Severe Insecurity Fueling My Addiction

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by no-zero, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. no-zero

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    My insecurity is eating away at me and I can tell I use porn as an escape. I'm even crying right now. I constantly compare myself to others. Despite having three girlfriends, I still feel ugly. I don't like my hair or anything about my face. I don't even like my body either. I don't really know how to accept how I look. I just know that once I can, a huge risk factor for my addiction will be gone.
  2. Move_Along1991

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    Hang in there, man. If the addictions making you feel that bad about yourself, then use that feel every time you feel like relapsing. Think about how desolate you will be if you went back to PMO. It should keep you fighting. God bless.
  3. BlackVelvet

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    I feel the same sometimes. I've never had a girlfriend, not much confidence, felt ugly, etc. But, this could be changed. Meditation helped me. Think about yourself for a while, find the goodness and purity in your soul. Write down all your good qualities and write down the things you dont like, then rip those bad papers to shreds. You could also pick up a hobby. I started skating and I feel great. Find something you like and get good at it!
    With the softness of downy,
    Au revoir,
  4. Move_Along1991

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    I do get that. You don't think PMO contributes to that bad feeling? I know for me it only makes it worse but feels good in the moment, but after PMOing, it really doesn't fix anything.
  5. Whatever

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    I have feelings of insecurity too, but it is more likely that the addiction is the cause of these feelings which create discomfort because every action leaves subconscious impressions and vicious habbits impress negativity upon the mind.
    Thus, Nofap.
  6. Penag

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    I have insecurity as well and this is one my triggers.

    I'm always comparing my self to others. I'm also scared that they will reject me if I behave a bit different. In reality what I consider as different is normal for other people. And as in real life we are a lot self centred we don't really care or remember of what other said/did wrong or stupid.

    I believe we have to change our state of mind. Today I was in the street keeping repeating me "I'm confident, no one will reject you". I felt good.
    The difficulty is to create an habit on long term as bad thinkings come back easily without noticing.

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