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    Hello guys,

    It's a topic I m interesed in and have experienced a bit : I would advise to clear tensions and energy blockage in your body before circulating sexual energy like, this.
    Our sexual energy is really potent and important, I m for semen retention but not to ignore our penis. There is some gentle and easy qi gong on balancing your sexual polarity and energy (not sure it's the right wording in english^^) out there : )

    Hey Grey, What is jhana?
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    Its one name by one tradition which points to a milestone in progress of and stages of concentration. Theres multiple, when singular usually the first one is reffered to as they sort of come one by one in training, altough when good one can quickly enter in any, skipping the those before it.

    First you focus theres 10,000 objects. Then a modern word stage called access concentration is when theres you and object only. You might still know surrounding noise and such but the absorption is so real it doesnt distract you. You need to go through it to know what this means. Further up in jhana theres only object. The first jhana is easy to recognise as bliss is contained with it. Something like all your body excreeting dopamine. As you can imagine both of these are hard states of concentration, whole body that is.

    Altough if you google it will states of absorption; long story short, you cannot concentrate. The mind only gets absorbed. Stay one pointed and the mind becomes absorbed by itself. Paying attention or thought are just absorbing a little into them. Because the mind is always on. Like a laser and fire. Fire cannot be concentrated, only focused/absorbed; it is always concentrated...more like concentration is speed and absorption is acceleration.
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