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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by Plebz, Aug 1, 2019.

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    Hello fapstronauts,

    For about a couple of weeks I’ve stopped masturbating to porn and only do it to finish myself off during sex, although this is an improvement to what I used to do (masturbation 3-4 times a day) I wanna be able to ejac from penetration or from oral or even from my girlfriends hand but I can’t.

    For about a week and a day or two I’ve stopped pmo completely. Eventually I’m gonna have to have sex since I’m in a relationship, I wanted to know if this is okay even though I might still be recovering? Also, is there any better way to do this? Lastly, how long has it taken some of you to recover from delayed ejac, and did you have sex during that recovery period?
  2. By doing this, your progress will be slowed dramatically, or you possibly won't progress much at all. The way to rewire your brain to O from real sex with another person is to only O from real sex with another person. That might mean there will be times when you don't O, but that's just how it goes.

    Some believe that the process works better by doing a period of hard mode (90 days no O, or however long you decide), and others feel like recovery can include O only from sex with your partner. It's up to you and your SO to figure out. As for how long it takes, there are many variables that factor in so it's different for everyone.
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    I’m the same. Cannot cum from sex at all. Never have been able to. I’m on day 17 now and was able to O from a BJ from gf
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    1.5 weeks, you hold everything in that long and don't death grip yourself, allow your nerves to wake up, and you'll be itching to smash her into the bed. I had DE for years due to M and the girl on top "grinding" sex. BTW If your girl likes to be on top and grinds herself to orgasm, she needs a reboot too. I convinced the wife to reboot and abstained from grinding sex and we both became more sensitive. Both of us have better orgasms now, and the feeling through the rest of love making is much more......"alive" for lack of a better term.
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    Also don't focus on orgasm, have male dominant sex, (that's not a sexist statement), just don't let your girl grind you into numbness. And the sensitivity will find you in short order. You are powerful, as you continue to reboot you will find this to be evident, and then rock her world, she will love it.
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    I also have DE. When I last did a nofap I made it to 30 days and definitely felt more sensitive with sex.

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