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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by John5, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. John5

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    I am 22 years old and have been selling porn for a couple of years, tried to quit in the last few months but without success and suddenly saw a cam site.
    I went into it a few months ago and today I spent more than $ 10,000 on it. I'm really addicted to the site
    The fact that girls do all my sex tells them is far more stimulating than porn.
    When I was regularly masturbating in porn it would not have made such a difference in my life
    But I wasted so much money that I don't have any money for myself anymore.
    Some days I'm on break and then I come back to it, it's stronger than me. I don't know what to do. If I continue like this I will find myself in debt
    Bigger and bigger
    please help me.
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  2. Homelander

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    22 years and having that much money to spend? I'm almost 40 and I cant even buy a new laptop this month.

    If you want to stop the cam site addiction you first have to find out what drives you to those sites.
    It could be many things, but you need to find out in order to rewire this nasty habit into a good new habit.

    Also start doing a nofap hard mode from this day on.
    No porn, no mastrubation and no cams for at least 90 days straight.
    Believe when I tell you, you wont ever go back after 90 days.
  3. fredisthebes

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    I've had a camsite addiction in the past, too. Thankfully I never spend money there any more (although I'm ashamed to say I often log on to the site and watch the free shows/my old private shows).

    Is that $10,000 in total? Surely not on one day... either way, that is a ridiculous amount of money that could have seriously benefitted your life if properly invested. This needs to stop, and now! Log into it one last time, scramble your password, set up a blocker on your computer. Transfer your money into a savings account that you don't have immediate access to, other that the basic you need for day to day life. If you spend that on a camsite, you don't eat.

    Think of it like ex-smokers do, work out how much you would be spending on the site and put it in a special account (or just add it up by hand). After a few months, treat yourself to something nice - a holiday, nice clothes, whatever is a good incentive for you.
  4. IGY

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    This sounds made up. Don't fall for this fraudulent thread people.
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  5. John5

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    If you dont have any helpful advice then dont write anything
    i dont need to proof noting to you
    dont want to help just past by
    think its a made up story and you think i have that much free time and im that boaerd that i will write a fake story just dont post noting
    what is the problam cant you just write your opioan on how to get out of the situation
  6. They do not care about you and you are just wasting your money on these virtual women.

    You are young and you should spend your money on more meaningful things. That is a large amount of money to just throw away. Set goals towards what you would want to get or save up towards instead.
  7. diaspar

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    If I were you I'd probably try and live without the internet as much as possible, at least until you're more recovered. This might involve getting rid of broadband in your home, or whatever you can do to make it physically harder to relapse.

    Maybe start a journal if you haven't done so. Perhaps don't be so specific about the sums of money you've spent, to avoid unbelievers. In a way that contradicts what I previously said. But you could have a journal that you occasionally update, perhaps while out in public. Try and avoid using the Internet privately.
  8. GeorgeJetson

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    I had a cam addiction as well but I typically met the girls on a social media platform and took it from there. I was addicted to masturbating while they watch. Though I didn't spend any money on it, the addiction controlled my life...and still does at times. This community is where I come for freedom from my obsessions. I always learn new ways to improve my recovery by reading and learning from other members. It's fantastic!

    As for spending 10k at age 22, it's completely possible. At age 22 I deep in the six figures solely from my music career...and spent on average 2k a week on cocaine. I knew other people my age at the time that had access to trust funds setup by their anything is possible. Now at almost 40,and I have kids, cars, houses, and a ton of other financial responsibilities. But my addiction doesn't care about all that as I have spent 1k or more per month at Asian massage parlors.

    If I'm only quitting to save money, it will only be temporary because I will either spend the money again soon after or I will find another way to satisfy my addiction...which may end up being worse. I MUST quit because I hit rock bottom and don't want to live that way anymore. For a guy like me, the desire to quit must come from the heart. Good luck my friend!
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  9. Nil1991

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    I was addicted to video calls on Skype.. spend years doing it.. but all for free. A lot of time waste.

    For recovery, I started use Snapchat.. no kidding, joke.

    I tried day by day delete the app and just go to PC for study or see random silly YouTube stuff.
  10. Same here. It was vey hard for me to quit skype. Especially since you cant delete your account instantly. They make you wait 60 days before they delete it, "incase (in their words) you change your mind". So i kept coming back because of that. I was finally able to stay away for 60 days so it would finally delete.
  11. Nil1991

    Nil1991 Fapstronaut

    For me, I learned that you need to accept things, I just let the account exist.. then. I get bored from it and deleted. For me doesn't work deleted something in the middle of the urge, it just makes it more teasing.

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