Sex become more important with years

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. When i was in Hight school, i met the most beautiful girl in the world. I crushed on her on spot. i approached her but she rejected me.

    And for a few years, it was such a dream to go out with her. Not have sex with her, just spend some time with her.

    4 years into college, and this happened surprisingly. But by that point, i had already began fapping, got into nofap and my libido was crazy. Obviously I wanted more than just a date but i didnt get that.

    And the more time I spend as a virig, the more sex focused i become. I avoid speaking to women because i know they wont fuck me. Thats all i want from a girl right now. I dont want stupid convos, or patronizing or discussing about anime. I want to get laid dammit!
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  2. Freedom_from_PMO

    Freedom_from_PMO Fapstronaut

    >I want to get laid!!!
    >Men should give up on girls!!!

    Made your mind man!

    If the only thing you want form relationship is sex you will freak out lots of women.
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  3. you do realize women want sex too? why do you think casual sex/fuck buddies are a thing?
  4. Freedom_from_PMO

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    Yes they are, but you will simply freak people with your neediness.
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  5. i wouldnt be needy if i was getting it
  6. Eleanor

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    You don't need sex, you need to reboot. Women aren't sex dolls, unless you pay for an escort.
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  7. i began fapping at 20 and i wanted sex before that. nothing to do with pmo.

    when did i say they are?
  8. The Legend of Hope

    The Legend of Hope Fapstronaut

    SEX WONT CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Imagine it like a massage. It won't heal your diseases but it will make you feel good for some time.
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  9. The Legend of Hope

    The Legend of Hope Fapstronaut

    I had sex but I am still here.
  10. it would help. and jfl at devaluing sex
  11. IamOlive

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    If all you want from women is sex then you will probably not get laid unless you go pay for it. We can tell the difference from someone that only wants to use us as a M tool.
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  12. Infrasapiens

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    I honestly cannot come up with a sarcastic response for this, I am drained.
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  13. thats why girls have fuck buddies and fwbs.
  14. ledener

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    What happens to the later days in Nofap is that you start not caring to much or thinking like a "stupid dog" wanting to go over girls to sex.

    When you already had sex you may easier realize that it's not the objective. The sublime thing you will try to find will be a campany to share the good moments of life, wich sex is just one of them.
    Now, with 25 years old all I want is a girl wich will share to me delicious life moments
  15. im 8 months in and still wanna fuck like crazy.

    which i have not
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  16. The Legend of Hope

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    Thank you for telling his grown up ass how the world works
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  17. The Legend of Hope

    The Legend of Hope Fapstronaut

    Oh dude..... you thats a new loe even for you
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  18. Buddhabro

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    It’s not the OP’s fault. To be young and growing up in a hyper-sexualized world must be difficult, but I wanna say to you @VirginWarrior that there’s a better way to navigate through this. Be determined to be better!
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  19. delhiboy

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    ok then true, but ask yourself that why will they choose you for fuck buddies? fuck buddies are those guys who does not care too much about getting laid. it just happens.

    work on yourself before demanding sex from other people man.

    so ask yourself can you give them something in return of sex, a good life style a status or value in their own eyes.

    see when a lady have sex with a beggar she would be called a loser. if other lady have sex with tom cruise she would be seen as high status/value among other women.

    i think you get my point.
  20. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    there is nothing wrong or sexist he said.
    so chill your ass up

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