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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Gasdreamer, Jul 7, 2019.

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    Has anyone had any experience with a sex doll? If so, would you equate it to problems related to porn or is just a masterbation toy like the flashlight?

    I ask because I am considering buying one once I reboot to keep me from going back to porn.
  2. Before you buy one consider this:

    -What is your ultimate goal in quitting porn?
    -And truthfully answer the question, Is buying a sex doll really going to help you achieve your ultimate goal?

    I in no way judge anyone who buys one. It was at one time a consideration.

    But thinking through it: It’s not going to help me with my ultimate goal of being a better man in society. If anything it’s going to make me worse since I’ll be spending even more time away from face to face interactions with real people.

    So once again, think about what your goals are and honestly answer those two questions I have written.

    Best wishes to you!
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    personally i wouldnt get into sex dolls i can predict it would escalate into bizarre behavior , sexual release from a real person is the only logical practical goal
  4. You really want to fuck an inanimate object? And pay money for it?
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    but its very great of you to bring this up. we all want ourselves here to be decent pmo free citizens
  6. Agreed. This and the fact that dolls creep me out and having some full size realistic looking doll in my house would bother me too much.
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  7. Infrasapiens

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    Dude, it is less creepy if you just use your hand.
  8. Awedouble

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    ... okay I can't wrap my mind around how someone used to porn will get into one doll, I mean it's one physical shape and stuff right? Unless you have some xenomorph configuration that can change by downloading new skin, which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist (yet?) it's going to be boring for you.

    I think all objectification is the same, and ultimately happen on a mental level. In the case of a sex doll, you don't have to because it is already a physical object. But the very fact that the Coolidge effect exists and people get bored with one form should tell us something about objectification. This doesn't mean you can't be satisfied with one PERSON however, mostly because an actual person is alive. That doesn't stop them from writing songs like whatever one that has the lyrics "life in plastic - it's fantastic" - though I guess since it's likely going to be based on fantasy and the doll just a prop for the mind it's maybe appropriate..
  9. Robinthehood

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    I reckon that the long term use of a sex doll as the sole source of sexual interaction and expression would be harmful to one's psyche. At least I can imagine that being the case for me.
  10. Jackb97

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    Eh? That's worse than fapping.
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  11. I have read the stories about successful Japanese business execs who have relationships with inanimate sex dolls, take them with them... it’s one of those things I’d laugh if it wasn’t so unfunny.

    Good for you for even admitting your fantasy. Hope you consider all your options.
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  12. To me it feels like ”doing it” with a plastic doll might mess with your preferences in the long run, as a doll probably is 100% flawless and dont sweat or such things haha, my opinion ofc, im not judging.

    Are those dolls inflatable?
    I get a picture in my head where a furiously turned on man desperatly tries to inflate the damn doll
  13. Only to be found three hours later by the cleaning lady with his pants around his ankles and a half inflated doll draped over him, after hyperventilating and passing out?
  14. I remember seeing an old add one time in a porn magazine and thought it was some sort of prank they looked so fake it looked like a poorly made pool float made in someones garage .
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  15. Exactly! Haha, I can imagine it, after inflating it to 40%.. ”Whatever, guess this will do” and the doll thats supposed to look like an 18 y/o gets the shape of an 80 y/o.. Damn haha..

    Like those inflatable alligators that children use in the pools?
    Finding the damn ”air vent”, i wonder where that would be located on a doll :/
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  16. I had one of the blow up ones once. Me and my buddy bought it at a porn shop. We were drunk...thought it was funny. The next morning my dad kept asking me who the lucky lady was. I had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out I drove home with it inflated and buckled in to my passenger seat. I guess I just left it in the truck. I’m so glad I didn’t get pulled over.
  17. If this story is true, my respect for you just plummeted like the Great Depression. Looool!!
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  18. Unfortunately it’s true. I was 19 at the time. That’s not even close to the crazy shit we did back then.
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  19. You guys are killing me!

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  20. I was only teasing.
    I wish I had a T-shirt that said : “bad choices = great stories.”

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