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  1. Bmf007

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    Hello everyone,
    I have a really bad addiction to sexting. I rarely watch porn I get off from talking or exchanging pictures. And I feel like it’s never enough and I am taking it to more freaky stuff more and more. And I can’t just stop my phone from texting because I need it for my business. Any recommendations? I really need some help I feel like I’m at the highest level of my depression in my life right now. Thank you
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    I assume that these conversation involve other people. Maybe think about who you are actually conversing with, maybe that hot blond in a bikini is really a middle aged man sat in his boxers in his basement...

    I see this issue that the temptation is always going to be there through your phone, but do you need the apps you use for sexting in order to work? Some restrictions may go a long way to making that quick and easy text much more difficult to do.

    Good luck
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  3. I'm a big fan of phone restrictions not because they are fail proof, but because they are speed bumps. They buy us time for sane thinking to return before we continue on with porn, sexting, etc. They say porn is the crack cocaine of sex addiction. I think sexting is the crack cocaine of crack cocaine. And all of it may feel good in the moment but ultimately has led to much destruction and pain in my life. BUT recovery has brought light, hope, progress. Glad you have decided you want something better than what sexting delivers. You can achieve it!!
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  4. Glad I've never done sexting... Thank guys. . .
    Now I will never try it even.
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  5. Tryinghardtoquit2

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    Mate give sexting a miss. Can be very difficult to quit but absolutely worth quitting. Check out some of my other posts but most of my addiction has been centred around chat and sexting. PM if I can help. I know exactly what you are going through
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  6. diaspar

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    It might help to use your phone as little as possible. If you want to go online, perhaps use a desktop computer instead.

    I generally acted out with a laptop computer, so I find it helpful to not use laptops now if I can help it.

    Don't forget distractions, hobbies, books and so on to get your mind off the bad stuff.

    A free book you might find useful is "Never Binge Again". It's all about recognising and beating rationalisations to use. Even though it's written for binge eaters, it may as well be written for us.
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  7. Thanks for that info, cause overeating is also a struggle for me
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  8. frosty1980

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    Yup, know it well. Have been addicted to it for 2 years, trying to beat it atm. Wish I had some good advice or suggestions but I'm just starting over. Join me. Some good advice here from other fapstronauts.
  9. You are 300% percent right but the part that is addicting is (for me, at least, might apply to other people as well):
    - Wow, imagine if they actually are who they say they are
    - Even if they are a creepy older guy, I will never know, therefore no harm no foul, it is a hot girl

    But like a post above me said, it is the crack cocaine of crack cocaine lol. sometimes, in my opinion, it can be way more addicting than porn because it involves actual people and it is (in a very loose way) "real world." Also the fact that somebody is giving you attention and getting you off just pulls you in so quickly and intensely, like a current

    I honestly don't know what advice to give. I got off PMO and everything related to it because i truly want it out of my life. you got to want to get rid of sexting/PMO as a part of your life, if that makes sense. only then will the recovery process begin. all the porn blockers in the world can be bypassed, but your mind holds way more power

    also realize that sexting signifies way more than just a quick fix. it's not "oh i sext that's it." it's setting you up for the next reset, and the next, and the next, and so on. plus, it's all fake. those sites are all shams. they're either filled with bots or truly fucked up/sick people looking to get their fix in any way possible. the shit that goes on on those sites is plenty motivation for you to get off of it. don't be a part of that community. like, ever again.
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  10. Silver382

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    Detecting is just indulging in your own fantasy just with company
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  11. bluemax4

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    Can you leave your phone at work?
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  12. Bmf007

    Bmf007 Fapstronaut

    I wish I could but I work for myself and my phone basically runs my business so it’s very difficult
  13. Bmf007

    Bmf007 Fapstronaut

    I would definitely can use your help I’m literally out of options and don’t know what to do. And I cannot be away from my phone because my phone runs my business and obviously I cannot turn off text because my clients text me it’s very very difficult and is becoming even more addicting like it has never been like this before in my life
  14. Homelander

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    I have been sexting(no images) with a horny tinder date for the last 4 days. Its amazing and I dont see much wrong with it.

    My plan is to meet up with this girl next week and meanwhile enjoy ourselves by sharing sexual fantasies of what we are going to do to each other.
    I'm done with porn and will never ever go back again, but instead will go full into real love making with women.
    I see sexting with girls as a mandory act in order to have real sex instead of fake porn. Why else would be into this no pmo lifestyle?
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  15. Nil1991

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    I also have the same problem.. What's help me? Maybe put some kind of feelings on my interections, try to like the person.. a simple 'hey, how was your day?' already helps.
  16. ItsOkay

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    NoFap Defender

    For a perv like me, it’s a problem. I used to get drunk and taunt my ex by texting obscene pictures I would take of myself. Fortunately, that has stopped.

    The main issue, recently, has been a combination of porn and taking pictures of myself - particularly in the morning - when i’ve been susceptible to screwing up.

    Early mornings are rough...
  17. Vijay5610

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    I have been into texting addiction for nearly 12 years made many social media ids nearly 20-30 ids pics chat done it all omegle everything still cant leave it my relapse also happens due it
  18. dzigi

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    Bro I was addicted to sexting. I haven't watched porn for like 12 months and it was easy, but stopping sexting was like the hardest thing. Do yoy know why? Because there are always some new girls, new interesting chats etc. One day I told myself there are always to be new hot girls to chat with and ask them hot questions etc but than when am I going to cure my ED? So I just deleted app from my phone and that was it. On day 9 I had the craziest urge, I felt like a serious addict but I tols to my brain that he won't trick me and to fuck off!! Now i reached 50+ days and I have never been closer to being cured! I hope I'll be cured till 31 december but what I know for sure is never going back to masturbation
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  19. Napav

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    This addiction is similar to other brother's auction here.
    Don't worry..
    Even I have had those kind of dirty weird pleasures. But that's not good as you understand.
    Finally what are we achieving from texting, we are just losing our energy, may be with some illusion.
    Don't consider this as a light thing.
    Also remember you can WIN.

    Read this : 6 years clean
  20. bfdet

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    Get rid of your phone or get one that doesn't have texting capabilities (could be difficult to locate, but I think you can still find "old-school" devices).

    If you can't get rid of your phone , then implement a "no devices when alone" rule. That means what it says: when you are alone, out of immediate sight of others, DO NOT use ANY connected device.

    Start with those ideas and see where you get. And for the record ... nobody said it would be easy !

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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