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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by learning, Mar 21, 2021.

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    You are most welcome. :emoji_pray:
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    That's what I've been thinking too. A few moments ago, I was having so much brain fog that I was having difficulty typing a response. I took some medicinal plant stuff that affects acetylcholine and now I feel normal. This morning I woke up too late for any porn viewing, and I think that is why I was having the brain fog.

    One thing I suspect is adrenal fatigue, because I have some of the symptoms such as salt cravings, low blood pressure, sensitivity to light, etc. Another possibility is low testosterone. I intend to order some online do-it-yourself tests, but it is difficult to get the energy and self confidence to get that done. I have little windows when I am functional, and then the window of closes before I have accomplished whatever it was I was working on.

    I think the edging is some sort of self medication and if I can get some more effective treatment or medication then I can tackle the porn addiction more effectively. So, yeah, I think you are correct in your assessment.
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    Yep, it's a bad habit to develop.
  4. Whenever I have edged, I have relapses.
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    to keep it short

    i went to the doctor for testicle pain over a year ago
    >doctor asked if i masturbate a lot
    i told him yes maximum 3 times per day
    >he said, really? thats a lot. Do u have a high sex drive?
    i told him yes
    >he asked me if i watched porn
    i told him yes
    >he said this is the reason
    >then he asked if i masturbate without ejaculation
    i told him yes
    >he said this is dangerous and could be related to the issues i am facing, and that i should stop, he suggested 1 once a week masturbation after i get morning wood & without porn (tried it but it was too hard..too addicted)
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    Good information brother, sad that for many year we didn't know all these things.
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    Just read self help books on habits and do push-ups everyday
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    I agree with others. That is useful information I have never heard before.
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