Sex After 26 Days

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Derek5150, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Derek5150

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    Last night, I went on a date with a friend and we ended up hooking up. I have to admit that it hasn't been 30 days, yet, on my counter. The time that I've invested in abstinence has paid off. We had sex twice last night, and two more times this morning.

    I was very pleased with my endurance, energy levels and overall performance.

    I want to make this post to encourage others to keep on making the sacrifice, because when you have sex again... It will feel... magical. I can't wait to continue this path and get my sex life back.
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  2. pcmaster

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    Great job man ! Now just keep it going. Keep fighting PM enemy.

    For 25 years old 26 days free is pretty good. Think I had only max 60 days at that age, but I didnt knew about nofap then.
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    All I need now is a gf:DD
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    Mate... What a great story!! It goes to show that's what sex & sexualality is for... With a real person!!, not to have your sexual energys be siphoned off with porn... So glad you kicked out the tissue box... Keep going!!!
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    thank you for sharing your great experience.I really motivated me.
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    Exactly what i was thinking :emoji_raised_back_of_hand::emoji_raised_hands::emoji_raised_hand:
  7. Derek5150

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    Just a quick update... just because I've gone 26 days without PMO doesn't mean that everything is fully restored. In fact, it bothers me to deal w/the inconsistency. Sometimes, I get a rise and there are moments when I EXPECT myself to get a rise around an attractive woman and nothing happens... All thanks to PIED.

    To my assumption, it is my brain and body's way of re-calibrating itself. This is considering my extensive use of pornography in my life. And, as funny as it is... I remember my younger years when I watched out of freedom, self-pleasure and the joy of entertainment. As I've gotten older, I watched for different reasons. Stress, loneliness, emotional feelings w/the opposite sex, along with other forms of negativity...etc

    I hope this post serves as a lesson to many people who are currently experiencing this issue of PIED, by finding the inspiration to stop this form of destructive sexual behavior. I'm going to carry on with abstinence. My goal is to be a greater version of who I once was, and hopefully send my next companion to the hospital with a bag of ice between her legs... in a romantic-passionate way.
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  8. Derek5150

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    Absolutely! It felt so great instead of relying on a computer screen, parts of my imagination along with hand and lotion.
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