Sex & the Law of Attraction (my thesis)

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    Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction only works sometimes? Would you like to know why?

    I have a theory. The Law of Attraction, Synchronicity, Personal Magnetism and the common Coincidence are just different aspects of the same force.

    Do you remember when you were first told where babies came from? At first, you didn't believe it. But in time, you not only accepted sex as a fact; but the way you looked at men and women, was never the same.

    The knowledge I present to you today, is very much like that. You may deny it at first. But as you watch this QUANTITATIVE essence wax and wane — in yourself and others — seeing how it is directly connected to coincidence and manifestation — your perception of the world will never be the same.

    A sky diver doesn't spend their entire life in the air. A surfer, doesn't spend every waking moment, on the crest of a wave. Similarly, the use of Quantitative Magnetism is a skill. You certainly do not need to lead a life of abstention. But when you need to be at your very best, wouldn't it be nice to know how to turn on the magic?

    So, whether you decide to study these essays out of curiosity, or actually partake in the experiments yourself, I am going to teach you how to consciously accumulate extraordinary levels of Quantitative Magnetism by using Sexual Energy to Activate the Law of Attraction.

    Once this root cause of all coincidence is understood, it becomes obvious: WHY the Law of Attraction works, and WHY often times it doesn't. Without this knowledge, transmitting your intentions to the universe becomes a frustratingly hit and miss effort. Once you know this deeper secret, you'll be able to activate and energize the Law of Attraction - at will - whenever you need it.

    Generally, my tact is more practical than philosophical. My goal is to show you how to ramp up your Quantitative Magnetism, so that you can attract as many coincidence as you want. And, just as important, give you instructions and techniques that will help you deal with the mental and psychological challenges you're are about to face, when confronted with such an onslaught of Synchronicity.

    (c) August 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen

    Section 1:
    Pay it Forward

    When I was 19 years old, I left home, seeking happiness over education or money. I spent eight years living as a pilgrim, traveling north in the summer and south in the winter; all the while earning my way; making and selling silver jewelry.

    I lived in a converted camper van. Equipped with a complete silversmith’s workshop, a propane stove, and a nice little sink. Plus, thanks to an on board inverter and a spare battery, electricity as well.

    I’d roll into town with my gas tank on empty, and only change in my pocket. Out of fuel and out of money, I’d stay put long enough to sell some jewelry, then once again be on my way. It was tough going at first, but eventually it became quite routine.

    I’d try to time these stop overs, to end up in a town with an ongoing craft scene, when ever possible. Indian jewelry in Tucson, Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, and Saturday Market in Eugene, were some of my favorite places to run out of gas.

    My parents thought I was poor; but compared to all the other street people, I was very well off. With mobility, a warm place to sleep, and a means of earning money, what more could anyone ask for.

    Back in those days, I could park almost anywhere; close my curtains and no one would ever complain, or even notice. One of my fondest memories is sitting there, all warm and cozy, safe from the cold and rain outside. Sipping on a hot cup of instant coffee, reading one of my books and listening to the roar of the wind and pounding rain on the tin roof of my van.

    The beauty of this setup was that I didn’t have to pay rent. In those days, you weren’t even required to have insurance. And since it didn’t take much to keep the van going, I could devote the majority of my time to searching out new teachers and expanding my quest for spiritual awareness.

    In the 70’s, this was actually an acceptable lifestyle. I used to jokingly call myself a professional hippie. Of course, traveling from one craft fair to another, I’d always be on the lookout for my next teacher — and another great lesson.

    Back then, there were lots of communes and communities to visit. Most with well known and revered elders. There was even a directory that listed all these spiritual enclaves. I think it was called, A Pilgrims Guide to Planet Earth.

    Not that all these communities were open to visitors. But having a vehicle and an income, I always found myself readily accepted. And being fairly well versed — spiritually — I was always able to reframe my viewpoint into the current vernacular; which usually got me a quick audience with the most important people. Many times, I was invited to stay on as a permanent resident — but I never did.

    Then in Tucson, Arizona, I met an elderly woman named Saki. She wanted to charge me $20 a week for Qabalah Lessons. I told her I could not afford $20 a week, and a real teacher, would never ask for money. I’ll never forget what she said. “If you take these lessons, you will end up selling MORE jewelry. More than enough to pay for the lessons. I promise you that.”

    At the time, my sales were slow and I was struggling. So I decided to give her lessons a try. Not two weeks after starting my little apprenticeship, I met Simon. He provided me with materials: turquoise, silver wire and sheet; and promised to buy as many rings as I could produce. Suddenly I felt rich. I had no doubt that my good fortune was a direct result of Saki’s Qabalah Lessons.

    So for about six months I peddled over to Saki’s house twice a week. There in her sitting room, in the early morning hours, she’d present one Qabalah Lesson at a time. In all my life — no-one — not my parents nor any teacher, had ever taken the time, to teach me how my thoughts and intentions determined my fate.

    There’s a lot I could say about Saki and her lessons, but let me share just one with you right now. A lesson that directly applies to the knowledge you will find in this book. In these chapters, you’ll hear me talk about how you will become aware of an unseen world. Right now, you may have no idea what I’m talking about, but neither did I when Saki first mentioned this to me.

    When the time came for me to finally say goodbye to Saki, she told me, “Someday, you will not have to travel from place to place, looking for teachers. You will be able to look within, and find any teacher you need.”

    At the time, this sounded mysterious, and meaningless. Very much like a lot of her lessons. I was much more touched when she told me, “Now, there is nothing more I can teach you.”

    Years later, it was her first statement that stuck with me. It must have been at least ten years later, when I finally realized that Saki’s prediction had actually come true.

    Now let me pass this promise on to you. If you take the time to study my lessons — someday you too — will be able to look within and find all the answers you need.

    (c) August 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen

    Next chapter, next week...
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    the Secret (and what was left out)

    The Secret, was all the sensation in 2006. This was a movie produced by Rhonda Byrne. If you search for “The Secret” at, you will probably find the first 20 minutes on YouTube, or some other video site. If you have Netflix, you can watch the entire 60 minute movie there. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend it highly.

    The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction. It’s basic assertion is: thoughts become things. Here are some of the claims you’ll hear in the first 5 minutes.

    • The Secret gives you everything you want: happiness, health & wealth.
    • You can have, do, or be anything you want.
    • We can have whatever it is we choose, however big it is.
    • Financial miracles, physical & mental healing in relationships.
    • All of this happens, because of, knowing how to apply the Secret.
    Which may be true in theory, BUT these claims... ARE wildly exaggerated. And while it may be easy to understand the gist of the Secret; that our thoughts attract real things, real people, and real situations; the instructions given, more often than not, produce meager results, if any.

    intermittent results
    Maybe you’ve already had some success with the Law of Attraction. For example, it is relatively easy to attract simple things: like a cup of coffee, a parking space, or a smile from a stranger. Maybe you’ve attracted a little gift, or something that might have happened anyway. In fact, when you start watching and waiting for these occurrences; they really DO happen more often.

    The question is, do they appear because you were watching for them, OR, because you attracted them into your life. In terms of practicality, it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you consciously or unconsciously brought these things into your life. Do this often enough, and it’s fairly easy to see some consistent results.

    With a little bit of confidence under your belt, you build momentum. Naturally you try to attract new things, and situations. Soon you realize something more than chance is at play. This peaks your interest. You’re extra observant to better understand this Law of Attraction. You’re excited, as you see this new phenomenon actually working. You’re making progress. Then... one day you wake up and whatever power you thought you had, is suddenly gone. This is a common problem.

    Sure. There are days, even weeks, when the Law of Attraction works time and time again. Then, as if for no reason, while you are thinking and feeling the exact same way; using the same methodology that has previously worked so well, nothing happens. Nothing and nobody comes to your call. Suddenly, it is as if the Law of Attraction is no longer viable. This is frustrating, and it is at this point that most people give up; for what good is a skill if it is intermittent and unpredictable.

    making the connection
    None the less, the Law of Attraction: what you think about, you bring about, IS absolutely true and viable. But for most people it doesn’t work all the time. Thus, learning how to turn this innate force, on and off, often becomes the difference between success and failure.

    The Secret was a great triumph. As a movie, it is a remarkably polished and well presented stream of enlightening guidance for this little known premise.

    But really — how much can a one hour movie cover? It missed gravely, on two points.

    1. The importance of starting small and building momentum. Had more emphasis, been placed on this, it’s claims would not have seemed so outlandish.
    2. And something else that was completely missed: the subject of this book. The connection between the Law of Attraction, Quantitative Magnetism and the common coincidence. How sexual energy activates the Law of Attraction.
    This second point is the real secret. This is force BEHIND the Law of Attraction. What gives the Law of Attraction it’s raw power? How to activate this force. And how can one turn it on and off at will.

    That’s what this book will teach you. Here we will be talking about Quantitative Magnetism. Why does the Law of Attraction only work sometimes? Simple. The root power behind the Law of Attraction is Quantitative Magnetism. When your Quantitative Magnetism gets low, you can no longer transmit your intentions to the universe.

    None the less, Rhonda Byrne did the world a great service. The Secret was a marvel of entertainment. Professionally produced, backed up with dozens of interviews by real world luminaries. Not since James Redfield’s book, the Celestine Prophecy, had so many millions of people, abruptly been exposed to these arcane concepts.

    Let me be the first to say, EVERY COINCIDENCE HAPPENS DUE TO THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Meaning, most everything the Law of Attraction brings us, happens as a coincidence, whether we recognize it as Synchronicity or not.

    Once the root cause of all coincidence is understood, it becomes obvious: WHY the Law of Attraction works, and WHY often times it doesn’t. Without this knowledge, transmitting your intentions to the universe becomes a frustratingly hit and miss effort. Once you know this deeper secret, you’ll be able to activate and energize the Law of Attraction — at will — whenever you need it.

    Maybe you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction. Or... maybe you’ve never gotten so far, as to see EXACTLY how your thoughts can attract real people, situations and opportunities into your life. Either way, these lessons will provide you with the step by step instructions you need to ramp up your Magnetism, moving your success ratio into high gear.

    Eventually, you’ll be able to consistently attract coincidence at will. You will see. I will teach you how. Your friends and family may think you’re lucky. But this has nothing to do with luck. All it takes, is learning how to manipulate the raw power behind the Law of Attraction.

    (c) August 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen
    Next chapter, this Friday
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    Prelude to Power (behold the wonder)

    It’s now 2018 and thanks to the Internet, everyone gets published. So I’m putting this book out there. If I had children — this is the book I’d want them to have. This is the book I wish I had found, when I was a teenager.

    I don’t believe anyone has ever claimed to have the key to creating as many coincidence as you can handle. Three or four a day? Five or six an hour? This is what I intend to teach you.

    Is this some great new truth? No! Absolutely not. The subconscious mind was present long before Sigmund Freud ever wrote about it. He just started the discussion. Similarly, people have been using Quantitative Magnetism since time immemorial. History is filled with individuals, who in their time, made a huge difference. And I assure you, every one of those historic figures possessed and used the power of Quantitative Magnetism.

    Look at the world today. How is it that musicians and actors are idolized by millions? How do these stars do it? Talent? Yes — that is part of it. But when you consider, politicians and comedians who wield the same power, you’ll see that talent is not always necessary.

    How is it that a comedian can stand before a crowd of thousands; reciting an unending stream of little stories; and have the entire audience roaring in laughter, eating out of his or her hand? Think about it. If you told the same stories, would you see the same results? Probably not. And that’s the point. What do comedians have, that you don’t.

    The answer is simple. All comedians are masters of Quantitative Magnetism. Once a person’s magnetic energy gets to a certain level, it’s very easy to make people laugh. When someone with a high magnetic stature acts silly, it just seems odd. People laugh.

    Maybe being funny isn’t your thing. As an actor or actress, the higher your magnetism is, the more believable your character becomes. It’s that simple.

    If you speak logically, as a teacher, scientist, or politician, your magnetism gives you an inexplicable air of authority, even before you open your mouth. And when you do speak, people listen to your ideas readily. So much so, they often accept YOUR ideas, as their very own.

    Be forewarned. If you decide to experiment and push this knowledge to its limits, you will stand witness to an unending torrent of coincidence and Synchronicity. Much like a sailor facing head long into stormy seas. But more than that, a new awareness of an unseen world — much more absorbing than the actual incidence of coincidence itself — will slowly meld it’s way into your consciousness.

    What an amazing discovery! Totally enthralling.

    So much to learn. So much new territory to explore.

    (c) August 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen
    Next chapter, this Wed, Aug 29th
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    I would like to know more how can I gain access to this power. What are the things I need to learn and practice ?
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    the Celestine Prophecy (my interpretation)

    In the mid 90’s, the book, the Celestine Prophecy, was all the rage. This was a landmark event. Not since 1952, in Carl Jung’s book, Synchronicity, had the nature of coincidence been so fully explored.

    Carl Jung, worked closely with Sigmund Freud, and was the one responsible for developing Analytical Psychology. But more importantly, he was the first one to point out that coincidence was directly connected to ESP, (extra sensory perception). His book was complex and scientific and got very little notice.

    Then in 1993, James Redfield published his novel, the Celestine Prophecy. This was a story of spiritual awakening, through 10 Progressive Insights. It took a few years, but the Celestine Prophecy became a worldwide sensation. Suddenly, millions of people were seeing coincidence in a new light.

    As if given a flashlight in a dark room; the common coincidence became a never ending path, offering direction, warnings, and insights into our very being. Some went so far as to interpret these new experiences, as signs and direction from God. Everyone wants to feel connected or divinely guided. Redfield’s story provided practical answers; and for many, a clear path forward.

    I owe a great debt of gratitude to James Redfield. For if it were not for his books, the importance of coincidence, would remain a largely undiscovered avenue of unfoldment. Now there are millions of people, who are familiar with the significance of coincidence and Synchronicity. Which is an ideal prelude to this book, and the specifics of consciously attracting coincidence at will.

    Understand this: from this point on, whenever I speak of attracting coincidence, I am talking about the final manifestation of the Law of Attraction. This is important, so let me repeat that. ALL coincidence are the end result of the Law of Attraction. Whether initiated consciously or not.

    Here’s my interpretation of Redfield’s 10 Insights.

    1st Insight: Critical Mass
    We are in the process of a planetary awakening, where a critical mass of individuals are becoming more aware of the importance of coincidence in their lives and the guidance coincidence offers.

    2nd Insight: the Longer Now
    This awakening coincides, with the beginning of the astrological Age of Aquarius, and the end of the Mayan calendar. It represents a more harmonious world view, which will lead us away from a 500 year preoccupation with materialism.

    3rd Insight: Matter and Energy
    The physical world we see and experience is actually filled with a vast system of unseen energy that respond to our thoughts and emotions.

    4th Insight: Struggle for Power
    Too often we humans, feeling cut off from our true or higher selves, feel lost and insecure about our place in this life. Rather than looking within, we seek the attention of others, thereby stealing unseen vitality from those in our domain. This may be the root cause of all personal conflicts.

    5th Insight: Message of the Mystics
    Insecurity and Conflict end, when we learn to look within, finding our own divine energy. This experience is marked by a distinct joy in the moment, and a physical sense of well being. Only when anger and greed are absent can we be filled by this divine awareness.

    6th Insight: Clearing the Past
    As we become aware of whether or not we are connected, at any given moment, we are lead through a natural evolution, of being connected more often. This provides us with glimpses of our unique individual destiny and mission.

    7th Insight: Engaging the Flow
    Having a personal mission and purpose, produces an expectation, and realization of further coincidence, which can safely lead us to new opportunities of fulfillment.

    8th Insight: Interpersonal Ethic
    Avoiding judgment, and encouraging all feelings of gratitude, will increase the frequency of coincidence. Group situations are most productive when you look for the inner beauty in every human being. Uplifting others in this way, leaves everyone feeling better about themselves.

    9th Insight: an Emerging Culture
    As we further evolve, a keen sense of soul and spirit develops. We no longer see ourselves as physical beings, but rather individual souls, meeting on a physical plane. Eventually, we come to understand that the soul transcends death, and death is nothing to be feared.

    10th Insight: Holding the Vision
    The realization that our destiny and mission is nothing, if it does not add to the evolution and progression of all souls. By working within a community, we do our part in uplifting the world.

    (c) August 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen
    Next chapter, this Mon Sept 3rd
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    Thought Forms (dream matter)

    When you are thinking about something, or someone, the images you see in your head are very faint. Right? I’m certain everyone would agree with that.

    Most people would say, these dreamlike images are not real. I beg to differ. They ARE there. You see them. These images are so real that you can recall them, and even discuss them with others.

    dream matter
    These faint images, whether they be from daydreams or night dreams, are made from a light magnetic substance, often called Ethereal Matter, or Dream Matter.

    Am I saying the images we see in our dreams and daytime musings, are actually a physical substance?

    Not in the ordinary sense of physical objects. But yes. A physical substance — lighter than air — and less dense than a candle flame. BUT — in many cases self sustaining. That’s why manipulating Dream Matter so often seems like magic.

    When it comes to managing and controlling the Law of Attraction, understanding all the how’s and whys of Dream Matter puts you in control, giving you the ability to anticipate and predict results.

    Confused? Maybe you think all this talk of Ethereal Matter is just too spacey. Losing touch with reality? Let me prove to you how normal it all is. And how SKILLED you already are!

    Take a moment and imagine your dream car. You don’t even need to close your eyes. Now, if I asked you what color it was, you would most likely be able to see the color, there in your minds eye. Where did that faint image come from?

    Of course. You created it. In an instant, with no effort other than a passing thought. What if I told you to change the color to green? Could you do that? Sure. No problem. Done.

    Like a sculptor working with clay, your thoughts create, mold, and shape this ethereal Dream Matter — at will.

    When you think about it — this is a TRULY fascinating process.

    ethereal matter
    The terms Dream Matter and Ethereal Matter are pretty much synonymous. Dream Matter refers more to the images we see in our dreams. Ethereal matter has a wider scope, extending to the existence of an unseen spirit world.

    Learning the mechanics of how this Ethereal Matter is directly connected to physical matter, will give you an almost mathematical understanding of how Synchronicity and the Law of Attraction work behind the scenes.

    With that point established — lets dig in. But first a quick review.

    These images — our night time dreams — and daytime imaginings — while invisible to the naked eye, are composed of a very light and transient form of matter. A mere thought creates these images. Then as soon as we look away, they scatter, and are gone. In their early stages of creation, it is our very life force that sustains this Dream Matter. Later, especially when shared with others, they become viral and self sustaining.

    (c) 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen
    Next chapter, this weekend
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    It's cool to read someone like minded, when i was 20 years old, i went in a law of attraction / spiritual reading rampage. I tripped a lot on the LOA and how many stuff happened to me. In fact i knew it before reading the book but it wasn't as much clearly expressed in my mind at the time, so reading it was like shining some light on what was there.
    However 10 years later i think that LOA stuff is bullshit despite being actually true, but it is pumped up to make people delusional and brainless. The fact is that everything is connected and when we ooze a certain energy / thought the universe around us always react accordingly.
    And i have managed to create streaks of luck, found out it has a lot to do with your energy level. However this is hard and deep work upon yourself and in fact it is a very long work to change yourself and your defects. As an anxious person, i still struggle with some down phases and turmoil, and this always reflect in my experience.
    It is an enormous work to change one's mind and energy, but it is worth it and necessary. Karma and reality also come in the mix. Deep stuff really but one shouldn't be delusional like i was a few years ago.
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    I love working with the law of attraction. I have complete faith in it. I have attracted and manifested very interesting things. Most significant mind blowing manifestation to date is my current romantic partner.
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    Reading this as entertainment. If this is true, wouldn't one guy who suppose to be so good at this get rich (lottery, gambling, business,etc) and helps everyone in the process. Since this belief made me think the one with power are so humble and selfless and want to "attract" everyone in the community.
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    Thanks! I appreciate the comments. Let's continue...

    Four Steps of Manifestation (plus overdrive)

    Take a look around. How many physical objects do you see? Now I’m going to show you, how EVERY SINGLE PHYSICAL OBJECT began as Dream Matter in someone’s imagination. Everything that has ever existed — everything that is currently in existence — and everything that will ever exist in the future — begins as Dream Matter.

    the four steps to all manifestation
    The Four Steps of Manifestation is a formula which shows us how Ethereal Matter, powered by our Magnetic Life Force Energy, is the precursor to ALL physical objects, past, present, and future.

    Understanding how every physical object you crave to possess, will always start as Dream Matter, IS ESSENTIAL to your understanding of how the Law of Attraction works through Ethereal Matter, to attract and manifest REAL PHYSICAL OBJECTS.

    I want you to think about this for a moment.

    Question: Has anybody ever built anything without first imagining it in their mind?
    Answer: Of course not.

    Every single item that has ever been created by man or woman, was first imagined, designed, or created in someones mind.

    This light Ethereal Matter, which we move and shape in our imagination, with a whisper of willpower we call thought, is the root substance of everything in existence.

    Lets go through the Four Steps of Manifestation, one by one. We’ll use a common chair as an example.

    step 1: need or desire
    Question: What is the root notion behind ALL chairs that have ever existed throughout time? All chairs from the past; all chairs that are in existence today; and all chairs that will ever be made in the future?
    Answer: The NEED or desire to sit.

    Thus, NEED is the 1st step in the process of creation.

    step 2: visualization & design
    Question: Once we have the NEED to sit, what’s the next logical step in the process of creation?
    Answer: Using Dream Matter, we mentally imagine various chair designs. Then, visualizing the materials and their availability, a specific chair is chosen to be built.

    At this point we see in our minds eye a clear VISION of that chair.

    The picture you see in your minds eye is very similar to the images you see in your dreams. Now you’re starting to understand, how this light, transient, Ethereal Matter can be created, modified, and destroyed, with nothing more than a thought.

    Everyone has the capacity to imagine things. Creating and destroying these faint Ethereal Images is something everyone does instinctively — all the time.

    The more time we spend viewing these Ethereal Images, the stronger and brighter they get. As time passes and we continue to feed these images with our attention and Life Force Energy, their connection to us becomes stronger and stronger. To the point where we can recall them instantly, picking up exactly where we left off.

    The process of imagination is nothing new or extraordinary. The only difference is, now you’re starting to become AWARE of the process, to the point where you can watch this all happen in real time.

    step 3: making plans
    Question: With a clear VISION of a chair in mind, what’s the next logical step, that anyone who has ever built a chair had to follow?
    Answer: Before construction can begin, a plan must be developed. Individual ethereal components are arranged in a logical sequence that can facilitate the process of physical construction.

    Notice how even though we are in the 3rd phase of creation, we’re still working with imagery. Often, when obstacles are encountered, we momentarily move back one step, to make revisions, which frees us from the obstacle at hand.

    In this way, notice how these steps are not completely independent, but meld together into each other. Thus, they overlap, and are all intrinsically connected to one another.

    Sometimes with complex designs, a little more than a mental plan is required. Often times plans must be written out. And while the use of physical paper is necessary, this is NOT really construction. It is more like rendering a sequence of imagery, so that it can be easily remembered during physical construction.

    step 4: physical action & construction
    Question: Once we have devised a clear PLAN on exactly how to build the chair, what is the next and final step in the process?
    Answer: Construction begins. We take physical action. Materials are acquired. Then there is execution: cutting, forming, fastening and whatever else is needed. All this is organized and bound together in the proper sequence to physically construct the chair.

    More often than not, the actual physical object we create, is not exactly what we planned. But it is almost always close enough.

    To review: Step 1, is the NEED. Step 2, we create a VISION of the object. Step 3, a PLAN brings us into the realm of time. Step 4, And finally the ACTION phase is the actual construction — the manifestation of the object.

    Think about it.

    what if you were just buying a chair
    The same 4 step process occurs.
    1. You decide you need a new chair.
    2. In your mind, you visualize the kind of chair you want, and all the different places where that kind of chair could be found.
    3. With the vision of that place in mind, you plan to travel to a store.
    4. Finally you take the definitive action of traveling and purchasing the chair. Then bringing it back to your home or office.
    See. Either way, whether you build the chair yourself, or decide to buy one from a store, the Ethereal Images in your minds eye always precedes the actual object.

    Another point to consider: something that takes this whole concept one step further. If you take the time to examine the process of just getting up and moving to the next room, you may see how a faint image of the next room always precedes the actual move. With this examination, you may discover that most everything we do is preceded by imagery. In this way, it appears to me, we as humans often think with imagery much more than we do with words.

    synchronistic overdrive
    When it comes to Synchronicity, attracting people, things, and opportunities, we are all just manipulating Ethereal Matter, INTO a controlled form of manifestation: physical objects and situations.

    Creative people, find it easy to design and visualize numerous projects, as this requires only idle time, and no expenditure of physical resources. For me, my designs are mostly in the realm of software, as this is my profession.

    And like most people, I rarely push my ideas through to the planning stage and THAT is one of the biggest roadblocks in life. NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT PLANS.

    Always try to extend your idle time, through to the planning stage; to the point where you have real physical plans that can be shared with others. It is at THIS point, where Synchronicity and your ability to attract what you need, kicks into Overdrive.

    Get into the habit. The extra effort required to put your ideas onto paper, costs you nothing. Your only investment is more idle time. But once this is done, you hold a potent weapon that can be used any time, to change your life, and those you care about. Revealing such plans is the BIGGEST affirmation possible.

    The gates of Synchronicity will either swing open wide, attracting the right people — the money — and resources. OR not. One way or another, you will know for sure. Often times, you will be told to go back for a revision, or include new aspects. Don’t wait for destiny to find you. RISE UP and meet it half way.

    (c) 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen
    Next chapter, on or about the weekend
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    The Spirit World (logically explained)

    Question: do you think fish, which live their whole life under water, are aware of the fact that they are always surrounded by water?

    Question: are you aware of the fact that you are constantly moving about, in a fathomless sea of air?

    Question: are you aware of the fact that you are constantly being showered by an invisible torrent of radio waves?

    Question: can you see the living bacteria on almost every surface you touch?

    Just as we are unaware of the virtual soup of air particles, radio waves and bacteria, all around us, there is ALSO a massive soup of invisible Ethereal Matter, always present. And just as the air we breathe sustains our body, Ethereal Matter sustains our spirit. In fact, we could not live without Dream Matter. It is integral to everything we do.

    This massive invisible soup of Ethereal Matter has many names:
    • the Astral Plane,
    • the Spirit World,
    • the Other Side,
    • or as I like to call it, the Group Mind.
    However separate and isolated we human beings feel, we are ALWAYS connected through this Group Mind, whether we realize it or not.

    I’ve already shown you how Dream Matter exists. At this point you know exactly what it is; how it manifests itself as night time dreams and creative daytime imagery.

    Furthermore, when we were talking about the Four Steps of Manifestation, you saw how, even the simplest of actions, like going to the store, or walking into the next room, requires some semblance of mental imagery to draw us to our destination.

    The oxygen in the air we breathe, creates a slow form of combustion, which gives our bodies the continuous energy it needs. In the same way, our mental and spiritual faculties continually create and manipulate Dream Matter, which allows us to make decisions and move about.

    As we sleep our bodies continue to breathe unconsciously. Our life depends on it. Similarly, the spirit is dependent on Dream Matter and Ethereal Energy; which it continues to create and manipulate, unconsciously as we sleep. Proof of this, are the dreams we remember upon awakening.

    angels & spirit guides
    Okay. Are you with me so far? Before we go on, let me throw you a few more interesting tidbits about this Ethereal Soup called the Astral Plane. All religions talk about an afterlife. If you believe in reincarnation, this becomes especially relevant. Suffice to say there ARE countless souls, who exist on the Astral Plane without a corresponding material form.

    The reason I mention this is because, eventually, you may be guided by one or more of these NON physical beings. I call them guardian angels or spirit guides. Some are protective. Some are informative. And others are just plane mischievous. You may ALREADY have a long standing relationship, with one or more of these invisible helpers without even knowing it.

    In this realm, you should know, the intelligence and availability of these helpers varies greatly. Consider your relationship with these guides, just as you would with any other relationship. Look for consistency and reliability. Don’t offer blind trust. Real trust takes time, and develops with a shared history. And of course, avoid any influences that appear to be mischievous.

    Now we are getting off topic. And into a subject that cannot be logically proven. For those who are interested, I will include my personal perceptions of Heaven and Hell in the Appendix. And a short course, which you can follow to find your own personal Spirit Guide. Someone who you can communicate with — back and forth — in plane English. I’ve presented this course online many times — with remarkable results. You’ll see.

    Okay, back to the physical world that we can see, feel, and experience first hand.

    Back to logic and practicality.

    luminous beings
    As we live and breathe, through the combustion of oxygen, our physical body gives off warmth. Similarly, through our ability to attract Dream Matter, our soul and spirit produce an ever present light. Not a visible light, but an Ethereal Light.

    The same light that we already know as Dream Matter. But in this aspect, it can be seen as an aura surrounding our bodies. Thus it is said, we are luminous beings.

    If you have any doubt try this. Put yourself in a room that is 100% dark; completely void of any light. Close your eyes; and as if to look through your eyelids, try to see what can be seen. Chances are you will NOT see pitch black. You will see faint hues of color in the darkness, there on the surface of your eyelids.

    Granted, these hues of light you see in total darkness are very faint. But visible, none the less. If you put a little pressure on your eyelids you’ll see even more light. What light is this in total darkness? It IS the Ethereal Light our bodies continually emanate as we live and breathe.

    This has all been proven scientifically, many times. Do a search for Kirlian Photography There you’ll find pictures.

    What the pictures don’t show; is the REAL extent of our human auras.

    Depending on the degree of your magnetism; your ethereal aura extends out a few feet, a few yards, OR even hundreds of miles.

    In this way, our thoughts, intentions and motives are subconsciously shared with others. Much like a radio transmitter. And their thoughts and motives are available to us, through a wordless language; which can most simply be described as recurrent patterns of Ethereal Imagery, most often experienced as feelings and hunches. But in fact it is a wordless language.

    a wordless language
    Are you perplexed by the idea of a wordless language? Don’t be.

    A sailor can be said to understand the wordless language of the weather. As is with any natural phenomenon, through careful observation and study, anyone can learn the hows and whys of repetitive patterns.

    But when it comes to Ethereal Matter and magnetism, since these are created by people, in addition to learning to understand THIS wordless language, one can also learn to speak the same language, which is exactly what you’re doing when you learn to combine your Personal Magnetism with intention; through proven combinations of thoughts, words and emotions.

    You may think learning such combinations would be complex? Again, only because you’ve never really thought about this before. Think about it in terms of stand-up comedy. Think about the inane stream of jokes a comic recites. Each joke, is a set combination of thoughts, words, and emotions, proven to be funny. Would YOU be just as funny if you said the same thing? Probably not. BUT if you were carrying a very high magnetic charge, certainly. At least with a little practice.

    If speaking a WORDLESS language still seems farfetched, consider a wordless language you already know. A wordless language you already understand and speak. It’s called, body language. Consider how your posture and facial expressions send very specific messages that are easily understood.

    The list goes on and on. All the little games people play socially, to impress each other or get their way, are just routines of words and emotions. Words and actions evoke emotions. It’s the emotions coupled with a little magnetism that make all the difference. Again, while you may not recognized this consciously, this is a wordless language you already know.

    The big thing about being magnetically charged, is that you can reach many more people than those in earshot distance. But now we’re getting ahead of ourselves. One step at a time. We’ll talk more about the Group Mind later.

    The important point here is this. The more Ethereal Magnetism you carry, the further the physical distance of your mental influence. Which also means. Which also means, the more situations, opportunities, and things you can attract. If the idea of reaching out and connecting with people you can’t see, or don’t know, sounds obtuse, think of it in terms of your online presence. For instance, there is nothing better than Personal Magnetism, to get your online posts noticed.

    As time goes on, you will understand more and more about this unspoken language.

    You’ll see. It’s quite a startling realization to see how your thoughts alone, can affect those around you so quickly.

    (c) 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen
    Next chapter, on or about the weekend
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  12. Mohzen

    Mohzen Fapstronaut

    Telepathy (everyone does it)

    First I introduced you to the concept of Dream Matter. Then you learned about the Four Steps of Manifestation and saw how these light ethereal images were instrumental in everything we do.

    Now we’ll take this one step further, and explore how this Dream Matter affects other people, especially in terms of situations and relationships.

    Right now, during this theory stage of your education, I’m not asking you to accept anything on faith. As we slowly build a complete picture, I am incrementally trying to explain each of these concepts, in a way where they can most easily be understood. And not just as logical proofs, but because they are common experiences we all have, all the time. Then, they’ll be woven together, to make a complete picture.

    been there, done that

    If you drive a car, this has probably happened to you many times.

    You’re driving along; then suddenly you realize, you had no recollection of the past ten miles? You were SO deep in thought, that your subconscious mind completely took over the act of driving the car.

    As you sat there daydreaming, your consciousness was NOT present in the automobile. You had no recollection of the most recent scenery. Rather — YOU — as your consciousness, left your physical body and was transported someplace else.

    Even if you don’t drive, everyone has had this experience. How many times have you been out walking or just sitting around, and found yourself swept away in some kind of daydream? Have you ever noticed how sometimes, when people are talking to you, you don’t hear them because you’re daydreaming? That’s what I’m talking about.

    When this happens — if you stop and think about it — you’ll realize, during the daydream, your visual and auditory perceptions were not attached to your physical body. They were not present in your physical environment. YOU, as your consciousness, was transported someplace else: to whom, or whatever you were thinking about.

    It’s quite natural. Everyone does it all the time. We just don’t normally think of it as leaving our body or being transported to a distant place. Most of the time, it’s not just a empty place. Most likely you’re visiting someone you know.

    Watch yourself. When your consciousness leaves your body like this, and you are intensely thinking about someone; exactly what is happening? Are you reciting words? Not likely. Feeling emotions? Yes, usually. But there is another aspect to this experience, you may not have noticed.

    There is a visual component to these out of the body episodes — a faint transient imagery.

    Sound familiar? Those ethereal images we see when we’re thinking about other people are made up of the same Dream Matter we just discussed.

    This is important to understand. When daydreaming like this, instead of creating and moving Ethereal Matter to design material objects, here you’re interacting with people and building relationships.

    Wow! Logically, this makes perfect sense.

    another new term
    When I use the word coincidence, everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about, because it is a universal experience. Similarly, when we are so engulfed in a daydream that we lose touch with our present environment — this is also a common experience everyone can relate to.

    So why doesn’t it have a name? Well, most people would just call this daydreaming. But we’re going to take this one step further. A much more accurate description of this phenomenon is, Leaving Your Body.

    Here, your consciousness momentarily leaves your physical body. And get this — in a ethereal sense — is transported to a distant location. Consider this a new twist on you newfound perception of ethereal interactions. While this concept may sound extraordinary, it very aptly describes this common experience.

    I’m not asking you to accept anything on faith. Just trying to get you to look at what you already know, in a slightly different way. It happens to EVERYONE all the time. Now you know what it is called.

    You know your consciousness has left your body, because when you return, you’ll have no recollection of what visually transpired during your absence.

    Whether you are driving, relaxing at home, or waiting in line somewhere, the act of leaving one’s body is always tenuous. The slightest sound or touch can immediately SNAP your consciousness back into your physical body. Instantly, you are back hearing and seeing your immediate surroundings.

    Some people tend to have these out of the body experiences, much more frequently. Have you ever been called a dreamer? If so, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For us, this tendency often makes concentrating on the work at hand challenging.

    If THIS sounds like you, consider yourself lucky. For in THIS endeavor — the study and practice of ethereal manipulation and manifestation — you will be particularly gifted.

    But even if you’re not so inclined — no matter — because the fact is, the more magnetism you learn to carry, the more often you will experience these out of the body excursions. That’s just the way it works. More about this later.

    the next big step

    In fact, this tendency provides us with THE primary doorway to Second Sight. And thereby opens up a wondrous new world of perception, inspiration, and guidance.

    Another common phrase for this experience is Trance State. Eventually you will be skilled enough to consciously go into this Trance State — at will — for a matter of seconds, or for many minutes, depending on the situation or work at hand.

    Let’s summarize here. The single most important point you should keep in mind, is this.

    Leaving your body, and momentarily going into a Trance State, is not some strange paranormal experience. Rather, it is something that EVERYONE does every day. So, you are not learning a new skill, but seeing a skill you already have, in a new way.

    Now... I pointed out how

    As I just said, when daydreaming about people, instead of creating and moving Ethereal Matter to design material objects, you’re building relationships. Let’s look into this a little further. How ethereal imagery affects your relationships. Once you understand this, your chances of gaining acceptance, or approval, will improve greatly.

    the telepathy you already know
    When we are working with physical objects, the process is called design, or being creative. When we are working on relationships, this process is called Telepathy.

    So for instance, when you are in love, and you cannot get that person out of your mind. When the thought of them, totally engulfs your being — to the point of emotional intoxication — that closeness you feel, is totally dependent on a Telepathic connection.

    Love, is almost always based on a Telepathic connection, whether it be with an individual or a group. And of course, sometimes these connections are not reciprocal.

    Additionally, people who easily anger you — think of family members who know exactly how to press your buttons — they all do so based on their ease of establishing a Telepathic connection. Which allows them to directly tap into your magnetic energy. Yes. It’s invasive. That’s why we resist, and even when in polite conversation, such interactions can feel confrontational.

    You will soon begin to understand, how Telepathy is as natural to social interaction, as is speech and eye contact. With this new awareness, you will naturally have questions. So... let me provide some quick answers.
    • A Telepathic connection can be one way or two way.
    • Qualities and amplitudes of reception and transmission are rarely equal.
    • Highly charged people can sustain Telepathic connections across 1000’s of miles.
    • People with low or no charge are generally insulated from Telepathic connections and Telepathic influence. Both parties need to have a charge for a connection to be established.
    • Two way connections are much more likely WITH people you know, and especially people you’ve been intimate with.
    • Two way connections with strangers are very difficult to establish.
    • An email conversation is enough to establish a two way connection.
    • Photographs are a BIG help in establishing solid connections.
    • Magnetic Life Force Energy, can be exchanged, one way or the other, during a Telepathic conversation.
    • The best way to break a Telepathic connection is with an extended period of concentration. Something else, like reading a book.
    back to the big picture
    As you learn to build greater and greater quantities of Magnetic Energy, your ability to daydream, and establish Telepathic conversations, will expand and grow in unimaginable ways. Clarity, intensity, and focus will all be amplified.

    So much so, the more extreme your charge, the more you will have to compensate. That is, making a special effort not to drift off into a Trance State when in public. I’ll talk more about this later.

    Also, in time, as your skills develop you will find, the Telepathic work you do, will predominantly be with groups, rather than individuals. Sometimes, VERY large groups.

    But this will not happen tomorrow. In fact — most likely — it will take decades. Now that you have this knowledge, whether you choose to use it or not, it’s too late to turn back. Eventually Quantitative Magnetism will become your guiding light. Your only choice NOW... is whether to let this evolve naturally, or push forward at an accelerated pace.

    (c) 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen
    Two more chapters. How about some comments...
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    Ten Progressive Steps (unfolding path)

    This is an important lesson. Use it to periodically check your progress. But first, a little background.

    Thanks to Saki, the Qabalah had a lot to do with my early training. During the years 2002 to 2004, with the Internet in full swing, I tried to introduce these lessons online. This was hit and miss. Finally I realized, the resistance was because my lessons did not adhere to the rigid historical Kabbalah, as taught by today’s rabbi’s.

    For this reason, you’ll find very little reference to Kabbalah, Qabalah, or Cabala in this book. If you’re interested in how these interpretations differ, I’ve included a lesson on this in the Appendix. None the less, you might be interested to know, ALL interpretations rely on 10 progressive emanations.

    In my interpretation, here are the 10 progressive milestones you will most likely encounter during this course of study.

    10 point checklist
    1. The realization that sexual energy is quantitative, is the first step.
    2. Then as you watch your quantitative energy wax and wane, you will realize that both men and women have sexual cycles. Being aware of where you are, in your cycle, on any given day, is the next big step.
    3. Fascinated by this new awareness, you begin to look at other people differently. Asking yourself are they — hot or not — you begin seeing this quantitative energy in everyone.
    4. Putting off sexual activity, until after a meeting or event, so that you can be at your best, is the most significant step forward.
    5. Refraining from sexual activity for the sake of experimentation, to see whether or not more coincidence appear, is another essential step in attracting more coincidence.
    6. When trying to push your Personal Magnetism, beyond your normal comfort zone, you realize; how you sleep, is more important than what you do while you’re awake.
    7. To maximize the quantity and quality of your magnetism, you begin experimenting with various ways of modifying your sleeping habits.
    8. Perplexed by the haphazardness of the coincidence you are attracting, you begin to observe cause and effect. How certain thoughts consistently attract similar coincidence.
    9. Understanding cause and effect better, you start to use affirmations to manage and direct the Synchronicity you attract. This is the most monumental milestone.
    10. Finally, you begin experimenting with meditation as it proves to be the unifying key. Meditation calms any torrent of Synchronicity, and targets any affirmation better than logic. Meditation is the great harmonizer.
    (c) 2014-2018 by Ira Mohzen
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    What I have learned about the Law of Attraction is that there are crucial aspects of it that no one ever teaches you.

    I absolutely do believe that there is a way to tap into the LoA in a way that will greatly enhance your life, but I also believe that those who truly understand all the crucial elements of how exactly to do this are not clearly explaining to others how to do this.

    All anyone ever teaches you is the basics of the LoA which we all know already and are easily found and learned through any google search, but also as we all know... it isn't as simple as people explain it to be, and it does not work as people explain it to be.
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    It does work as people say. But you're blocking yourself by assuming it's hard work, and saying that it does not work - so that's exactly the result you're getting. :)
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    Oh my GOD could you possibly out yourself as a more predictable and simplistic person with absolutely nothing of value to offer on this topic?

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    I'm sorry if simplicity is too complex for you. :)
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    Your series of posts were some of the best I have ever read. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. I never thought about an out of body experience like this.
    I was reading with great interest and it seemed to suddenly stop more or less. Please add more if you find the time. I am curious about these things and would be very grateful. I do not fully know what you mean with sexual cycles for instance. Thank you.
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    NoFap Defender

    Keep on writing. This is good stuff to read.
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    Amazing Post and looking Forward to more along the way..

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