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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by kingkhan21, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. kingkhan21

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    Hey! So thanksfully I managed to get rid of porn (in my 5 month at the moment) however I mastrubated after like 2-3 months of my hard mode and then started mastrubating (4-5 times per month, more or less). Recently I have started mastrubating after reading sex stories and imaging them, is this okay ? And does this break my porn streak ? I heard that mastrubating sometimes is fine as long as it’s not a habit, can you give me some tips to avoid it ? Thanks!
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    I don't really know man. Depends on what u are looking for yourself. If u only wanna get rid of porn, i believe there's no harm on masturbating once in a while just to cool down. On the other hand, if your project looks fwd to stop pornography, masturbation and, who know, orgasm... yes, i think what u wrote makes ur streak go back to 0.
  3. kingkhan21

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    My aim is basically to live a normal life without troubles, I don’t feel good when I watch P. My main goal was to get rid of porn, I don’t know we can merge imagination of porn with watching actual porn. If someone could differentiate between them for me, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your reply, Caloi!
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  4. CaloiCyclist10

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    Sure, i get what u r saying, for real. But u know, using ur imagination is one thing, it is even healthy in a certain way.. and using the internet to activate it and give it a push is another thing. U wrote your goal is to "live a normal life without troubles". I get, I tottally get it... Mine is too. But we gotta objectify it and bring it down to a palpable goal, so it becomes easier to identify when we brake it
  5. Tryinghardtoquit2

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    Reading sex stories is just a substitute for porn isn't it? It is just replacing one addiction for another in my opinion. I'd be giving them a miss too.
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  6. fredisthebes

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    I also believe that the occasional masturbate 'to imagination' is ok - provided that you are imagining real situations not porn.
    My trouble is that if I masturbate 'to imagination', I am not imagining real world situation but watching porn. Even my sex dreams are dreaming of watching porn, discovering a new website or video, etc. Sad.

    only you can decide whether you have sufficiently 'rebooted' to begin a normal/conservative level of masturbation. Be careful about escalating - from imagination to stories to pictures to .... - and good luck.
  7. Amendos

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    Hi Kingkhan,

    I would have to reboot after masturbating to a sex story, since I also tend to feel very similiar to when I had masturbated to porn. Maybe it's because the masturbation is in front of the computer.
    Maybe you can look at it like that: How long do you keep on reading the stories? Is it more like 5-10 minutes, or do you start at 7PM and end at 1AM? If it is the latter, than you just do a substitute - you keep on reading exciting stuff, until your dopamine levels are on "normal".
    There is a TED-talk called "Why I stopped watching porn" by Ran Gavrieli. I highly recommend it. Gavrieli states in his talk that there is a kind of imagination, which he had had earlier, that he lost due to watching porn. I think this is quite a good goal description for "leading a normal life": Getting back to being excited by the small (maybe even innocent) things.

    Sincere interest on my part: Did you try to print out a story and read it on paper? Does it change the experience?
  8. kingkhan21

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    Thanks to everyone for their replies, I have started hard mode and thanksfully I’m going strong.

    let’s hope that we all get rid of this addiction and get back to our normal lives.

    @Amendos No, I didn’t. I used to study “sex stories” on a popular website. I have now stopped reading them as I realized that they were nothing but porn (without pictures). The concept & the terms used were same as porn.

  9. "My advice is to avoid actively seeking all artificial sexual stimuli during your reboot. If it’s not a real person, just say no.

    As odd as this may sound, there’s no such thing as porn. The brain knows exactly what alcohol or heroin is, but the reward circuitry has no way of recognizing porn. Instead, higher portions of the brain relay nerve impulses associated with sights, sounds, smells, and memories to the reward circuit. The strength of these very complex signals determines the excitement levels measured by your reward circuit. What really matters are spikes of reward circuit dopamine (and other neurochemicals), not what’s on the screen."
  10. IGY

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    Erotic stories = porn. They are not a p/sub, they are porn. So, I am glad you have stopped all forms of porn. Well done! :)
  11. fan_of_all_might

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    Yeah stay away man. I'd wager its not as bad in an impartial world, but I have a feeling you're recalling all kind of porn inspired scenarios in your head. Why not just stay away and aim to have a great relationship with a real person?
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  12. HugoDePrag

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    it sounds good... you have perfect ritual :) i think about 2-4 times in month aftery 90 hard mode days end... i think it is very good test of self cotrolling if u make rule like that...

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