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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Rehab_warrior, Aug 5, 2019.

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    As I advance throught that new habit of no PMO, I realise that I have also an other bad habit, that takes its roots to porn...

    I'm always saying sex innuendos !

    I just realised today that my daily langage was quite... erotic.....

    With porn, you start to believe your fantasies are real and that others need to do them for you.

    It's the foudation of egoism : when you want an other person to take action for you...

    As realising this, I take a vow today. The vow to not be that creep anymore !

    Also, it makes us guys look like insecure.

    What king of a guy would "ask" for sex ?!!! Insecure guy. And where does it lead ? Nowhere.... Ladies can't stand insecure guys.

    F insecurity !! WELCOME CONFIDENCE :)

    The Warrior
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  2. I use to hang around with a bunch of guys like that. I was in a band with them and they were all deeply into porn and had a ton of issues. As i began NoFAP i started to take a better look at myself, meditate and the like.I looked back at the way they would talk, the disgusting things they would say daily. It made me realize the depth of depravity porn has laid onto the young men of today. They were absolutely clueless at how immature and pathetic they looked. Our paths split pretty quickly after that as i shifted to a whole different mindset on reality and had no desire to be a gauking wanking sicko like them.
    There's alot of men out there like that who get plenty of woman too and other guys think oh that's the way to be. But those guys never get quality woman(different from beautiful) and they're always suffering if you notice.. Some might be beautiful but they aren't quality. No work ethic, no loyalty, no skills or creative habits, no goals, no morals. Therefore you see like attracts like. And they definitely will never EVER get the golden combo of both beautiful and quality.
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  3. Rehab_warrior

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    Great content !

    Thank you NamaClature ;)

    Stay brave bro
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