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    If i can get a grip on this retention thing will i notice a gradual increase of sexual energy? How long will it take to even notice...what do i look for?
  2. What are you looking for? This is the most important question you should answer. Retention is a kind of way of life. I suggest you read about it before joining this practice.
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    You will gradually notice an increase in energy if you set yourself goals. If you don't, the additional sexual energy can become solidified and begin to put increasing pressure on you. For example, through dreams of sex, or violence. Dark energies. You may also find yourself desiring women all day and night.

    The practice here is to begin moving this energy towards higher goals. Such as achievements in your career, greater creativity, or commitment with a partner. However the most powerful way to mobilise this energy is towards facing fears which have blocked your creativity, service and giving to the world. Be that sexually, professionally, creatively or whatsoever. For example, say you enjoy singing, but you are terrified of singing in public, one powerful way to mobilise the seed of additional sexual energy would be to begin singing to yourself once a day in the mirror every day. Then you ask a friend or lover to listen to you. And you keep following the thread of this fear, step by step. The power of retention and sublimation is that it will give you the additional drive and power and desire to actually do this. Rather than slip back into comfort or habits of closure and fear.

    For myself, I use my retention to help me give my gifts, such as writing and reading poetry, stories and articles, recording podcasts on men's work and literature, and developing my mentoring practice, ravishing and guiding my women into deeper love.

    It's not perfect. I still fuck up. But retention can be the battery pack you need to get yourself over the hill of fear and into a more fearless and free way of living, earning and giving.

    I hope that helps.

    Magic Out.
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    Great advice -- and applies to rebooting in general, with or without retention-mindedness, imo.
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    Superb .
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    Lots to think about. Thanks

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