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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Jrmz94, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Jrmz94

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    How do y'all deal with sexual frustration? I have a foot fetish and I'm tired of looking for foot fetish videos and not finding one that satisfy me. I wanna get back into nofap but I always fail. I'm tired of being this loser and not getting any action(specifically some foot fetish action). I'm currently in this journey of self improvement of losing weight, making more money, and starting a YouTube channel. But, like everyone else I have needs and I am really attracted to women's feet. Is there anyone that has a foot fetish that maybe can help me out?
  2. Sam_ba

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    Congrats for coming here
    I don't have this fetish but I've had others
    What do you do when the urges come? Do you have a plan in every room written down?
    Did you identify any HALTS? Or whyare the main triggers that make you want to escape in this fetish?

    Stay strong we do this together
  3. ryguyuplift

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    I'm with you dude. I haven't been laid in 8 months and it is so fucking frustrating. It kills me that I can't even get laid. It completely destroys my self-confidence and self-esteem. I'm working on it by working on my physique and my finances, so I can start approaching women again and maybe invest in some coaching. But, for now, the only resource I have is tinder and I can't even get a fuckable girl from there to hook up with me. I think both of us need to just get laid and things will go a lot better.
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  4. Differenciate between sexual frustration and being borred first
  5. DeepParkWater

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    I'm 4 months without sex and i kind of know how you feel on my last streak i thought I was gonna go mad. Id say that over time though your game will get better if you improve enough. Ive lost like 20 pounds of my relationship weight and ive started to notice myself grtting looks again in the gym. You could try the 30 day challenge of speaking to a set number of random women everyday. Youll definetly get better with women of you get through it. Thats a personal goal i have for next month's challenge.

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