Shall I get a cat ? HELP

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by feFighter, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. feFighter

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    I love cats so much and whenever i see cats in the streets i play with them and i have been planning on getting a cat for a year now , but i had college and i was short on money and i was afraid im not gonna treat the cat good
    But now i have some money and i can get one
    But I don’t know why I can’t make my mind up

    I’m currently rebooting & I’m trying to figure y soul & my life out , im also building new habits and trying to keep up

    And if i want to get a cat i have to get it at least two weeks before my college starts, at least we will get used to each other , college just fu*ks my brain , last year was hard but as i was told next year isn’t that hard , one of the main reasons I’m rebooting because i want my brain back
    Sooo ...
    I really want a cat but idk if im ready , can you help me please guys :( ?
    Alot of people have said that cats help through hard times and depression
  2. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    Please don't just think about yourself, think about the cat - like you said in the beginning you may not treat the cat good and a part of that is money and veterinary bills which can get expensive really quickly and you need to be familiar with how much that can cost and compare that to the amount of money you have and are willing to spend. The reality is you will have little time with studying, and there is no guarantee you'll have a cat that's super healthy and doesn't need a doctor for years to come.

    I think it's safe to say you don't want to be in a position where you have to decide to euthanize your cat and put it to sleep because you can't afford the medical treatment. Think of that trauma that would cause YOU too, you'll see that at an emergency vet clinic.

    None of this means don't do it but it works both ways. It may be possible that you'd be "saving" the cat for the time being if it's one that's at a kill shelter where they don't have enough room for all the animals coming in or something but everything I'm saying is just real world possibilities that's there if you think about it. Whatever you do you'll need to be responsible.
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  3. SovjetOnion

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    Definitely Yes. I can relate meow.
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  4. Castielle

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    Cats can definitely help with anxiety and depression. You said you are starting college soon, though? Do you live somewhere where cats are allowed? Will you be living in dorms during college? Make sure you think about this long term. Pets can also be expensive, if health problems arise and just buying their food and litter box and all that stuff.

    Also, if you do get a cat and allow it to roam around outside, please, for the live of all that is holy, get it spayed/neutered. If you don't, eventually it will either get pregnant or get another stray cat pregnant, and that's how we end up with all these poor stray kittens with nobody to care for them. It's very sad. My mother in law takes care of strays and they keep having kittens, so she just has like a billion cats outside her house now, and she's trying to catch them all one by one and take them to get fixed. It's crazy.

    Anyway, I can't really tell you if you should get a cat or not. But as long as you have the money and are allowed to have them where you live and don't plan on moving anytime soon, I would say go for it I guess.
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  5. Castielle

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    Also, if you do get a cat, please get it from a shelter! There are tons of pets who need good homes.
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  6. feFighter

    feFighter Fapstronaut

    Yes I’m aware about how much a cat can cost and she needs love and care and I’d never take that from a cat , i have a vet and shelter near my house and I visited it and played with them , if i could I’d take them all , i want to help the cat and also i want a good soul company
    Thank you for enlightening me I appreciate it , I guess I’ll wait until I’m rebooted then I’ll think about it again
    And congrats on your 90 days that’s amazing :)
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  7. feFighter

    feFighter Fapstronaut

    I live at my home with my parents college is rather near so yes im allowed to have a cat but I think I’ll postpone, i want to give the cat all the love i can give her. But now i think im not mentally ready I’ll wait until I’m rebooted and I’ll consider it then , tho I’d really love to get one asap
    And for the cost I’m sure I’ll mange the cat’s stuff
    And foe your mother in law i think it’s nice that she takes care of them not all people think that stray cats also need love and care and not just food :)
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  8. DerSchütze

    DerSchütze Fapstronaut

    I just start feeding strays and then get them neutered or spayed. They know how to survive outside, but will keep coming back for food and some petting, and will stick around if you get them spayed or neutered. They know how to fend for themselves, and if they die, they die, it's just the natural order, there will always be another stray to take in.
    Overall it's a good deal, a win win situation for the cat and you, very low maintenance also, the cat will never get bored, you don't have to worry about playing with it, only about providing food and water.
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  9. Poseidon

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    I like cats too but I hate having hair saturated into all my clothes, furniture and every part of the house. I also hate the smell of a cat box and keeping that thing clean. But having a companion around can be more important than the issues I mentioned. I’d recommend you get a young kitten so it can “grow up” with you and have a super strong bond.
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