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    Hello guys!

    So I turned 20 and started questioning my sexuality...I always thought that I am straight - I have dated only girls (never had sex because I cheat or dump them and I dont know why...).

    I watched porn for like 6-7 years and it was always lesbian.Only girls and I cant stand watching men in porn. I think that this led me to change my mindset and now years after I have sexy GAY thoughts when I fap (I think of boys) but I cant date a boy. I imagine myself as a woman and behave like a woman but I am still attracted to girls :D Some days I only dream of sexy girls and other days....of boys :emoji_persevere:

    Is there a term for my form of sexuality...I am not homosexual- maybe bi ?
    I am so confused...
  2. Well how do you feel about the thoughts? Do you enjoy the thought of being gay? Do you want to be gay? Could you imagine a life being gay?

    I became addicted to porn at age 8, and it started with pictures of girls, too lesbian porn, to straight, and I developed a fetish for the penis and would start imagining myself as the girl, eventually escalated to gay porn. All this by age of 12-13. After a year of consistent streaks, anything gay related became repulsive, and the gay stuff would always give me this huge dopamine rush due to the novelty, but after trying to abstain, women slowly became more attractive, after a year I knew I was straight and had no attraction to men.

    It’s important to state, I could only become aroused by the novelty of gay porn, I never felt sexual or romantic attraction to men outside of porn, and still felt attraction or girls, and would crush on girls. It’s fucked up looking back what porn did to me. Also the porn brought me great shame and discomfort, and I didn’t enjoy the idea of gay sex, but the wrongness and taboo part of it turned me on.

    Now it’s been almost 3 years since I have felt anything arousing around the idea of gay stuff, the novelty for it is gone, and the pathway once created has been destroyed.

    Quit porn and see where it takes you, only then you will know the truth.
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    Yeah I think this is really the best way to view things because porn warps our sexuality. We need to be clean to think straight, and once you think straight, then you'll find the true feelings your having. Best of luck.
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    Do you want to dress up as a woman and be a woman and get fucked like one?, but are totally straight and have 0 attraction to men?, also do you like trans women that look exactly like woman?, if that is the case than you are most likely something called gamp sexual, I forgot what it stands for but just type that in and you will find some research articles on it. Also you only get those thoughts when turned on correct?.
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    Ignore the last post. Your question can only be answered with a full NoFap reboot. It seems to help in identifying what you really are at heart. Ignore anyone who says at this stage you definitely are xxxxx or you are definitely not xxxxx. Embark on the journey - no masturbating, no porn or self-induced orgasms and after a few months you will have your answer. :)
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    Look at the literature on HOCD on

    There's a lot of good articles about it. You're probably not gay. You're probably just reacting to the taboo/shock factor of having new thoughts. Be gay if you're sentenced to life in prison. Otherwise, just stop PMOing and live a straight life. You'll be happier for it. There are very few people who are actually meant to be gay/bi. I doubt you're one of them.
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    Quit PMO for a while man, then you will get a better idea. Also, a person should not do things that make them feel bad, no matter what anyone else says.
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    I have no answer to your question, I sometimes have different tastes, but I can never imagine a man to put on me.

    A fantasy is never something for real. In your imagination everything is perfect, because you are the god of your imagination.

    In reality, you probably won't be so excited by kissing another man and touching his hairy body. And then take off his underpants and put his bad-smelling cock in your mouth.

    I myself once slept with a Swedish girl whose vagina smelled like fish. I couldn't get it up because of the stench. The odor plays a very important role in sex. I'm also not immediately happy how my cock smells after a jerk. Can never imagine having anything to do with another man's penis.

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