Sex addiction masked my depression for my entire life

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by RecoveringLion, Aug 12, 2018.

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    I have never really identified as depressed until the past year when I started doing no PLFMO (Porn Lust Fantasy M O). I never realized how much of a coping mechanism it was until I had to stop it all. I am now almost 250 days free of PLFMO and I am realizing that every time I feel down, which lately has been often, the urge kicks back up in a serious way. I have and will continue to resist, but I was curious if any other men have experienced this. Its been pretty constant. I know it would only lead to deeper depression and darkness so I dont truly want it, and I won’t give in...but its been frustrating.
  2. Yup, it's like I'm living a whole different life now. It's kind of scary how easily I'm triggered into these bouts of anxiety and depression, and the first thing I want to do is reach down there and go to town every time I start feel bad about myself. I think that this nofap thing sort of triggered a mid life crisis for me.
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    I suspect the trick is to find something to feel the void when you give up some addiction such as drinking or PMO or even internet use.

    Like you could spend your free time watching TV or taking a walk outside. Both choices give you some recreation today, but the walk outside has long term benefits too. You need to find things that give you pleasure and also give you benefits.
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    Yep 25 days in and been feeling exactly like you guys. Had a very difficult 3.5 weeks but some days have been alright, depending how much I dwell on it.

    The more we support each other through this the better. It is really motivating to hear when one of us has had a good and positive day.

    We need to relax knowing we are
    doing the right thing now. Nofap is a really good site that has our best interest at heart :)
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    Could be a flatline but I do not want to pass the problem off as "just a flatline" because their are many phases (both generally and individually) to NoFap, that could ultimately make the reasons for such feelings a result of various factors.
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    Yeah. Like any activity that acts as a crutch, they can disguise problems or contain them under the surface until you stop doing that activity or reach a healthy moderation point. Talking to a professional educated on porn and sex addiction might be able to help make sense of these things if you haven't already :D
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    Keep going going bro.

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