Sexual inexperience and mixed emotions

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by zx125, Jul 1, 2017.

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    I had this strange experience today.

    Some context,
    I'm a virgin who has never been with a girl in a sexual way, as a result of which I am largely sexually inexperienced.

    So today I came back to my apartment. The guy who lives downstairs was in the garden with a girl, drinking alcohol and listening to music. Against my better judgement I sat down and joined them. I could see they were both quite fairly drunk. The girl explained that she had had a Upon noticing my attentions, she commented on the fact that I kept looking at her boobs and asked me if I wanted to feel them. Once again against my better judgement, I duly obliged, and my hands lingered over the enlarged proportions of her chest. As a result of this I became quite aroused with a noticeable bulge appearing in my trousers. Upon noticed my arousal and the bulge in my trousers, she went on to ask me if she could have a feel of it, following which she went onto comment on the largeness of its size. Following this interaction, I told her that I found her quite attractive and she told me that she thought I was very cute. Eventually we went back to my room where she continued to hug me before eventually produced a condon, thus suggested that we take matters further. This situation came to an end when she told me that we wouldn't do anything because she didn't want to take advantage of me. I think she might have thought I was younger than I am due to my lack of experience.

    The point of this post is to say that I think that this might have ben the closest I have ever come to having sex with a girl or woman. I am left with mixed emotions. on one hand I am glad we didn't do anything because she was drunk, and it would have just been meaningless sex, to say nothing of the embarrassment caused when she noticed my lack of experience. On the other hand there is a part of me which would like to know what it would be like to be with a woman in this way. I enjoyed feeling her boobs and hugging and being close to her but in hindsight it feels as though it would have been the wrong thing to do.

    What do you guys think?
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    Hey guys, can you give me some feedback on this?
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  3. Yes, the short story is that I was a virgin until I married my wife. I can tell you that one of the reasons we enjoy such a strong marriage is because we both waited for one another.

    Like you, I had close encounters along the way. One time a girl was on top of me starting to take my pants off when I stopped her.

    I am in the minority on this, and people will disagree, but there are many reasons why sex within the confines of marriage is a beautiful thing. In my opinion and based on my experience, The Bible got it right regarding sex.
  4. I'm a Christian too, but I firmly believe certain things float certain boats, while it sinks others. I could just never, ever, ever deal with such the wait. However, some have no problem with it, and more power to them. I really think God made us wired very differently, but I could be wrong in this aspect. Who knows.
  5. Well if you're referring to the Bible's stance on fornication then you are wrong. There are topics where the Christian Bible is ambiguous, sex outside of marriage is not one of them.
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    Damn, you fucked up son :D
    No worries, next time seize the day.
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  7. I don't need a Koran, a Bhagavad Gita or a Bible to give you a simple answer: Everything will be given to you at the right moment - trust!
    As a twen I also was virgin and there were several offers to lose it. I am glad I waited. Especially when women were inviting me for sex it blocked me and I didn't miss anything.
  8. I wasn't really referring to the bible, but human nature in general. Why God would give us a sexual desire and not be able to use it is sometimes beyond me. Of course, a person in a relationship or married, like yourself, if I'm correct, would never understand because they are not on the same boat. They simply can't relate on any level.
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    Damn.. you were really close to smash :(
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  10. Listening to that story makes me want to jump off from the mountains behind my house, not really though. I think he just acted inexperienced, so that's why things went the way they did. Do not let stories like this get you down. It's all how you act in life. My friend once told a very good piece of life: Life is 90 percent mental. It really all starts with you. I can guarantee that if thread creator had more self improvement before hand, not to say he doesn't have any now, he would have got laid with no problem. If not, move on. It's that simple. Lately during my streak, I've been giving all negativity the middle finger. The tide is turning.
  11. I don't follow, can you help me understand? God has given us marriage as an outlet for our sexual desire. He doesn't tell us not to fornicate to "spoil our fun" but to protect us from heartbreak.
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    1. Good call on not having sex while she was drunk - impaired consent is not consent.
    2. Feeling breasts is amazing.
    3. Having a woman touch your penis feels amazing.
    4. It's even better when it's a woman you know and love well.
    5. Your gut is telling you things. Listen.
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    Never sleep with a drunk woman
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  15. What exactly is marriage and fortification in the first place? The bible doesn't really support the idea of an actual legal, marriage certificate, but a convenient between the couple and God. I strongly believe that the actual legal document of marriage is just government bullshit. Marriage cannot be written down, just another way to make money off people. I could definitely see one night stands being considered fortification, but a normal boyfriend and girlfriend relationship definitely not. I know a couple that are very close to each other, and to say that they would be "fortification" would just be crazy and stupid. I'm just speaking out loud here. If you're in a relationship, you'll simply not understand the struggle, hell and battles that come with being single, especially for a long period of time. It's very, very different once you're in the person's shoes. Let me say: It's hard being on the single side of the fence. It's so, so so easy to turn the wrong direction. You have no idea. All is good an well in your world though if you're in a relationship. Waiting for marriage ten plus years, on top of the fact it may not happen in the first place, is a death sentence. But yeah, all is well for you people. I guess we're the real devils and demons. lol my true feelings come out when the beer comes out.
  16. Kids are a great joy to be around. I got to hand around with little kids today. I kind of felt empty inside. Wish I had a kid. They are such a great joy though. Life is just a blink of an eye anyway. Let's not take anything seriously. Cheers.
  17. I agree 100%! Government has no business being involved in marriage.
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