Sexual Transmutation practices and their benefits in short form.

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    I have read a few Asian/Indian books and some of it gets pretty woo ish and some of it works because well it makes some sense. I'd like the users here to help us all get an effective list of practices, benefits and even examples of people including urself where u have seen great results of this.

    Retention in itself undeniable at this point. I am talking about transmutation practices.

    Source: (even if u just heard it from a friend or person on reddit.)

    If we could all fill the thread up like this and compile a list. And tap into each other's knowledge then we can all benefit quite a bit.
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    For me the transmutation mainly exists of
    -trying to live well and a good life in general, working on life goals, eating the best cleanest foods, excercising, breathing (playing around with breathing, fast, flow, deep)
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    Source: Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
    Technique: Various breathing practices. A good description here:
    Benefits: you learn to re route your sexual energy to your 'life force'
    Anecdote: I do a modified breathing method of this and a cold shower and it seems to help reroute sexual energy.
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    Source: youtube think rich millionaire ( cant remember name)
    Technique: When you have sex or sexual arousal , think of the goal you want to accomplish.
    Benefits: Move consistently closer to that goal successfully
    Anecdote: So this is a weird one. At first it sounded like bs to me and it might be. However I realized after doing this even as a joke a few times any time I got turned on by thoughts, my gf etc. My dreams/goals came to mind unprompted and pushed me to make actions towards that. It is basically imo setting an internal trigger to practice a habit associated with your goal.
    This works on a basic neurological pavlovian level. I have found it pretty helpful for minor productivity and to do other things instead of acting on urges.
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