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  1. I agree. Men are MEANT to mate. We are meant to have sex. If it weren’t for sex, we wouldn’t be here! It’s that simple.

    You can feel attraction toward women. It’s a natural feeling. Why deny that?

    What’s not natural is porn. It’s artificial. It’s that simple.

    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    You don't care about defiling a woman that could have waited for a man who was also preserving. But if she agrees, and you're not raping, then you both will reap your reward in due time. It's not my business. Premarital 'casual' sex is sick and evil. And I don't justify what is sick and evil. But the world is antichristian, prophecy is being fulfilled, my heavenly bliss is coming, so whatever as you say.

    I mean, sex is, and much worse than PMO I think since you're defiling someone else and risk having a child you didn't prepare for, not even mentionning STDs and emotional aftermaths, broken families, killing babies (abortion), and such.
    Everyone has a free will, and I don't think falling for your destructive lust to the point of rationalizing it in a fake boasting attitude is a wise choice.

    Don't nick pick at my own personality because we can not know each other on a website, I'm not attacking you but rebuking that evil dangerous sick spirit of whoredom and fornication that is expressing through you.

    It's that innocence, that spark, that joy, that LIFE, that you don't seem to get being blinded by lust. And this is despicably dirty for a man, or woman, in my opinion. Anyway have a great life.
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  3. Man, this is a secular website. About half of the people here are atheists. We don't derive our mortality mindlessly form some old old book without even understanding it's true mystic meaning. We derive it from rational thought.

    Premarital sex is not sick and evil. You are just brainwashed by a dogma of a huge cult in which you've been caught up/born into. This kind of close mindedness and ignorance very much reminds me of those "pure and holy" Christians at protests holding "God hates fags" signs.

    You can believe whatever nonsense you wanna believe. I don't care. But don't shove it in other people's throats. Just as I don't go to people's threats where they prize God for their reboot success or something and preach atheism there. Seeing this kind of crap really annoys me... :emoji_angry:
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  4. Goo

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    When it comes to the things you just said...

    I learned that the world was not as it appeared to be. It's very very very complicated. There's alot of confusion going on.

    I don't think you understand the nature of reality. We the public know so little about classified information.

    Mandela effect. Saturn. The moon.

    As for woman. Buddy, I'm tired of you acting like all women are perfect so many of them are clearly promiscuous. It's annoying and I'm seriously getting tired of their shit. You gatta flash money in front of them to get somewhere sexually quickly with them. They just expect that. So guess I'ma get a bunch of cash.

    I do what I want. I don't give a fuck about the law. I hate police.

    One thing we agree on... This civilization is stupid and I'm not following their retarded rules anymore.

    EXPONENTIALLY Fapstronaut

    Why not then keeping your essence growing instead of depleting yourself with these women ? They use you and you use them, and you both feel upset and crazy. This is what I want to avoid, I know I'm kinda attractive and could have slept with extremely attractive ladies especially during my associates degree studies but at the time it was a crucial choice for me between the intense promised pleasure (even though deceitful) and my virginity and sense of purity and serenity, got me somehow battling with my carnal self, got into some shameful situations trying to sext at girls to keep my virginity, got me a little messed up but eventually now I'm thankful to be virgin, I don't know it's just that serenity of being worthy of a virgin woman, and so if I were losing it during middleschool and fooling around since then, I would've been a crazy person, much more messed up I guess. Most importantly I found God, and I got saved. I must stay in the blissful prosperity of success, and concerning the world and how you can have your place in Heaven, it is all written in the BIBLE !
    Anyway, God bless you.
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  6. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    Old old book that contain scientific knowledge that we dicover and can check nowadays. Old old book where 80% of what is in it is pure truth and the other 20% cant be checked. Old old book that has convinced more than billions of people who used there BRAIN and didnt listen to stereotypes and prejugés. Old old book that billions of people are reading every week for sure and maybe days becuz its a treasure and a gift for people who THINK. Old old book that gives us the perfect rules to live in peace and society and that we dont respect anymore thats why the world is getting corrupted. Old old book that tells us story of the ancient not for fun but because the human story is a cycle and it is gonna happen again (dictators/ pharaohs). Old old book that ask us TO USE OUR BRAIN AND STOP BEHAVING LIKE ANIMALS, and asnwer us why we are on earth.etc
    I agree with one point with u : I wont believe in nonsense things. But u have to undersand the difference between what is nonsense and not logic, and waht goes beyond all reason.
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  7. Warrior1995

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    Dear brother didn't u read in Quraan?
    That u can't make them understand they are blind,deaf.
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  8. Yep u do

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    Slm brother, yes i know that some people are worse than animals and dont behave like human beings, but there is always hope. Just look at Joram Van Klaveren who fought islam for a big part of his life and now has converted to islam. And I cant just read a comment insulting Quran and not reacting to it, even if the writter doesnt want to think and still spreading lies and ignorance, at least it may help some readers!
    It is a pleasure to spread the truth :)
    May God bless u my friend.
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  9. If you understand true mystical meaning of those holy books there might be something to it. But if you read them literary, which they never was intended to, then there is huge amounts of ignorance and hate. Those are people who I have problem with. Those who preach ignorant and hateful crap like homosexuality being evil, premarital sex being evil and in some cases even permit mutilation, rape, murder. This is not what religions of peace and compassion are supposed to look like. But that is exact direction in which religious fundamentalism points towards. You say there is some good stuff in it and that is true. But there is huge amounts of evil garbage in there as well. And it stinks. So if you can filter that crap out, which fundamentalists tend not to do, then you serve more to Satan than God.
  10. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    The Quran isnt full of mystical meanings as u pretend to be. God made it clear to understand for humanity, the goal of it isnt to misguide people. U are right on some points, some verses need to be understood literaly but some are in a certain context. Thats what the ennemy of Islam are using. Just an example, a father who says to his son "I am gonna eat u", then a man come and take this sentence out of context: oh look at this cannibal he was about to eat his own son. Thats the only thing they can do to criticize Islam is to take verses alone and lie about its meaning. Islam never tought to kill innocent people, I 've read the Quran there is 0 sentences asking u to kill smne who didnt harm u. And when it asks to do so, there is a context of war, and even during war if ur ennemy asks u to make peace u have to accpet it.
    Can u tell me what verse it is? Please always check the information u receive before spreading it cuz this is an ugly lie.
    About relations out of mariage I already showed u the consequences on society.
    But please read the Quran first and then we will be able to have a serious discussion about it, now it seems clear that u didnt read it and u are only arguing with stereotypes.
  11. pornlessgeneral

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    Guys, I have a problem. After reading the discussion, I started to agree with everyone!
    So, a Muslim, some Christians, an agnostic atheist and someone who wants badly to have sex after successfully rebooting.

    I think everyone has a good point of view.

    Anyway, I tend to agree more with the author of topic who wants to have sex with many women although I am myself a virgin. It's natural to want to have sex with many women. But he needs to be careful.
    Anyway, religions had a point when they imposed restrictions. There are indeed serious consequences for mindless sex. So, at the same time I tend to agree more with the religious guys :)
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  12. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    Haha, yeah there is good in every people, u need to take it and ignore the bad side. Dont follow smne blindly but use your logic/reason to find the good way.
    And ofc we all wanna have sex with women, it is in us we cant supress it and it looks really enjoyable. But as humans we need to think about the consequences for us and for the others, if the bad side is more important than the good time we have to avoid it. Lets behave like true gentlemen and stop thinking that behaving like animals is being "cool".
  13. I was talking about Bible there as well. Because my post, which you quoted above, where I called out close mindedness and ignorance was directed to the guy who is a Christian. I have read Quoran long time ago casually but I have not studied it in depth and I have forgotten most of it by now. I do however have looked into history of it enough to understand that most of it is meant to be interpreted through the lens of mysticism. If you disagree you are simply wrong. As far as "old books" there are also things like Hadith, Sharia and other sources of old texts, it's not just Quoran. These things are part of Islam.

    But anyways, you can believe whatever stuff you want to believe in private and I will not condemn you for that, it's none of my business as long as you don't actively hurt anyone or try to incite hate and violence. It's free world man. I only have problem with people who push (especially in the condescending and judgmental way) their close minded, ignorant and hateful beliefs into throats of others (like that one guy above, who I was calling out) who didn't ask for it; things like homophobia, premarital sex being evil, sexism and misogyny, etc. So far you have not done that (or at least I have not seen you do that yet), so I have no problem with you. Simply discussing things and disagreeing is different though.

    Good luck with you life. Cheers.
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  14. Yep u do

    Yep u do Fapstronaut

    Ok sry then... I dont like ignorant and hateful people too or people who behave like animals listening to their desires (that was the main subject), and ofc no one can impose a religion to another, we are free to act like we want as long as we dont harm others directly or inderectly (thats why i dont like non-maritals relations and other bad behaviors that impact society).
    Was nice to talk with you, thx God we are in free countries where we can talk without getting arrested and tortured.
    Dont let anyone stop you to think, and I wish you to find happiness in your free life and I hope that we both find and follow the straight path.
    Bye my friend.
  15. To much ad&d? However, women are just as diverse as men, women make stupid errors just like men, women can be psycopathic/ narcissistic, just like men.
  16. This is a great debate and I have to agree with Goo. Two people have legal sex. It takes two to tango, they both are adults, they both are making a choice. This is a permissive society. A lot of people do stupid things, but they choose to do them. Fair enough. The law is an ass, but we all live within the legal framework of our different countries.
  17. All living things are meant to have sex. Humans have the intelligence to choose not to have sex though.
  18. If you end up in jail though, is it worth it? The law protects the majority. So it is the majority saying 'no'. I agree the law is a joke, but there are many injustices in life that are perfectly legal and accepted. It has always been like this. If you break the law, fine - but if you get caught you are in the clink.

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