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  1. Fornicating with a plastic sex doll is on a same or worse level of perversion as porn. It will make your brain spin inside your skull. Dont do that pls.
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  2. Anubis Rises

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  3. Yea.. no. Never. U can see the guy is already nuts. Imagine rewiring back from dolls which u learned to LOVE back to ppl.

    We at least dont fall in love with the monitors...

    This is the worse.
  4. Sharksvv

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    To me it would just be another addition for you. You get off porn but then just get addicted to the dolls.

    You’d likely end up watching porn while having sex with the doll too.

    The ultimate goal needs to be having sex with a real woman who loves you. So I would advise against getting any sort of doll, it’s a slippery slope to an even more severe problem.
  5. Pride

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    I've read on a doll forum that there were guys who had a porn issue and once they bought a doll their porn addiction pretty much went away. They must figure sleeping with a doll is better than staying up all night binging on porn. Just saying.
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  6. Exchange one problem with another.
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  7. Cool I Can Use Spaces

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    Am I the only person who hasn’t watched the video yet because I think it’s going to be too cringeworthy?

    It’s a real issue going on today. Good to get it out in the open and see the reality of it. Think I’ll check out the video later when I’m done for the day.
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  8. ultrafabber

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    Using your hand is homosexual behavior. Using dolls is very creepy behavior but its not homosexual, its tangent to necrophilia though.

    Not advocating for any of those behaviors, just describing them.
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  9. need4realchg

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    **Beep beep bebep!! ***

    “This just in. My hand is a homosexual. While the rest of my body is fully committed to breasts and vaginas. Who the hell is in charge around here ? Can I get a manager to aisle #3?”
  10. need4realchg

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    Watched the clip. Actually it was eye opening. (From a human perspective).

    I want to say from a religious Point of view people have carried their idols with them for thousands of years—assumably because the idols would hurt the humans unless they did whatever the temple priest suggested through fear.
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  11. ultrafabber

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    Its rather a sex/gender identity issue/disorder, as is homosexuality. You are fulfilling the function of both a man and a woman when you masturbate.
  12. need4realchg

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    Just so you know: people with male and female functions are not called homosexuals....

    How long have you been homophobic?
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  13. Infrasapiens

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    When I was a kid, people said you would grow hair on the palm of your hands if you masturbated, nowadays your hand becomes gay.
  14. ultrafabber

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    Homophobia is not a real word. A phobia is an [1] irrational, [2] pathological, [3] fear. None of those conditions apply for the overwhelming majority of people that disapprove of homosexuality.

    Lets not derail the discussion furher, make another thread on this or pm me
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  15. ultrafabber

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    Thats just a common misunderstaning of a very straight forward old saying.

    The saying is "masturbation makes hairy palms". Never is it implied the hair grows on your palms but rather that they become hairy.

    It actually refers to hair loss - when you lose hair youll notice that hair on your palms. Its that easy.

    The irony is people act like smartasses ridiculing something which they dont understand and which is true.

    You ll notice so many topics about hair loss halting or even regrowth from nofappers.
  16. need4realchg

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    Fair enough to not derail. I think your explanation is painfully underwhelming though.
  17. Cool I Can Use Spaces

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    Never thought of that until your post. I think you make a good point.
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  18. TimeToQuitNow

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    Don't have sex with a doll. Have sex with a person, or not at all. How is having sex with a doll healthier than porn and masturbation?
  19. overclocked

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    Those dolls are incredibly realistic and they might have therapeutic potential for people struggling with sexual or even social issues. Not saying that it they have potential, just saying that they might have potential.

    I don't know enough about this product, and I cannot give further advice.
  20. ultrafabber

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    As weird as it sounds, i think having sex with a doll is not as damaging as classic masturbation. Not that i would encourage such an act in the first place, but at least you have a partner instead of becoming the woman yourself.

    I also agree with @overclocked that they might have potential, but only for getting over a specific issue, NOT long-time or recreational use.

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