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she left

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by kumarach, Jan 4, 2022.

  1. kumarach

    kumarach Fapstronaut

    back from where i started..the woman i was talking to, she left the platform on which we were communicating. she just ghosted me like i was nothing to her, like i was just so useless. she had promised me that she'd never leave me no matter what. but she did. leaving me here, in this useless psychological state of guilt and loneliness. i needed someone to really get along with, someone to talk to and she had told me so many things like
    'you make me feel loved and cared for'
    'i'll never leave you'
    these words are stuck in my mind because of the fact that she told me all these everyday and left me alone like i was a nobody to her. it hurts a lot to be alone,idk if anyone can relate to this...but it really does. people have new year resolutions about doing something good, something better...i had new year resolutions about not hurting anyone(intentionally or unintentionally).i wish i were a better son, a better student and a better person in general,i wish people did not see me as a burden,i wish i meant something to someone, i wish someone hugged me once a day and told me that they love me..i wish i did not be this bad person that i am. i used to listen to music, but now it seems like work, nothing interests me anymore, my dad has asked one of his colleagues to teach me billiards he believes that i should develop that as a hobby so as to get a good circle, i feel like i am burdening that particular person, adding to his work.i don't want to be this person i am.really.it just hurts.
  2. EdvinasK26

    EdvinasK26 Fapstronaut

    Hi, im almost in the same situation like you, but it feels much worse after you masturbating. You need to be stronger and focus on yourself, theres so much hobbies you can learn, focus not on the women, just yourself and your parents, sisters, brothers or whatever you have that you love most. When you start focus on yourself, your health, going to the gym, you will attract better in to your life. Love really hurts, but if she leave you, she not value you, you will atract the right person at the right time. Person who really loves you who you are
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  3. Sir Übermensch III

    Sir Übermensch III Fapstronaut

    Learn from this experience. You need to work on your inner strength, it is understandable to have vulnerabilities but learn to live on your solitude. You are disappointed because your expectations did not work out, I suggest you to consider how love can become an idealization outside of the realities of biology. You want to feel valued by a woman, value yourself first, the girl you are talking about clearly valued herself first. Whatever she told you had a cause, she clearly did not invent anything up, you gave her reasons to make you promises so in a sense you reap what you sow. She left, so what? Clearly she did not valued or loved you as much as you did her, or maybe she did loved you but understood that the circumstances for you both being together were not realistic and left. Or maybe she died. Work on your wishes and make them reality. Depending on someone else for valuing you is understandable but dangerous, you will be always pending on a tendril, always depending on someone else love. Value yourself.
  4. DeeJ4y

    DeeJ4y Fapstronaut

    Dont think of yourself as a burden. People are here to help you. Just do not take advantage of them and it is all good. One day you can help someone else.
  5. toziko

    toziko Fapstronaut

    Hey. Heartbreak is sucks. She had two reason to do that:

    a., she is not a nice person
    b., she has her own package and that is the way she knows how to handle.

    Honestly, I believe the b version.
    But one thing is clear. She didn’t react like that because you are not enough.

    You are enough to make somebody happy, to have somebody loves you.
    Perhaps it is not her. Perhaps she is but perhaps she is not ready for it.

    Million version but none, NONE of them are because you are not enough.

    You are a great person a good person and you have your supporter here :)

    Heads up!
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  6. kumarach

    kumarach Fapstronaut

    tysm everyone for the help
  7. Cs-Hunter

    Cs-Hunter Fapstronaut

    Dear bro, don't tie your happiness with people. and never allow someone to control your happiness. Learn how to be happy with your own self, because at the end your self is only your supporter. That's it. Hope it help you
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