Sexual Tension During Meditation.

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    Hi Forum.

    I have been meditating for such a long time.. Roughly.. 2015 to be exact when I got into meditation and drastically changed my life. I've had third eye opening experiences such as the black curtain opening while going long enough in a meditative state... I've had no idea what this meant until I researched it on Youtube, or media. Then I soon realized that this was a Third Eye experience. I can honestly go about 45 minutes to an hour on meditating. Although meditation has been very difficult lately and I feel less relaxed then I used to be.

    I've never really had a problem in the past with sexual tension while meditating but recently I have been having higher sexual tension interrupting my meditations, some times I even get hard on's. I'm not entirely sure if anyone else is having these issues or can relate.

    Just seeking advice if anyone knows any hack's that I can use to avoid this or acknowledge this into another form of energy...

    Thank you.
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    You didn't mention what meditation technique you use but it sounds to me like you might be at the stage in your meditation journey when you need the advice and guidance of a meditation master or a very experienced meditation guide in the tradition you follow. If you do decide to seek guidance please be careful and check them out thoroughly before you take advice or guidance because like anything else there are a lot of charlatans out there and people who think they are advanced might not be and you could end up being led up a wrong path. You really need someone with at least 20 years experience as an advanced practitioner. So probably someone who has been meditating for 30 or 40 years.
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    Thank you @bertieboy

    It's also been very difficult with this addiction to get a meditation in. It feels my child mind is in more gear then my adult mind has taken action in the very past. I haven't really looked online for a Mastery meditationist.. Not really sure where to go for that. I do have a few books for meditation and I've practiced Trateka in the past but I've been uncomfortable finishing it usually I back out also I do have a wonderful Monk book that has been a eye opener.
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    Hi, my experience with meditation is rather limited even though I consider myself quite a spiritual person and I've had my share of what other people could call supernatural.

    I'm very intuitive and I basically follow what feels right for me. And that's why instead of meditation I seem to prefer active relaxation. I think that I get from hiking the same thing that other people get from meditation. It's probably not very different from what Osho called dynamic meditation.

    Unfortunately I can't help you with what you're asking about. But you got my attention as soon as you mentioned black curtain opening.

    I don't really know if it is a thing but ebasically everytime when I tried to meditate with my eyes open, in a couple of minutes I'm surrounded by pitch dark black and when it is coming it actually feels a a black curtain being pulled all over the place. Is that what you are describing and if so, can you shed some light on what it means? Thanks :)

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