Sex during Recovery and dopamine... problem?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Everyonelies, Jul 15, 2019.

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    What effect does sex have during the reboot/recovery from porn?

    I'm asking more specifically about dopamine.

    I've done relatively well as far as no masterbation over the last month. I'm married, Had sex a few times, which has went pretty well.

    Emotionally I feel a little messed up though and I think it's dopamine.

    Am I not going to regulate my body to normal dopamine levels if I have sex? Or should it balance itself out anyway?

    I felt better last week before the sex and now I feel depressed and sense my brain seeking for dopamine.

    Hope this makes sense what I'm asking. Thank you
  2. Fenix Rising

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    As I could see from your journal your addiction is long lasting and quite severe (progression). It's great that you stopped with porn and masturbation but you might need to cut back on sex too, to give your brain chemistry time to rebalance itself. PMO and sex are the same thing for the brain. If you've had to frequent PMO/cybersex sessions your brain has number of dopamine receptors to protect itself from too much dopamine (that's why we need weirder and weirder material to stimulate us). The best way to regrowth D receptors and gray matter in PFC is by complete abstention for at least 6 months. But since you're married that could prove to be difficult. Maybe eliminating MO and cutting back to having sex once or twice a months for a year would be doable? The goal should be to have as little sexual activity as possible in the first year of recovery. Brain scans have shown that it takes 6-11 months for addicted brain (any addiction) to completely physically recover.
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    you might need to hold back for a bit, but once u can have reliable and enjoyable sex go for it. don't feel guilty after it. after all we're all here to quit porn, and have more sex.
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