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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by CodeTalker, Apr 30, 2022.

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    It's interesting to see how in our western society, someone cute is the opposite of someone sexy. Women need to look adult, confident with generous forms (I hate that example but just look at the Kardashian).
    If you are cute, you look childish and therefore not sexually attractive.

    So far so good.

    But now let's look at the beauty standard in Asia. Cute and sexy are mixed up together. Adult women do cute faces like 애교 and try to look really young (not all of them, but many do in mainstream media). The line between a cute/sexy adult and a cute child can be blurred. Both are sexualized (just look at the JPOP band AKB48, the most popular, they mix 13 yo with 20 yo in clearly sexualized MV)

    I think that's one of the reason we see so much fictional child porn in those countries. In their brain there is no clear distinction between adult and child sexualization.

    I'm generalizing of course. Not everyone is like that but I think it's an interesting pattern.
    What do you think ?
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    I do know that the concept of 'age of consent' in the rich, east asian countries of Japan, South Korea and China looks very different from that in the core Anglosphere. For starters, the age of consent tends to be A LOT lower. I believe it is 14 in China and 13 in Japan. It used to 13 in SK too but recently it was changed. Look at the relationship between Zhang Muyi (24) and Akama Miyi (12) for example. From what I understand, that relationship was entirely legal. There is NO WAY that the average person in the west would be okay with this sort of stuff and their relationship sparked outrage internationally. In our minds, that is definitely still a child.

    The Anglosphere tends to be hard-line on the age of consent. Even if someone is only a year under the age of consent, even if you did not know that someone is underage, many will still believe you are a pedophile if you have sexual contact with them. If people find out, your reputation and life will be ruined. There is a
    vehement hatred of pedophiles and it is one of the few crimes where many still want the death penalty as punishment. Many also support violent retribution against pedophiles including murder.

    That's why I think it is far more controversial to sexualize young people in mainstream media and porn here. It just isn't as marketable and it's far more sensitive. Of course, I have my cultural bias but I do prefer the western stance.

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