Sex while 'rebooting'?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by realchanges2019, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Hey all

    I'm new to the forum but have been reading the Reddit NoFap forum for a couple of months.

    Bit of background - I had been addicted to Porn and daily fapping for around 20 years, without even realising I was addicted (I thought it was normal!). A few months ago, after ending a relationship, I decided to make some changes in my life and look for ways I could improve myself. 48 days ago I embarked on NoFap, and have not looked at any porn whatsoever in that time. To be honest I've found it surprisingly easy, especially after the first few days, as once you start noticing slight changes you want to keep it going.

    The changes I've found so far are
    • More confidence
    • Better self esteem
    • I help others more
    • Motivated to exercise consistently
    • Have stopped viewing women as objects, and interact with them more naturally
    • Improved performance in work
    I have so much more confidence with women too! Despite having had a few relationships in my time, I'd never actually had the courage to ask a girl out for a date. Until this month! I've asked 3 girls out, and they've all said yes. What I've found amazing also is that I'm going on these dates, not with the goal of sleeping with them by the end of the night, but for us both to get to know each other and organically build a connection and eventually intimacy together.
    With one girl I certainly feel that connection growing, and I'm sure the opportunity for having sex will come up in the next few weeks, but my question is - Is it ok to have sex while 'rebooting'? I've read about the 90 day benefits of NoFap so I don't really want to jeopardise that seeing as I am more than half way there. Should I hold off from having sex for another 6 weeks or so?

    I'm interested to know your thoughts/experiences
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    I would say yes its fine to have sex, but be prepared for potential failure. I did not ever think I would have sex while rebooting but through some freak cosmic accounting error, I found an amazing girl and we had disastrous first time sex. Luckily she's amazing and we eventually got things right but she was patient and once I explained to her things she was more than able to understand. So only a warning, things may not work properly, as your brain and dick are still coming to terms with the fact that porn is no longer a factor. Things are still rewiring and hopefully it will work out but be prepared for things not to go well and hope she can understand, nerves or something, or if she is understanding enough, tell her the truth about your porn issues. Good luck and fingers crossed it goes well.

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