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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by KostasV, Oct 18, 2020.

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    I am in the beginning of a hardcore rebooting and I have two questions: first,should I try having sex with my gf in the first month of abstention even if I still experience some kind of sexual problem? Remember that in this one month period I am not having any kind of sexual stimulation (not even making out or soft sexual content from photos, movies out videos). Second, if I still experience some kind of problem (ED or Delayed Ejaculation) and not O, this failed attempt would count as a relapse or a real life stimulation is good during mid rebooting?

    Thanks for the time
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    I think “hardcore” mode, means no orgasm of any kind, so no. You would not be able to have sex. It may be good to do this for some time, I recommend 15 days - considering as you said, you have sexual problems. In that time, you have the opportunity to connect with her in different ways that do not involve sex.

    Experiencing a sexual problem is not a relapse. A relapse is a calculated attempt and execution of breaking your goal. Whether it’s watching porn again, masturbating again, or whatever your goal is.
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    Hardmode as mentioned above is no O but i personally think real sex is healthy to incorporate in the process and is not encouraged but not discouraged by the administration of nofap. They even talk abt it a bit in one of their breakdowns abt nofap and what it stands for
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    I think I wasn't clear enough. I will be in hardmode during this 30 days streak, then try having sex just to know if my healing process is longer or if I would be fine (and to satisfy my gf). I've done some no PMO before and had some results in like 1 week streak and now I am going to my 4th day with no urges at all. Maybe my condition isn't so severe. The fact is that I don't know anything yet and it's too early. Perhaps one month is enough to start relaxing the abstention with O.

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