explain see your addiction sounds like it's at the point where you have no control this is when your battle truly begins. I'll tell you right now it's not gonna be easy. All PMO addicts have a fetish that they got attached to that changed them in more ways then one. Yours seems to be the navel fetish but if you can stay away from PMO for the 90 day reboot your see that what you had a fetish for actually wasn't something that was natural for you. Your gonna have to learn what triggers you to watch because that's the trap. When you start watching you have no more will power to fight back it's a very evil thing. But the secret to fighting this addiction is "education " educate yourself on this addiction and you'll see why without education it's almost impossible to fight back and grown into the man you know you can be. Your young my friend and you dont want this to carry on into you early and late 20's I believe in you but you have to educate yourself on PMO and the affect it has on ones brain.
  17. Infrasapiens

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    "I masturbated therefore I want to kill myself"
    Calm down, it is not the end of the world. Something I don't like about NoFap is that people treats resets as this criminal acts that should be punished by death. You did nothing wrong, just start over and that's it.
  18. Yes agree, when there is still breath coming out then there's still a chance to start over again :)
  19. Darthtyranius123

    Darthtyranius123 Fapstronaut

    I try to study control it..but when i do,i see one or two pics and bam i am back to square one.therefore i try to avoid seeing navel related material. :(
  20. At 20 years old you will only have one thing on your mind most of the time - sex.

    Do not create a monster you will supposedly fight, in the form of porn and masturbation, it is not a monster.

    If you do not want to condition yourself to pornography and begin abusing it, limit use to photos and sometimes masturbate without it.
    Obviously finding real sexual partner would be ideal.
    Do not edge for long time, do not watch video content. This will help you big time.

    Stopping use completely is unrealistic for you, at your age. Unless you spend 30min or more every day watching pornography I would not be very concerned.
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