Sex after 120 days hard reboot

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Enun, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Enun

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    Hello all.

    I have found NoFap to be a very useful tool and along with other changes in my life I have become an extremely confident, fun and all around great guy. (My fetishes also went away, with assistance from a psycologist)

    I am meeting up with a girl in the next few days and we are likely gonna have sex. Now I have obviously not ejaculated for a long time and I am still pretty much a virgin. I am very nervous I will prematurely ejaculate/disappoint. What is the best way to handle this situation?
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  2. Rairah90

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    Just let everything happen as it is supposed to happen. You have a party to celebrate, 120 day streak
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  3. glktglkt

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    Just don’t care. Ejaculate, next time you will have sex and it will
    Last longer
  4. too be honest idk why people think of this, when i was a virgin and had my first sex, i really didnt care and ejaculated in like maybe 5 mins? and i had 0 fucks given, idk why this is an issue to many people even though i was kind of an insecure person, this was never an issue
  5. FormerFapaholic

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    Go with the flow dude. You only know when you're ready for it!
  6. R3dFlY

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    Just relax and let things happen . The first time I had sex I was alsi very nervious and I put so much pressure on myself for it that I ended up ejaculating quickly. My advice to you is that even if you do ejaculate before dont let it bother you. Enjoy that small moment you will have with your girlfriend.
  7. p1n1983

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    Hey, if you come early don´t bother! play with her in the meantime and i´m sure you D will get up and you could go for a second round and you definitively will last longer and please her again.

    When I had sex after abstaining for 34 days i had the same fear... before that i had DE. Well i had sex and i came in a rasonable amount of time. More late than early so.. don´t worry and have fun!

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