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    Sure, your body is converting chemical/electrical potential energy into kinetic energy, and eventually heat, when you have sex or fapping. Sure, you can be aroused and start burning energy to have sex or fap, but are we really just discussing kinetic energy and heat?

    People on this site are asserting that sexual energy is drained by fapping, when clearly many of us on the site have admitted to fapping for days on end. We might not be motivated to do other stuff, but motivation is: deciding what we want to do with our chemical potential energy, not the energy itself.

    Getting into a bunch of woo woo has a high potential for giving ourselves misleading feel-good feelings (for example: Repressing instead of addressing anxiety), misunderstanding of how the body/mind works, and under-estimating the risks of PMO relapse.

    For example, you could believe all this stuff about transmuting sexual energy into something better *instead*. In reality, you CAN accomplish a lot of good things, come home at the end of a hard day, AND fap to porn anyway.

    Another example: You could believe that your body is low on energy because you used sexual energy for fapping. This is a BS excuse to be lazy. A person that just ran a marathon is low on energy, not someone who just got done masturbating. Masturbation is not difficult/hard-work (but, maybe it's *hard* work, pun intended).
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    Where can I send you the diploma?!
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  4. I see what you’re saying, mind over matter but is it coincidence that people that stop fapping suddenly have the motivation, energy and drive to do more things? Incorporate healthy habits? When they were fapping, they were zombies with no emotions, no life, just going passively, once they stopped, this too stopped. My idea works with your idea a bit but once in nofap the drive and ease to get up to do things is day and night.
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    Definitely a thing, not necessarily a distinct physical form, but biologically and physiologically, we are wired to crave sex and sex related stuff even at the expense of complete and utter exhaustion. That ability to chase all that stuff comes from a rather unique blend of hormones as well, not to mention, we, like all animals go through phases of being in heat as well.
    As for the mystical side of it, I'm afraid I don't have as much insight yet, though I would love to gain more about transmutation. Sexual energy honestly feels such a burden in my life, that I feel its best purpose is to be recycled into something more intellectual or even perhaps more altruistic than that if possible.
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    I've been practicing Tantra for years, and recommend checking out David Deida to start with it.
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    Just as a caution, the whole point of Tantra Buddhism is to experience enlightenment by leveraging pleasure. You can be thrown off the rails if you learn this, and then try justifying an addiction via Tantra.
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    A good friend of mine is teaching me how to do it. (not in person!) so I have done a few sessions of sexual transmutation. Whoa! It is just amazing and mind-blowing in my opinion. It definitely helps me go through my withrdawals from porn and masturbation.

    Keep in mind, it's NOT a cure, but it's a good way to transmute your sexual energy especially when it's pent-up. So right now I'm learning the whole new thing about it.

    It's my goal right now to finish the withdrawal phase of my addiction, then I'll manage my sexual energy through sexual transmutation, only to have sex through intercourse with my future girlfriend. That's my goal (for now)
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    Renewed sexual arousal because we are not numbing ourselves with visual stimulus (porn) and masturbating, that is all it is. There is no transmutation just changes in habits and behaviors that make us more approachable. No longer hiding behind the shame of our bad habits and making us more open to interactions. Lifestyle changes that bring positive results.
  11. Perhaps it’s the energy we save from not abusing our bodies that stays inside us and rejuvenates instead of depleting and having to renourish the self. Which makes us more approachabke
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    Its true energy is lost,but it is not only kinetic energy, its also spiritual,thats why the act of "matting" has been considered sacred and relating to the soul in mant ancient cultures and some cultures today. Its an energy from your soul and not only the body. Also nutrients loss has an impact on your brain, particularly and especially Zinc and also Magnesuim and selenuim. You lose so much Zinc with every release, zinc plays a fundemental role in your nervous system. I recommend suplementing with zinc and magnesium initially and doing medidation to contain the abundance of spiritual energy you will have when you start nofap journey
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  13. Yes, everything is so sacred if you think about it but the act of sex, between two people, clashing to create life, that is even more sacred and precious. Sex is important and it’s important we use it and don’t let it use us. Everything is over used and abused nowadays
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    I think you are right. The main problem with fapping is that it can become obsessive and divert you from improving yourself as a person.
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  16. I kind of agree with both you and the guy that you were quoting.

    Their is a significant difference between me on day 2 compared to me on day 20. Its not so much about how much fapping drains you but how much not fapping energizes you, from my perspective. When you are intentionally retaining, you can spend your ATTENTION on something more productive and it is a productive and therefore motivational lifestyle. Naturally, their is a significant difference in my mentality right after a PMO spree that is less than motivational compared to my mental space after maybe nailing that guitar riff that Ive been trying to learn. I won't say that I can personally notice a huge dip in my PHYSICAL energy (usually nothing more than an "ahhh" moment), but my ability to take up a task (especially a new habit and even one as simple as drinking less caffeine and more water) is usually hindered right after a PMO spree because my mental space is filled with guilt, shame, and remorse for a period of time.

    Conveniently enough these are some of the same feelings that lead us back to the PMO.

    I have noticed somewhat of a snowball effect, where you get this poor mentality and you bask in it, and it leads to a dynamic lack of motivation which then manifests itself as a stagnant attitude and lethargic feeling. Fapping could most definitely be linked to this feeling, but in the case of a healthier person who masturbates you wouldn't see them going strong and being highly motivated only to then crash and be unable to do things for the rest of the day if they were to mindfully take twenty minutes out of their schedule to have a single porn free masturbation session. With a person who has such a relationship with PMO as someone like myself, these feelings are created by using and THEN we get stuck in our dark loop, and oddly enough we use the PMO as a "pick me up" for the feelings that the PMO created in the first place. A "cunning and baffling" addiction this is.

    The question lies here: Is it truly a "lack of energy" or is it expending your energy on NOTHING?? For instance you can go to the store and you have money (energy) and you can buy fruits (NoFap) and veggies (Other healthy habits) and make a healthy meal (better lifestyle) or you can spend all of that money (energy/attention) on sour patch kids (porn) and gummy bears (masturbation) and other "treats" (alcohol, drugs, etc)... I think you get the idea. Except in our case (or maybe just my case) Im ALLERGIC to the sugar "treats" and so if I develop a good "diet" of veggies, and THEN have a "treat" after a while, it makes me sick. Its just that when I was eating nothing BUT the "treats" I couldn't tell that I was sick because I was ALWAYS sick. So when I go back and feel ill, I naturally attribute it to the NEW thing that I added to my "diet" (NoFap)

    This is all just my personal experience, but Ive found that when I first abstained I was thinking that I felt like shit because of NoFap, not because of PMO. So I would try to have a "healthy diet" of "treats" and I left my actual healthy habits at the way side. But Im starting to accept that this "treat" is a actually a poison in disguise!! I hope that this made sense and was helpful to someone lol
  17. I’m still gonna go with what I said because I feel fapping does do something. There’s a diminishing point of return, albeit we never know when it is but if we do fap and it crosses a point where we do feel drained then fapping must drain us, because it must have drained us before that diminishing point. Going off your example, if we spend our money fapping or not fapping and doing something else, we are using our energy from ourselves for something, so energy is being burnt. Plus, I don’t think animals be doing it everyday but it’s also different for pmo users but that’s maybe because they already abused it. Idk but all in all I think retention is good.
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    Energy is transactional, it's universal currency. I get sick of people getting pedantic and clinging to its physics definition, and I'm happy to see no one here has really done that, at least not that I see in my first cursory read through of the thread.

    We could go either way here. Sure, you expend energy when you're physically in motion during a sexual act... and your brain cells do during the mental and emotional processes that accompany sex. We can isolate the physics, the energy transfers, of any biochemical process or kinesthetic process.

    But energy is also often used in a metaphorical sense, drawing on the nature of that physical energy, removing the content of the story accompanying it, and replacing it with more abstract mental, emotional, and political concepts. In this sense, like I said, energy is transactional; that's a fundamental feature of the concept. You invest a set of thoughts and actions into sex or PMO or fantasizing or whatever in that category, instead of investing it in something else.

    Sexual transmutation is taking those mental and physical buildups of "potential energy" and investing the part of them that is not specific to sex, into something different. The hope is that this persistent and powerful energy can be removed from the purgatory of sexual potential not translated into kinetic energy, and applied to something else where its power can be translated into the kinetic just as forcefully. Of course we are all familiar with the idea of sexual transmutation as harnessing this furious obsession we have with finding somewhere to put our dick, and instead finding somewhere to put our mind with equally passionate force. Great things can happen if this is done successfully.

    I think it's possible but certainly not easy.

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