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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Tm121, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Tm121

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    I have posted on here a few times about my addiction to cybersex. I have emphasised 'addiction' because I keep lying to myself.

    I realised I am actually addicted when I used snapchat to sext when my girlfriend was in the next room. The fact I am trying to find time to message other people disgusts me and makes me feel so guilty. It makes me feel like I am cheating.

    I don't know if this is relevant, but I'm bi. I mainly chat with guys as there is far more guys waiting to chat than girls. Also, I feel my needs with women are being met with my gf.

    What's more annoying is I made it to day 20 without any PMO. I went abroad and was in a location where I was completely cut off from the internet and couldn't even share a bed with my girlfriend. I never once had urges to sext or watch porn, instead just had urges for sex with my girlfriend. Once I got back home, I had sex and then just went a bit crazy and relapsed hard.

    I wish I was back in this cut off location with no internet... it was so easy.

    Now I am back to day 0.

    Feels shit.
  2. Does she know about your battle with this?
  3. Tm121

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    No she has no idea
  4. Living a hidden life can be holding you back.
  5. Tm121

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    Deep down, I know you're right. But how would I even discuss this? It would break her heart. She's already quite insecure.
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  6. Chances are she already knows something is wrong, this could be why she feels insecure. She just can't put her finger on what it is and likely thinks it must be her.
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  7. Tryinghardtoquit2

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    Honestly one of the biggest challenges for anyone to break the cycle of addiction is reaching out and getting help with it. Gotta be done mate.
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  8. im’possible

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    Trust me, cutting internet away is not a longterm solution at all. Because one day you'll come back to civilized life. And you gonna do that again. Unless you wanna live in Alaska or somewhere like that.

    I think it happens and you are not alone here on after sex and relapsed. It's like I had a coffee and I want another one.

    Try to remember how you made it 20 days and find a way to keep it up.
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  9. Breadman

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    I’ve dealt with SSA my whole life since sexual abuse as a young teen. I’m 70, married 46 years. I finally got the courage last year to tell my wife (and adult children.) that i was bi and addicted to porn. she was not surprised. She basically only wanted reassurance I didn’t want to leave her.(I don’t.) and that I wasn’t acting out with anyone. I have so much less anxiety since then and crazily the urges and inclinations are so less frequent and no where near as powerful. It took me till age 69. I wish I had done it earlier.
  10. Elzapadelagente

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    no es necesario que ella sepa. No hace falta. El camino de la recuperación es individual, no quiere decir solitario sino acompañado por las personas indicadas. La novia no son las personas que estás preparadas para dar contención a nuestro problema.
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