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    It was lunch period. Me and 2 friends of mine decided to play cricket in our classroom( bottle and ball were used in place of bat and ball )
    One of my friend was batting quite good. It was turn to bowl, I delivered the ball and BOOM! There was a loud noise like shattering of some glass article. I turned back to realise that it was the tubelight over my head which had fallen down.

    All of us were afraid, afraid like hell. Teachers came, there was a lot of scoldings but it was my luck that saved me, my friends had not taken my name in front of our school principal.

    Share your childhood memories
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    Had a friend get shot on the basketball court once. Not a good memory though...let's see...

    Oh, I know. My first camping trip. Dad an I went canoeing. We saw all kinds of fish, bugs etc. Toward the end of the trip, we ended up falling over a large underwater boulder that, which for me, but Dad was all worried. Could've died, blah blah blah. I had fun though, those were the best two weeks of my childhood. :)
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