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    Actually the reason I found out about NoFap is because of a book I read by Napolean Hill that I'm sure many of you are familiar with called, "Think and Grow Rich." In this book he's got a chapter about transferring sexual energy into energy that can help you achieve quasi-unaccomplishable feats. Now my meter lies, I've been free from porn for a few days, but I chose to start the Meter for today to mark the day I became a NoFap member. These few days I've expected a surge in energy because I've been abstaining from both Porn and Masturbation. I won't even let my girlfriend make me ejaculate right now because I am hyper focused. However, I still feel very lethargic, and feel that this whole Sexual Transmutation things isn't working for me. What am I doing wrong? Any advice, encouragement, or tips would be appreaciated. Help!!!
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    Lethargic part could be due to lack of sleep, lack of exercise and poor eating habits such is my case...
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    True, I guess I can't attribute everything to my porn addiction.
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    This energy requires sacrifices, its not stopping for 10 days that will make it happens, and having a girlfriend too is a problem. Only true free men can have it, and once they accomplished some things in their life they get a spouse, this is how true men behaved. Nowadays there are only kiddos eating protein powders to get fake muscles and get a girl that will leave them after sometimes.
    If u wanna see what is a man look at this guy (and the appearance and the power has nothing to do with being a man)
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  5. Great self help book, I own a copy of TAGR myself. I definitely stand by the sex transmutation chapter. But earlier chapters also have helped me in goal achievement and manifestation.
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  6. Sexual transmutation is really hard. I want to do it but I feel really uncomfortable getting into the habit of pouring my soul into something else from my toxic porn habit. Any tips? :(
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    Oh with out a doubt bro, its really helped me stay with my goals as an Investor.
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    What about that makes you uncomfortable? You need to pour your soul into something else otherwise that addiction will come back, you've gotta fill that void with positivity.
  9. For me this has happened pmo is very addicting. I have experienced depression rage high energy frustration mood swings highs and lows and everything in between . It is a scientific fact that porn activates parts of the brain in same areas similar to drugs like cocaine . Transmutation energy should flow without resistance if inline with doing what is needed . You can play sociological tricks by using this energy for desires but in the end it will only leave you empty.
  10. You are going through withdrawals . You can do the following and I follow these excercises depending what I am going through . For brain fog and depression meditation works for me it's excellent for recharging . For super high energy I run . For sexual urges when alone I take cold showers . When I need a shot of dopamine I listen to music interact and and socialize with others.
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    To the OP:

    The issue is that you're treating the symptom, not the cause. PMO is not a cause, it's a symptom and in most cases the cause is emotional pain that we run away from. It's super painful to have to deal with rejection, with feeling "not good enough", with childhood trauma/neglect, and if no one in our very very young days didn't teach us how to navigate our own emotional life, we end up with addictions as coping mechanisms. I'm guilty of it too. But to truly stop PMO and after even attempt sexual transmutation, you have to clear a lot of shit from the unconscious, and that doesn't happen overnight, or in 10 days, but in months and probably years of hard work, of understanding what trauma you had, going through it and then re-parenting yourself. There's no "fake it 'til you make it".
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    How do we do that? Like a therapy type deal? Thanks for the response.
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    Amen Amen & Amen. Well said.
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    Lethargy is part of the process your brain is readjusting
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    First of all, it's only been a few days. In my experience it varies, but at the bare minimum I typically start to notice the first benefits after 3 days without an orgasm, and usually it's more like 7-10 days when I start to feel noticeably increased energy all around in every area. Lethargy during the early days is normal.

    Secondly, transmutation is the conversion of energy. When you get aroused, that's just energy. Your brain is being pumped full of testosterone and dopamine, both of which give you energy, motivation, and drive. The thing is, when you're full of that energy, you feel like you're going to burst, like you need to expend that energy. Over the years you've taught yourself that the only way to do this is through orgasm. So you've got into the habit of: Get aroused, masturbate/have sex, orgasm.

    You need to find a new outlet for all of that energy. A creative pursuit, or something productive. Focus on some work. Join a gym and start working out. Start a blog. Start working on a book. Draw. Paint. It's just energy that you're feeling, and you get to choose how to spend it, it doesn't have to be on an orgasm.

    Take a moment right now to think of a goal. Something you'd like to achieve. Something that has NOTHING to do with sex. Then work backwards, and figure out how you can get started on that goal. Then do it.

    You might find that as you start using the energy productively, instead of feeling less energy, you feel more, because that feeling of being aroused, starts to convert into the feeling of being motivated and energised. :)
  16. Just yesterday I finished reading this book. Very great. I recommend it to all there. Such a good informations. Next in my order is King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature and then 12 rules for life by J. Peterson.

    I´m also intersted more about semen retention and collect informations about this.

    So far I have somehow subconsciously managed to work with the fact that I can stop the wet dream, I described it in my last post in my journal. However, I also want to go that path of sex without orgasm and do the transmutation of sexual energy. (this book Taoist Secrets of Love – Cultivating Male Sexual Energy - also want to read)
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    Therapy will probably be the best approach, it takes time and money. I'm doing therapy currently, not as often as I wish, but on the side I keep active outside in nature, journal feelings (not thoughts), read a lot on the subject and, probably the hardest part, sit with the pain (Saturday evening alone at home). For me so far it has been a journey of discovery and I'm sure I'm only barely scratching the surface, but here are some books that helped me so far:
    - Running on Empty - Jonice Webb
    - The Emotionally Absent Mother - Jasmin Lee Cori
    - The Body Keeps the Score - Bessel van der Kolk

    For sitting with the pain, I wrote this post:

    The approach of sitting with the pain is the only way to truly heal, but it's difficult to do it with memories you don't have knowledge about (from 1-3 years old), those only show up without any images, but those are the core of the pain we have today, from when the true self was traumatized. These type of emotions, from that early age, only showed to me, I'd like to believe, when I saw an event on the street with a child and I started to cry; likely because I wasn't cared for how the child I just saw was cared for and that brought jealousy, fear of abandonment and other unpleasant feelings.

    Our subconscious may be like an onion, the outside part being what happened to you today and the core being what happened when you were born (also the true self); each day we add another layer. Peeling off each layer takes more time and more effort than the layer before, and more importantly takes trust: the subconscious will not release emotions that the conscious mind may not be able to handle, it will steer the conscious mind towards addictions; whenever you have an urge towards any addiction, that's 99% likely to be a repressed emotion. The question will then be: do I have the mental power to deal with it now? Sometimes I'm scared myself about the possibility of losing control. Once the true self is exposed, it is unlikely for you to feel bored, lonely, to procrastinate, to succumb to fear, because you'll do things spontaneously, as what feels right and simple, without resistance. The false self that we live with today doesn't take decisions spontaneously, doesn't know what feels right, i afraid of making a choice, procrastinates, creates resistance.
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    Couldn't have said it better :)
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    I have a vague idea about what sexual transmutation is but never came across any resource that explicitly explains how to go about it. Step by step. Sex transmutation for dummies would help. Kindly cite your resources it'll help us all.
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    "Sexual transmutation" is just a fancy way of saying "ejaculation drains you of vital life energy". There is no step 1, step 2, step 3, it's just "preserve the energy for other purposes than staining the carpet/parquet". The oldest source I could find is from the Taoist teachings. Wikipedia has a partially sourced article on it:, but it's far from reasonably written.

    Additionally, I could recommend a book called "The multi-orgasmic man"; I haven't got into reading it in full, but the first part is dedicated to explaining the Chinese thinking behind the concept of orgasm without ejaculation and loss of vital energy (Qi) through ejaculation.

    There is no scientific study done, as far as I know, on the topic of sexual transmutation, because there are no money in telling people to not pleasure themselves, just like there's no money in promoting spinach for a healthy diet. Plus, we got masturbation wrong in the West, thanks to our on-demand culture we demand to have the "ejaculation as soon as possible, because I've got things to do!" (quote from me).

    Something very close to sexual transmutation that I came across a few days ago is this article:
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