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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by lostone22, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Anyone else have a time when just everything seems sexual. This really gets in the way of my intrusive thoughts because they come in about anyone and things. I been avoiding fantasy along with other things sexual as long as its not on a movie or show because I cannot really avoid those things depending the show. But sexual everything bugs me like a nagging parasite.
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    I hadn't really had trouble with it.
  3. Hear ya bro. It happens as long as you have that package.
  4. We are sexual beings - we have a drive to be with another person, procreate, and further the human race. Sometimes those drives are more intense, other times it's not so intense. All this is natural and good. Actually, I'm glad for your post because it's a reminder to me that it's not just guys that are this way :)

    We're built this way BUT we have control over our thoughts! You don't have to embrace what comes in your brain - you can choose to say "no" and think about something else. You can be the boss of your realm - be confident, set things right, and make it so and it will be.
  5. Also, it is possible to rewire the brain to some degree. Every time you cause trigger->reaction to change, you're making that synapse path a little bit stronger, a little bit more default. That's why I'm pushing for 90 days free, because I know it takes time to kick a habit and set new thought patterns.

    Good luck!
  6. if you stop watching from the first 30 days you see great improvements and less fantasies due to p( talking from my more than 5 months in reboot). then you get to see girls more as people with an healthy sex drive but that you control yourself and you are not controlled by your sexual instincts

    actually you can avoid for as long as you feel you need to watch movies and tv series you know they have sex in explicit way or just sex. for a while you can watch fast and furious and the typical action movies that guys watch
  7. We all must overcome ourselves. NoFap is more than just a P recovery website: it's a place where you master yourself. The desire for Sex, companionship, and love are all some of the strongest desires known. And they are dangerous and destructive if they are not controlled. But the few who rise up and master themselves will achieve things they never thought possible. It is a hard fight, but It can and will be won by the strongest warriors. Stand up, become one of the few! Stay strong, and NoFap on!

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