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  1. So i'm still trying to break the habit, and i have relapsed multiple times. But i feel like i am having more trouble with guilt and shame rather than trying to not relapse. Just thinking about fapping to all that disgusting porn that i did makes me horrified. Every time i feel somewhat good, i think of my porn addiction and all the shit that comes with it. Can someone give me some advice on how to deal with shame/guilt. On top of that i feel like i can't even stand next to a girl or even talk to a girl at places like school because of all the shame. I am only 15 years old and thank god that i am trying to break out of the habit early unlike others who only just figure out that it is a problem twenty years onward. So please give me some advice.
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    Extreme emotions like this are quite normal in this journey.

    I urge that you experience them fully by yourself so you gain true insight into the mechanics of how your brain responds to abstinence.

    Some things must be faced head on and this is one of them. Suppressing emotions will only damage your clarity in understanding this new mindset.

    Let the emotions come.
    And then just let them go.

    Breathe and live through this process without reacting. Practice control.
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  3. Good advice, i will take this into account. thanks :D

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