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Sexualzation is EVERYWHERE!!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Mar 14, 2019.

Why is Sexual Material Everywhere

Poll closed Apr 7, 2019.
  1. Today’s Society

  2. Technological Advancement

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  1. Alright so what’s up guys and girls. I have a serious real quick question I’ve decided to do the PO and MO hard mode 90 day challenge. I’m officially on day 16 as of today but I feel I’ve already relapsed just by looking and reading material such as Red Sonja, Lady Death and Vampirella. I love to read comic books and I’m a huge DC fan so lately I found a website that has everything a comic fan needs but on this website I’ve stumbled across other books but by accident I saw nudity in most of them such as Bare breasts and butt though I don’t feel this is considered relapse because I haven’t MO or PO to any of that kind of material in a while and I didn’t wanna see it cause it would trigger me to relapse because sex and nudity is everywhere and sells like crazy. So what’s y’all opinions, is this a relapse?
  2. zeekland

    zeekland Fapstronaut

    Both are the issue really, technology let's us view it for free and with ease, and society welcomes and embraces it openly now. Personally I don't view looking at a nude/scantly clad woman as a relapse, if I actively search for porn then I consider it a relapse. I'm still a guy, I see a good looking woman I see no problem taking a look, I do it in real life too.

    There really is no set rules for nofap....you can run this program however you want. I myself don't PMO anymore, that doesn't mean I'm going to be triggered because I saw a beautiful woman in a bikini or some accidental nudity, that's just life throwing a curve ball, it's going to happen no matter how careful you are. I enjoy watching cosplay videos, I really love watching Blizzcon because of the awesome costumes people make, I'm not giving it up because some good looking women are in the videos. I guess it depends on your willpower, you can either handle it or you cannot. If the site eventually makes you relapse then you have a decision to make.

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