Sex during Recovery.

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    People have different approaches to porn addiction recovery. I have a girlfriend and am not willing to give up sex with her. We only get to sleep together every other weekend so there are periods of abstinence. Yes the chaser effect can be quite difficult to deal with. I find 2-3 days after O with her I am extremely aroused and have difficulty with focus and sleep because of that. I am interested to see if that persists. For me PMO led to PIED and difficulty achieving O during sex. I also used fantasy during sex which I felt very guilty about. I have only been doing this recovery for 30 days but find I have stoped PMO, I get great erections and can O during sex without any fantasy. I enjoy listening to Pornfree Radio with Matt Dobschuetz on iTunes. Episode 069 "Sex In Recovery From Porn" is an approach I am following and may help answer some peoples question about sex during recovery.
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  2. I want to know and i about this.
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    @DIYAS1 Pretty much my situation, also; I'm not foregoing sex with my wife, I see that (normal, natural sex with an actual, real person whom I love and who loves me) very much as part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    Thanks for the pointer on the audio, I'll go and look it up, sounds like it could be useful.
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