She’s Not Funny to Me.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by BigCatTunski, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. BigCatTunski

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    So I’ve been with my girlfriend for four years now, and every time she’s tried to say something funny, it just never makes me laugh. She’s brought this up before, but last night, it just hit different.

    Me not finding her funny never made her worth any less. I never complain about her not being funny to me, because to be honest, I really don’t care. I love her regardless.

    She says her coworkers think she makes them laugh all the time, and it kinda makes me feel bad. And it’s almost as she’s throwing my love for her into question by asking how I can love her and everything about her but not laugh at anything she says.

    I know I love her. Me not finding her funny shouldn’t have to change anything, but it just feels like she’s measuring her self worth by this whenever she brings it up. She says it’s just weird that “her boyfriend doesn’t find her funny.”

    I guess I need another opinion. I feel I can’t talk to my friends about this because they’ll just end up making me feel like shit by asking why I’m with her if I don’t find her funny.
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  2. Hros

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    Sounds like she thinks her humor is one of her defining qualities, but there's nothing wrong with like a person for other qualities.
  3. BigCatTunski

    BigCatTunski Fapstronaut

    Which is what I try to explain to her, but she it just feels like she doesn’t believe me. She says that she’s not upset whenever she thinks about it, but I know she is, and I really feel like I’m stuck.
  4. You may have touched upon the deeper issue right there. Tug on that thread a bit and see where it leads.
  5. Nine

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    Maybe it's less about her being seen as funny, and more that she wants to be able to laugh together? I mean I'd have a really hard time dating someone I couldn't share some good genuine laughter with. I feel like laughter is one of the most bonding things. Genuine side-splitting can't hold it together laughter is right up there as one of the best ways to bond with someone.

    So if you don't find her jokes etc funny, maybe you can find something that you DO find funny, that she'd also enjoy? You know, watch some comedy together or something, or a favourite of mine is playing Cards Against Humanity. I don't think you can play that with anyone you're close to and not have a good laugh unless you all have no sense of humour. ;)
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  6. BigCatTunski

    BigCatTunski Fapstronaut

    Sounds good, I’ll keep that in mind. Thing is, we have a lot in common, but I just never found some of the things she said funny. I love Cards Against Humanity too, so that’s a good idea as well.
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  7. What a dilemma, seriously! Anyway, maybe her sense of humour isn't your cup of tea. Imagine a scenario where a man is a football fanatic and his woman doesn't give a darn about it. It's something similar, but not completely. Try doing some silly activities, fun stuff together and see where it goes.
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  8. I don't think you've done anything wrong, but I'm not gonna lie, I would be really upset if my partner didn't find me funny at all. I don't even know if I could date someone if they never laughed with me about the things I find funny. That's one of my favorite things in life, being silly with my husband and laughing together, and I love making people laugh. It's not your fault if you don't find her funny, and that's not something you can force, but at the same time I also don't think it's unreasonable of her to be upset by it. It would be really upsetting, to me.
  9. Do you have an example of something she’s said that you didn’t find funny? Sorry, I just gotta know! :D
  10. BigCatTunski

    BigCatTunski Fapstronaut

    I can’t think of anything right now, but usually she might see something on Twitter and she’ll be cracking up, then when she shows me what she was laughing at, it sometimes gets no reaction out of me. I don’t ever condemn her or anything, I just didn’t find it funny and it would kinda take her out of her element when I don’t laugh with her. I feel like if I were to make a conscious decision to try and really listen to the jokes and things she says that she finds funny, it would come off forced. Should I just not try?
  11. That's happened quite a few times with my husband, actually. I've kind of learned over the years what kind of things he doesn't get or doesn't find funny, so I just send them to my sister or my best friend instead and laugh with them.
  12. level81rat

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    I think women usually fake their laughter when a man tells a joke as their way of showing that they like that man. It doesn't matter if the man is funny or not. Therefore, if you're not at least trying to laugh at her jokes, it looks as if you don't like her. My speculation
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  13. Infrasapiens

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    Internet is rarely funny.
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  14. Jane elise

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    You should laugh even you don't want to laugh but laugh forcefully
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  15. Advocate109

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    Im so not funny that my girl laughs at me, so that counts right?
  16. BreathTheFreeAir

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    Women aren't funny as a general thing.
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  17. Helpmeout123

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    You sound boring. Lighten up and just fake laugh. Love is playful and fun not serious
  18. Nails

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    This ^

    Women generally struggle with delivery, have you ever had a female tell the same hilarious story told by a male and it fell flat on its face? In my lifetime I've only met 2 women I'd call legitimately funny...and the way they delivered their humor felt like it was coming from a man. Just saying.
  19. Psalm27:1my light

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    My husband laughs at me laughing at my own jokes! He and I actually have the same weird sense of humor ( cop thing). So, to him I’m the funniest person alive and I love it.
  20. Kinda reads to me like op is being compared to the guy(s) at work.

    Is this just about bad jokes?
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